Anthony DeMarco: Are Whites a Nation?

Anthony DeMarco at Social Matter discusses different forms of nationalism from a Right-wing, traditionalist Christian perspective on the latest Ascending the Tower podcast. He explores:

  • White Nationalism as an American movement
  • European mini-imperialism and the nation-state
  • European nationalism vs American White Nationalism
  • Southern Nationalism as a true identitarian movement
  • White Nationalists’ relationship to the White American nation

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  1. The word “nation” is related to the words like natal, native and natural…they all refer to a common ancestry or common land of origin/birth. So yes, in that sense Whites are a nation. But they need to start acting like one!

    • We need a White spiritual revival–a revival where we Whites all start to understand that we are ONE White people on this dark planet and we need to stick together and circle the White wagons and not continue to bicker as though we still live in a 16th Century Europe and is all White. Today, our enemies are not White. They are all non-White.

  2. Best scenario may be mass repopulation of the European continent creating a Napoleonic empire allied to Russia. If Jews can go back to Israel, Whites can go back to Europe.

    • Mate, America started off as a continent spanning White Nationalist empire and things didn’t end well. So why repeat that by trying to turn Europe into a ‘Napoleonic empire’?

      We can all work together and fight against our common foes, but our respective peoples are not interchangeable. I personally am very ticked off at the millions of Poles who are colonizing Britain. Does that mean I have anything against Poles as a people? No, but I want them to go home.

          • Have you even been to America? There are just as many Negroes outside the South as there are in Dixie.

          • I live in America, if you knew anything about the South you would know there is a huge, contiguous majority black region known as the Black Belt. Most of the blacks outside the South live in urban areas. There are almost no blacks in regions like the Dakotas and the Pacific Northwest.

          • It’s fascinating that you are now claiming to live in the South, because I have never met a Southerner who constantly counter-signals the South in the way that you do.

            I have to ask: Are you from the South or do you merely livethere?

            There are almost no blacks in regions like the Dakotas and the Pacific Northwest.

            There are very few Blacks in those regions but there are tons of inter-racial marriages in the PNW (mostly White x Asian couples).


            Look at the map, the rate of interracial marriage in the Dakotas (which has very few nonwhites) is similar to that of Mississippi (which has the highest percentage of Blacks out of any American state). And as for the Southern states with high miscegenation rates, they are the exact states with large numbers of Yankee transplants. So clearly Whites aren’t interchangeable. Southerners have a different culture than Northerners and – even today – this is noticeable.

          • I don’t live in the South and have never claimed to. Don’t know where you got that. I have frequently told Southrons on this site that a White Southern ethnostate is unfeasible due to the huge Black Belt.

          • So then why exactly are you here? If you aren’t a Southerner and aren’t interested in helping promote Southern interests, then why come to this site and attack Southern ethnic nationalism?

            I don’t post on White Nationalist sites and complain about WN beliefs because that would be disrespectful and uncalled for.

          • Hunter Wallace doesn’t only post about Southern nationalism, and healthy debate within a movement is needed to avoid an echo chamber. We all want white societies, we just have different ideas of how to achieve an ethnostate.

          • You come here and counter-signal us and describe our beliefs as ‘petty nationalism.’ That’s quite a lot different than engaging in healthy debate.

            Now if you want to promote ‘Our Race is Our Nation’ style White Nationalism to Euro-mutts, that’s fine by me. But don’t go around saying that Europe should become a ‘Napoleonic empire’ if you are an American. Europeans do not need Americans interfering in their business.

            You want a White Nationalist state? Fine by me, but pick a place that’s already a White melting pot and build it there. How about Massachusetts? It’s a White melting pot and build your ethno state there. Boston is full of Euro-mutts. Sounds like a perfect place for you guys to build your own movement.

          • I’m not going to let you try to tone police my posts. If you don’t like it, too bad. And plenty of white Americans will “interfere in European business” if you all don’t do something to remove Kebabs quick.

          • I’m not going to let you try to tone police my posts. If you don’t like it, too bad.

            I always find it fascinating that Americans (but not Southerners) never seem to feel a shred of guilt about constantly butting into places where they aren’t wanted and insulting the locals.

            I would never dream of joining Stormfront and complaining about White Nationalism – yet you come here and mockingly refer to ethnic Nationalism as ‘petty’ week after week.

            And plenty of white Americans will “interfere in European business” if you all don’t do something to remove Kebabs quick.

            I highly doubt it. America’s under-5 population is already majority nonwhite and your nation has a dramatically higher race-mixing rate than any European nation. You also have 8 million Jews and no ground based movement.

            If your nation interferes in Europe’s affairs again, it won’t be White Americans saving the day and kicking out Muslims. It will just be another round of Bush style bullying.

            And why do you Americans become so offended when someone like me – who loves Americans and has spent time in your nation – asks to be left alone? All we want is for you guys to stop interfering in our business and mucking things up. We’re not trying to tell you what to do in your own backyard.

          • “I always find it fascinating that Americans (but not Southerners) never seem to feel a shred of guilt about constantly butting into places where they aren’t wanted only to insult the locals.”

