Free Trade, Opioids, The Liberty Movement, and the Collapse of the White Working Class

A new study has found that something went terribly wrong for the White working class in the job market of the 1970s which is reducing their life expectancy:

“WASHINGTON (AP) — Middle-age white Americans with limited education are increasingly dying younger, on average, than other middle-age U.S. adults, a trend driven by their dwindling economic opportunities, research by two Princeton University economists has found.

The economists, Anne Case and Angus Deaton, argue in a paper released Thursday that the loss of steady middle-income jobs for those with high school degrees or less has triggered broad problems for this group. They are more likely than their college-educated counterparts, for example, to be unemployed, unmarried or afflicted with poor health.

“This is a story of the collapse of the white working class,” Deaton said in an interview. “The labor market has very much turned against them.” …

Since 1999, white men and women ages 45 through 54 have endured a sharp increase in “deaths of despair,” Case and Deaton found in their earlier work. These include suicides, drug overdoses, and alcohol-related deaths such as liver failure.

In the paper released Thursday, Case and Deaton draw a clearer relationship between rising death rates and changes in the job market since the 1970s. They find that men without college degrees are less likely to receive rising incomes over time, a trend “consistent with men moving to lower and lower skilled jobs.”

Alana Semuels has more on this in The Atlantic:

“Now, in a new paper, the economists explore why this demographic is so unhealthy. They conclude it has something to do with a lifetime of eroding economic opportunities. This may seem like a circular argument, when put together with previous work: Middle-aged Americans aren’t working because they’re sick, and middle-aged Americans are sick because they’re not working. But Case and Deaton argue that it’s not just poor job opportunities that are affecting this demographic, but rather, that these economic misfortunes build up and bleed into other segments of people’s lives, like marriage and mental health. This drives them to alcoholism, drug abuse, and even suicide, they say, in a new paper released Thursday in advance of a conference, the Brookings Panel on Economic Activity.

“As the labor market turns against them, and the kinds of jobs they find get worse and worse for people without a college degree, that affects them in other ways too,” Deaton told me.

What differentiates Case and Deaton’s paper is this idea that as people get older and their fates deviate more and more from those of their parents, they struggle to keep their lives together. The very act of doing worse than their parents’ generation—what Case and Deaton call “cumulative disadvantage”—is killing them. …”

The American middle class has been shrinking since the 1970s:

What could possibly explain this? In December 2015, I speculated it was related to the triumph of free-trade in the United States after the Kennedy Round of GATT:

The Pew Research Center has a massive new study out which shows the US middle class is losing ground:

“After more than four decades of serving as the nation’s economic majority, the American middle class is now matched in number by those in the economic tiers above and below it. In early 2015, 120.8 million adults were in middle-income households, compared with 121.3 million in lower- and upper-income households combined, a demographic shift that could signal a tipping point, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of government data …

Fully 49% of U.S. aggregate income went to upper-income households in 2014, up from 29% in 1970. The share accruing to middle-income households was 43% in 2014, down substantially from 62% in 1970.

And middle-income Americans have fallen further behind financially in the new century. In 2014, the median income of these households was 4% less than in 2000. Moreover, because of the housing market crisis and the Great Recession of 2007-09, their median wealth (assets minus debts) fell by 28% from 2001 to 2013.”

The Pew study doesn’t hazard to guess why the American middle class has shrunk in relative size in every consecutive decade since 1971. I believe, however, that I have found the answer in Pat Buchanan’s book The Great Betrayal:

“When and how did the free-traders capture America?

If one year could mark their decisive victory, it would be 1934, with the passage of the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act. And if one year could be cited as the inauguration of the free-trade era, it would be 1967, with completion of the Kennedy Round of trade negotiations.”

The Kennedy Round of GATT was the fateful moment when America leapt off the cliff and went full retard on free-trade:

“In 1967 America arrived at the final crossroad. The Kennedy Round of trade negotiations under GATT was stalled. Europeans were balking at U.S. demands to further open their markets to American agriculture; Japan had given a flat no to greater market access. Fear gripped Washington. The talks were on the verge of collapse.

The U.S. trade negotiators went to see President Lyndon Johnson. Failure to end the Kennedy Round successfully, they warned, would return global trade to “jungle warfare,” risk “spiraling protectionism” in the United States, and “encourages strong forces now at work to male the [European Common Market] into an isolationist, anti-U.S. bloc, while, at the same time, further alienating the poor countries.” If America did not make the necessary concessions, disaster was certain.

Again the United States capitulated; and Commerce Secretary Alexander Trowbridge rejoiced.”

Buchanan continues:

“LBJ crushed the uprising with a flat declaration. No quota bill will “become law as long as I am president and can help it.” By the end of the sixties, early returns from the Kennedy Round were coming in. America had entered a new era”

He quotes trade historian Alfred E. Eckes, Jr.:

“Viewed from a historical perspective, the Kennedy Round marked a watershed. In each of the seventy-four years from 1893 to 1967 the United States ran a merchandise trade surplus (exports of good exceeded imports). During the 1968-72 implementation period for Kennedy Round concessions, the U.S. trade surplus vanished and a sizeable deficit emerged. For twenty of the next twenty-two years, the United States experienced merchandise trade deficits – as much as $160 billion in 1987.”

Buchanan explains what happened next after the Kennedy Round was implemented from 1968 to 1972:

“The Kennedy Round tore down the levees, and floods of imports poured in from low-wage nations. With the tariff collapsed, American companies had a powerful incentive to relocate factories abroad, to take advantage of the low-wage labor and then export back to the United States. Journalists were soon writing excitedly about the Japanese “miracle” and the “tigers” of Asia – Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea. Few asked at whose expense this sudden Asian prosperity had come.

One after another of the great U.S. industries began to decline, depart, or die. The radio- and television-manufacturing industries disappeared. The antifriction-bearings industry and machine-tool industry were gutted. The mighty auto industry was ravaged. Five years after the Kennedy Round, foreign penetration of the U.S. auto market had doubled, to 16 percent. But in Europe and Japan, internal tariffs, targeted at American-made cars, kept U.S. exports from making comparable gains.”

Back to trade historian Alfred E. Eckes, Jr.:

“In the twenty years after 1970 the opportunities Kennedy foresaw vanished for high-paid but relatively low-skilled U.S. workers. From 1972 to 1992 the United States created 44 million net jobs – particularly in services and government. However, America generated no net jobs in internationally traded industries. Japan and many of the other rapidly industrializing powers – Taiwan, South Korea, and Brazil among others – enjoyed rapid economic growth, not because they practiced free trade at home, but because they enjoyed access to the open American market. Like nineteenth-century America, they practiced protectionism at home while America’s generous market-opening policies provided boutiful export opportunities. Paul Bairoch noted the lesson: “Those who don’t obey the rules win.”

With the sole exceptions of 1973 and 1975, the US has ran a trade deficit with foreign countries since 1971, 42 out of the last 44 years of the free-trade era. Isn’t that an amazing coincidence?

Of course there were many other things going on in the US in 1971 that also contributed to this turning point for the White working class: the most important being the great tidal wave of Third World immigration that followed the Immigration Act of 1965, the mass entry of women into the labor market, the end of the Bretton Woods system after Nixon floated the dollar, the decimation of organized labor in the 1970s and 1980s, the triumph of deregulation across multiple industries and Ronald Reagan’s changes to the tax code. All of these things have contributed to a great winnowing of the American middle class and the creation of a more Latin American-style economy.

OxyContin entered this dismal picture in the mid-1990s:

“The state of Kentucky may finally get its deliverance. After more than seven years of battling the evasive legal tactics of Purdue Pharma, 2015 may be the year that Kentucky and its attorney general, Jack Conway, are able to move forward with a civil lawsuit alleging that the drugmaker misled doctors and patients about their blockbuster pain pill OxyContin, leading to a vicious addiction epidemic across large swaths of the state.

A pernicious distinction of the first decade of the 21st century was the rise in painkiller abuse, which ultimately led to a catastrophic increase in addicts, fatal overdoses, and blighted communities. But the story of the painkiller epidemic can really be reduced to the story of one powerful, highly addictive drug and its small but ruthlessly enterprising manufacturer.

On December 12, 1995, the Food and Drug Administration approved the opioid analgesic OxyContin. It hit the market in 1996. In its first year, OxyContin accounted for $45 million in sales for its manufacturer, Stamford, Connecticut-based pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma. By 2000 that number would balloon to $1.1 billion, an increase of well over 2,000 percent in a span of just four years. Ten years later, the profits would inflate still further, to $3.1 billion. By then the potent opioid accounted for about 30 percent of the painkiller market. What’s more, Purdue Pharma’s patent for the original OxyContin formula didn’t expire until 2013. This meant that a single private, family-owned pharmaceutical company with non-descript headquarters in the Northeast controlled nearly a third of the entire United States market for pain pills. …

No state has been more devastated by the nationwide opiate problem than Kentucky. Much of the eastern part of the state and the Appalachians has watched as men, women, and teenagers fell victim to the potent pain pills. There were several different gateways — back injuries, operations, parents’ medicine cabinets — but all of them led to an implacable addiction that rivals that of the hardest street drugs. And that’s the rub. Because there was simply so much OxyContin available for over a decade, it trickled down from pharmacies and hospitals and became a street drug, coveted by teens and fiends and sold by dealers at a premium (prices often shot up well over $1 a milligram, pricing the popular 80mg tablets at over $100 for a single pill). …”

Allow me to set the scene.

Imagine a small town in Trump’s America. Since the 1960s, it is has probably gained a new Wal-Mart and commercial strip while it has lost many businesses in its downtown commercial district which have been replaced by bars. Multiple factories have likely shut down and moved overseas. Third World immigrants have arrived from Latin America and Asia and have established enclaves.

In the wake of feminism, women entered the workforce and the family has broken down. It is not uncommon these days to see White men struggling with their second or third marriage. Overall, the local culture has become less religious and drugs like heroin and painkillers like OxyContin have become a problem. Everyone has an iPhone or Android manufactured in East Asia though. Wall Street is doing great but the rise of the stock market seems to be a contrary indicator in your community.

Liberty has triumphed across the board in sex, gender identity and family life. Liberty has triumphed in immigration. It has triumphed in trade policy and regulation. It has even triumphed in attitudes toward drug abuse which is strange given the declining life expectancy of White Americans. The abuse of OxyContin is a win-win because both parties benefit in a free-market transaction!

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  1. Good article on a dismal subject. Used to be that something as potent as Oxycontin was given to bone cancer patients or severe-burn victims. But now, a simple wisdom tooth removal can put you at risk for an addiction so horrifying, that you wish you were told to take some Advil.

  2. An excellent though dismal history lesson. I didn’t know the free trade madness started with kennedy.

  3. So what is the way out? It is an ever increasing technological society we live in. Cats never go back in the bag. Few people would go back to rotary dial phones with a three feet long cord on a party line, circa 1958 vehicles, console televisions that stay the same for 15 years, no modern social platforms like twitter and Facebook, no Youtube videos to show you how to repair a broken water main in your back yard to save you a thousand dollars by doing the work yourself, no internet searches to look up information yourself so you don’t have to rely on the New York Times, a thousand other examples. Nor do many men really want to go back to using a star bit to drill through concrete or be manhandled 12 hours a day by a pneumatic drill the size of a Ford Ranger. Three years ago I paid 130 bucks for a brand new inverter DC 200 amp welder that arrived at my doorstep three days later from mainland China. If I wanted to I could paint it blue and slap a Miller sticker on it and sell it for 1000 bucks on Craigslist and a lot of people would probably never know it wasn’t a Maxstar.

    Standing in the midst of all this we have a large segment of the population sporting about a fifth grade education and wants to be able to afford a new quad cab diesel every few years.

    • Don’t buy into the notion that it’s all a function of “progress” and opposition to these anti-white policies is luddite. Things should be better, they are getting worse by design. The hostility to our people exists across the board, at every level, from the lowest levels to the highest. Trump’s difficulties should push that point home, there is a hierarchy of anti-white sentiment entrenched in responsible positions. Far too many “hard-headed” realists want whites to “take responsibility” for being shafted by “impersonal economics.” At National Review they tell the Republican voters that their communities “deserve to die” because they voted for Trump.

      • Notice, though, that you did not answer my question? I’m not being a smart ass here. I mean can someone answer the question. I know about the hostility to our people. But what about the points I raise above? It is not a hard question but everyone is side stepping the answer and responding with posts just like yours.

        You want high wages for everyone. Okay. This was done from about the 50s up to the 80s and there are still a few regions where it is going on now. You pay 25 and up per hour for factory and construction work, including the lowest skilled jobs. You also employ the maximum number of people and restrict each of them to a very specific job. If you are a janitor you do not touch a machine. If you are a mechanic you do not use a tow motor, ever. You set up contracts such as if a contractor is working overtime on the premises, then too shall any plant employee be allowed to stay for the same number of hours and at the agreed upon overtime rate, regardless of need or amount of work. They can literally stand and watch. Pay rate will go up as a function of time worked at facility. A 30 year man will by strict rule make more than a ten year employee.

        There is much more, and this is indeed the prescription–and the only one–for the goal you want.

        So again, can you please go over some detailed descriptions of an answer? That is what I’m asking.

        • You’re making it sound like it was all back breaking labor and that it all depended on goods costing multiples of what they do now. There are undoubtedly long term economic issues that have created difficulties. Perhaps people do shrink from occupation hazards like jobs that risk lung and limb. But that doesn’t explain the depth of the current crisis. The contempt for lower class whites is widespread and ingrained as is the desire to keep them down, to suppress traditional values, to force integration on them, to corrupt their women and ruin the prospects for their men. We don’t need the past excesses of organized labor, we do need to find ways to punish anti-white policies. The “Scrooge” “Mr. Potter” mindset that it’s all an inevitable economic process is inadmissible.

        • My answer is that economics aren’t everything. The US economy is about 18 trillion per year; that’s staggering, mind blowing, soul altering mega-wealth.

          Back in previous epochs, people had love, hate, fear, joy, triumphs, sorrow, anxiety, transcendence – the entire gamut of human experience, on a per capita income 1/100th or less than we enjoy today.

          We can lose a quarter of more of our economy and still be very well off. In fact, if I got my way on one issue (deporting ALL of the illegals) the economy would shrink by at least 3% probably more. The way we are socialized politically, that is a cause to “throw the bums out”.

          That’s the problem. Real leaders are nowhere to be found. Real leaders would be teaching people that “it isn’t the economy stupid” and to put intangibles above all else (justice, righteousness, the soul). Democracy doesn’t provide us with good leadership; no system does, except by historical accident.

          We are about due for such an accident.

          • See the problem with your answer, though? Telling people that economics isn’t everything is not much of an answer. Not to mention it goes over like a lead balloon. I don’t mean to pick on you, but your post exemplifies so much of what is lacking in our circles. People eat food and wear clothes and hold real objects in their hands. The people that you are trying to reach like driving cars and trucks, too. Living indoors with plumbing and electricity. They want healthcare and a means to pay the bills when they can no longer work. And people go to church to talk about the soul.

            But what to do with rural people in a world that soon will need very few of them in its plants and factories unless they know how to program PLC’s and can service robots and diagnose bad IGBT’s?

            What to do with these men who we don’t especially want serving our beer in the bars, or our food in restaurants?

            Essentially imitating the Amish seems like the going suggestion on these sites, but I doubt “they” will ignore us like they have the Amish.

          • Nah, the illegals and immigrants in general are a big drag on the economy. If we deport them, and have a time out from all immigration, the economy will take off because the brakes will have been released.

    • The way out? How do you get out of a roller coaster after its left the station? You dont. The only way out is to take the ride. There is no saving what the US is being made into. Most likely it will have to be Balkanization. The tipping point is coming when enough Americans will no longer assent to share the same government with the Marxists.

        • Yeah, when such and such white men who died centuries or decades ago are resurrected for you guys, all will be well again. So go back to mowing your lawn. How dare anyone think white men of today should have to stoop to doing something different than 1950.

          • note it was one of your tribesmen who wrote the article
            Are jews White???
            Clearly not.
            However, more recent genetic studies on Jews have found a closer relationship between Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrahi Jews, and other native populations of the Fertile Crescent, than between Jews and their former host populations in Europe and North Africa
            The truth of the matter is Robbie, you need us, but we are better off without you.

          • I’m not a jew.

            Have you bought a pharm company today? Went to work for one? Any possibility in the future?

            Still miss the point?

          • What you miss Robbie is that money to buy companies is NOT entrepreneurship or creativeness. You confuse productivity with investment.

          • I’m not confusing anything. You are dancing around all over the place in order to redirect away from the absolute fact that a lot of Jews control key businesses and thus can do whatever the hell they want with them. While you are telling us about “money to buy companies is NOT entrepreneurship or creativeness” some Jews have been owning pharmaceutical companies and making oxycontin. While you have been telling us all about confusing “productivity with investment” Jews are in control of key industries.

            Moreover, I would say that to have the kind of money it has taken to invest in–buy–these companies, somebody is damn creative and practicing some pretty good entrepreneurship.

          • You refuse to admit that money isn’t creativity or entrepreneurship. Jews control the flow of money, so of course they have greater access to it. The world jewry runs a racket. They create a problem and then form a businesses that offers a solution. They use their access to capital to buy up business and monopolize great portions of industry, think of the clothing industry for instance. They squeeze out quality for quantity and lower standards. It doesn’t take creativity to go downhill. But keep reading the jew controlled financial papers and they will tell you how brilliant the Ivan Boeskys, Michael Milkens, Bernie Madoffs, Michael Steinhardts (his father was mob), hell, here’s a list of them:
            all working in the money industry to do what’s good for the jew, if a few crumbs fall to the goy all the better for them.

    • Why can’t we manufacture those welders, along with toothbrushes, shower curtains, smart phones, etc. here in THIS country, instead of some chink sweatshop?

      • We do make welders just like the one I bought. A Miller or Lincoln inverter like the one I got costs you about $1500. A hot TIG welder is a 200dx Miller Dynasty. By the time you buy the welder itself, leads, tig torch, foot peddle, etc and are ready to fire it up and use it, you got about four grand in it, up to six or seven grand if you go all out. There is a Chinese company called Everlast that makes an equivalent machine. They have been making them for several years now and have the product down pretty good re quality. You can get it and all the required for $1200. Even hardcore American Only guys have grudgingly admitted you can’t hardly tell the difference in performance. I have to admit I can’t either. At about 1/4 the price.

        I don’t know exactly what guys at Miller and Lincoln make an hour, but I bet it is 20 and up. I’m sure they got good benefits and pensions, too. I like their blue and red machines. But they cost 4 or 5 times more money. I just do welding as a hobby or some jobs on my own these days. These inverter machines are cool as all hell. And what you can do with them! Wow. But there is simply no way I can justify four or five grand for a Miller Dynasty for a neat toy. But I could do the Everlast and not bite the bullet too hard.

        Some guys have told me my 130 dollar DC machine will break, won’t last, etc and that a Miller or Lincoln is so much better and have better service too. I told them the absolute truth when I say I can buy as many as 9 or 10 machines for what they are giving for a single machine. Good repair and tech service from Miller? Yeah, but I can have half dozen spares and can have a another brand new machine on my front porch step in three or four days to boot.

          • I weld aluminum, stainless steel, etc. I also sometimes play around with tubing, and stainless and black iron pipe. There is a lot you can tig. It is cleaner, makes a better and prettier weld. Good for thin material.

          • In industry & automotive they use wire welders, and for the heavy stuff they use the good old stick welder.

          • I know what industry uses, thank you. I also know about “gas dealers” too, thank you. Are you also going to tell me what DC means and what a stinger is?

            Can you link me to anywhere where I can pick up a new Maxstar for under 200 bucks? A Lincoln Invertec with CV for under about five grand? What’s a Millermatic 250 cost? About $2500. You can pick up an Everlast for under $1400.

            Tig is widely used for pipe and tube welding, btw. Almost all root passes, and a lot of stainless all the way out.

            Yes, I have seen CNC plasma rigs. Plasmacam is a good one. Speaking of plasma cutters, a 50 amp Miller or Lincoln plasma cutter we are talking $2500 and up again. And again I can pick up a comparable Everlast for less than half that.

            Lincoln and Miller are high as hell, as everyone who uses welders knows. Good welders for sure, but you are paying dear for that blue or red paint. I just sold a Lincoln 200sa. I’ve used all of them over the years.

        • As far as pricing goes, Miller and Lincoln are as competitive as anyone. The price you see isn’t what a big industrial is paying. Hang out at your gas supplier and they can get you a deal.

  4. When we see these judeo-cuck-homosexuals vent their obscene hatred for the white rural base at outlets like National Review, we need to understand they are really no different than the perverts at Salon. We are dealing with demonic people, people who are consciously malicious, we have never made progress trying to reason with them. They are evil.

    • I know you can’t make it up. Jewish family owns that pharmaceutical company. But a gentile family owns the lawn care service that mows the grass there. Now, what we have to do is tell the lawn care family to take over the pharm company from the Sacklers in the next board meeting. Buy them out, you know. Probably have to be a hostile takeover, but.. Then replace all the chemists and such with the lawn care family kids who are no doubt studying that in college and will have their doctorates soon. The next step will be to have some of the lawn care family’s relatives, probably many of the cousins, no doubt, who are skilled and well connected in the marketing business (and media) to sour pain pills (or painer’s, as they are called in Kentucky and such) amongst our people.

      • Of course Robbie, how silly of “us” to think “we” could run a country without the superior jews.

        • Of course, Helvena! How silly! White men started the company OVER A CENTURY AGO. AND HAVEN’T HAD IT IN OVER 60 FUCKING YEARS. What is with you guys? Seriously. WHAT ABOUT TODAY????

          Not 1870. Not 1745. Not 1912, today.

          It’s the same with everything. On another thread here you guys are talking about white scientists who have been dead for centuries or decades when it is brought up how many Asians are taking all the Nobel prizes TODAY.

          • Yeah, and not a single one of them good ole boys. Or even remotely interested in or identify with any politics you like. Are up to their eyebrows socializing with and doing business with Jews. Do you STILL INSIST on missing the point?

            Yes, yes you do.

          • Assets can be nationalized. Real wealth is productivity. Money seeks out creativeness which is why Israel still needs aid. If jews could create, jewish investors would pour money into Israel instead of investing in White businesses.

          • It seems to me there are a lot of “security” firms and such in Israel, producing software and hardware that is widely used today, that MUST have got a lot of money from investors.

            But Jews have created a lot, it is a simple fact. I’ve never seen the sense in many WN’s acting like this is not so, however much you don’t like it. I mean, damn, is it really surprising? They pushed education and going into expanding businesses and industries like rural folks push deer hunting. They were all over science and technology all through the 20th century. I’m sitting here looking at a shelf of electrical engineering textbooks and about 70 percent of them are from jews. Ditto physics texts. Google searches reveal most of them also have a list of technical monographs numbering in the dozens and some in the hundreds, all in legitimate and important areas of research. They are way over represented compared to their over all numbers. Some people on these sites simply do not know the extent of it. It is is simply a non starter to deny this. And yes, many of the same authors I’m talking about above are/were batshit crazy with their politics and involved in every left wing radical cause you can name. But damned if they also didn’t know their shit in these fields. And THAT is the point. Our side doesn’t have access to levers of power because they do not also have access to these other fields, where power stems from.

          • My side has lost that level of power because we bought into the idea of equality and fair play. My side is just waking up to the reality that war has been waged and is waging against us. My side hasn’t begun to fight back, but the number of informed are growing exponentially as we speak. Sorry Robbie they don’t know and never knew shit, they push what is good for the jew. Jews a mediocre in STEM and high in verbal iq, like you Robbie. Have a listen to Weev

            The jews don’t just lie about history.

  5. One tiny ray of hope-the hatred of the elite towards hillbillies and other working class whites betrays a fear-these same people who are being opressed by ZOG, could, reaching a breaking point, rise up like 1930’s Germany and give the kikevermin elite their due.

  6. The abuse of OxyContin is a win-win because both parties benefit in a free-market transaction!
    Except that it is usually the government or subsidized insurance that pays for it – for a while. Then heroin is what’s available when the DEA frightened doctors cut you off.
    Can you say Soma from Huxley’s “Brave New World”? Wasn’t Rush Limbaugh addicted?

  7. The Kikes WANT us dead. They are getting their way. The only way out is White Solidarity. Will it happen? Normie Whites SQUIRM when I talk about this.

  8. A lot of working and middle class jobs are disappearing because of technological advances or because of the ordinary forces of business competition and trying to keep labor costs under control. But if those blue collar and entry level positions are disappearing then why are the (((elites))) continuing to push for endless millions of unskilled, impoverished third world illiterates to swarm in here?

      • Yeah, but unlike Indians, most rural people will not leave the county where they were born. “You were born in these hills. You’ll spend all your life here” is what the old folks told their children. Most of the young folks haven’t modified that teaching by much. Not telling your kids to quit school in the 3rd grade so they can get a job down at the mill is about the extent of the modification.

  9. There are a couple of things missing from the above

    1) The chart shows that the upper class is a whopping 21% of the population. No, that’s mostly the real middle class.

    A good rule of thumb for any society is 0.9% Upper class (at max); 9% Middle class; 90% Lower class. The US had a massive expansion of the middle class after winning an apocalyptic nuclear war (WW2), and since then the middle class has been shrinking to a regular size.

    2) People try to wish the Cold War away; no, it was a real battle, and to win, white elites had to offer something to the 3/4 s of the world who weren’t white in order to prevent them going en masse to Communism, which would have lead to a total Communist victory in no time.

    They offered the non-white elites membership (albeit in a junior status) to the same club the white elite were in largely through Ivy League indoctrination. Period. That’s how the Cold War was won! Both white and non-white elites sold their populations out!

    A generation or two later, most elites aren’t white. So the “victory” in the Cold War was merely a delaying tactic. The solution? Separation, and ultimately space colonization. What caused whites to turn on each other? Nature, as well as poor leadership. Just investigate how degenerate the European elites were at the end of the 19th century. We need good leadership to unite whites under a covenant of racial unity. There are no good leaders in sight.

  10. To illustrate what is killing this movement (caveat: somewhat long and requires your thinking cap to be on):

    No one is more misunderstood by the “alt right” than William F Buckley. Perhaps because many are young, but even the venerable Bob Whitaker likes to use Buckley as a punching bag. For myself, when most of my age mates were riding around with training wheels, I was reading National Review and Blackford Oakes.

    Consider this quotation from Buckley in Slate’s “How the National Review created the Alt Right” from the OD twitter feed.

    These essays and others, spanning decades, mirrored the views of National Review founder William F. Buckley, who famously defended the right of whites to deny black Americans the vote and maintain white supremacy in a 1957 Review editorial titled “Why the South Must Prevail.” “The White community is so entitled,” he wrote, “because, for the time being, it is the advanced race.” (it still is)

    1957. Why did Buckley “evolve”? A partial reason was his very religious mother and his own Catholicism, but the decisive reason was that he didn’t want “The White Community” to be blown the fuck out by global Communism during the Cold War, which was a very tangible possibility.

    The Democrats were routinely winning the House every two years and the alt right of the 50s, the John Birchers, were attacking Eisenhower, the only electorally successful Republican for a generation! Buckley knew that the only way to win the war was to pick battles on firm terrain and avoid getting bogged down in the swamps of Bircherism.

    Buckleyism is the ascendant force in American politics by sheer number of office holders at national and state levels. It has won the electoral war and Cold War. Buckley was a great man, no one of any sense contests that, and the “alt right” should be grateful that there currently exists a white race to save, and that we weren’t gobbled up in a Maoist surge a generation or two ago! Thank you William Buckley!

    For a movement that prides itself on “straight talk” there has been so very little of it in 2017. Let’s try some. Working with and through Trump is the only play available at the moment; not “metapolitcs”, not mixing it up with fifth rate media personalities like Cernovich, only Trump. But we cannot do that with a divided and distracted voice.

    It is my contention that Trump will continue to drift until this movement stops the drifting that began with the November 2016 NPI conference. Get back on message and get focused and then Trump will get focused on the only thing that matters: Building the Wall and Deporting them All.

    Remember that Trump was not a genius candidate, he was pushed through by his base despite his innumerable missteps and flaws because we are desperate. We HAVE to tell him what to do and not let him get bogged down in swamps like Yemen, Syria, health care etc. This movement has no voice and credibility with which to push Trump when it prefers to exist far outside the proverbial Overton Window pushing alienating ideologies and imagery (fascism, Evola, Apollo and other nonsense). If we could come together with measured insightful criticism, like we did with this recent attack in London on timely issues like health care, immigration, the budget, etc then we could be a real force.

  11. I bought a Mr Coffee machine in early 1998 that was made in the US. Five years later I saw the exact same machine on sale at the store with “Made in China” written on it for the same price. Why was is “economically infeasible” to make Kitchen Accessories here in America as recently as 1998 that we can’t have our jobs back and put the Free Traders heads on pikes?

  12. Its not like they don’t know this stuff is addictive. Why are they choosing – and they ARE choosing – to be drug addicts? I’ve seen a lot of articles about it but no one asks the drug addict “Why did you take drugs ever in the first place?” I guess thats too much like “judging” them? For the last 50+ years, everyone has been warned about addiction. School programs, TV shows, Movies, news reports, celebrities with addiction problems, people dying of drugs — its not like anyone can say they didn’t know.

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