            If I had ever butted in, as a child, I would have been slapped or switched.

          • To me, and most other Southerners, blacks are just there and something to be avoided. Like water moccasins when fishing and swimming.

          • Right, Blacks “are just there.” Ignore them. Do not befriend them or mix with them. they are not our kind and are an existential threat to our very existence as Whites. Always be indifferent to them and do not interfere in their Black business. Leave them be.

          • I was taught that from childhood. They’ll either take advantage of you, rip you off, or you’ll end up mangled or even dead, if you associate with them.

          • Whites having children with any non-Whites is evil and genocide for Whites.

            Stay White in all ways, my friends. This is how you will survive and thrive. Never go Black, Brown,Red or Yellow.

      • Globalization, jet travel, and mass media are going to quickly render Petty Nationalism redundant. What will survive and what elites can’t erase so quickly is Race. Those same Poles you denigrate will be fighting alongside Britons to expel Muslims, because of race. And America didn’t fail because it was a White empire. America failed because it’s Enlightenment ethos predetermined that America was going to arrive at the sad state it’s in.

        • 1. Every time we talk, I explain to you that ‘petty nationalism’ and ‘ethnic nationalism’ are different things, but you choose to ignore me and you keep using the same inaccurate terms.

          2. I could just as easily argue that globalization will lead to a brown world where race won’t matter (it’s the exact same argument you are using to destroy ethnic differences).

          3. When did I denigrate Poles? I said that I have nothing against them but that they have to leave Britain. Every time Anglos stand up for our rights we are ‘denigrating’ the poor innocent Polacks.

          Do you mind if I ask where you’re from? I find your mentality very alien to that of most European nationalists that I’ve spoken with.

          • Ethnic nationalism is White Nationslism. Period. Shit like the irredentist Hungarian 64 County movement, Nigel Garage bitching about Polish plumbers is petty nationalism, or Nicola Sturgeon seeking Scots Independence is Petty Nationalism. G. Globalism can’t quickly erase race like it will with regional culture or language because race is written on the blood and on our skin. Czech identity may fade because they speak a small language, but it will be harder to wipe out white identity. Hence the last implicit stand against globalism will be based on the European race.

          • Ethnic nationalism is White Nationslism. Period.

            No, they are similar but related concepts. I already explained this to you a few weeks ago and you completely ignored my posts.

          • Because you are espousing petty nationalism, an absolute dead end for White people. Should Hungary go to war with Romania to bring the Szekelys back into the Magyar nation? Should the Royal Navy mine Belfast harbor if Northern Ireland decides to leave the UK? All petty nationalism accomplished were lots of stupid wars and millions of dead white people.

          • Once again, you don’t answer my statement. All you are doing is saying that ethnic nationalism is petty and crying about how it’s going to lead to dead White people.

            Well, what have you White Nationalists achieved? Nothing. Your movement hasn’t won a major battle since the 1950s. Show me the mainstream White Nationalist parties like Jobbik or Golden Dawn. Where are they?

          • If the Alt Right (which is White Nationalism) was as impotent as you claimed, would Hillary Clinton have devoted an entire speech to attacking the Alt Right? And your question is impertinent because White Nationalism came out of America, we don’t have irredentist parties and a Parliamentary system where you get seats with 5 percent of the vote.

          • You and I both know that Hillary’s Alt-Right speech was an attempt to smear Donald Trump as a White Supremacist. That’s why she constantly tried to connect him to the Alt-Right. Hillary doesn’t give a damn about the Alt-Right – she only wanted to take Trump down.

            And your question is impertinent because White Nationalism came out of America, we don’t have irredentist parties and a Parliamentary system where you get seats with 5 percent of the vote.

            It’s not at all impertinent. Why? Because Golden Dawn can organize marches on short notice that draw thousands of high quality members. The entire Alt-Right’s combined forces – and keep in mind that Greece has a tiny population compared to America – can’t do that. The same applies to Jobbik. When you guys can gather tens of thousands of high quality men on short notice, let me know.

          • Hillary spoke out against the Alt Right because we are in fact White Advocates and heartily supported Trump. It was a smear that didn’t work because most whites voted Trump. . You’re moving the goal posts. First it was about electoral success, now it’s about street organization. And yes, it is a valid criticism, American white advocates need to do social activism like how Golden Dawn feeds poor Greeks. But Greece has a leftist faggot running things, so Golden Dawn has plenty of work to do.

          • Once again, you didn’t address my main point (which is the fact that small nations like Greece have far stronger movements than America).

            I also haven’t moved the goal posts. Your movement has consistently failed to win elections (the only exception is David Duke winning one election in the early 90s). As for Trump, he is an open Zionist with Jewish grandkids who ran as a civic nationalist – if that’s success then I’d hate to see what losing looks like.

          • Golden Dawn and Jobbik haven’t won elections either with their 5 or 10 percent showings. We don’t have proportional representation, it’s all or nothing in America so no one ever votes for minor parties. Comparing European parliamentary elections to American elections is asinine.And yes, Trump isn’t perfect but he’s not Auntie May either. As for your British Nationalists, I heard Nick Griffin quit the UK for Hungary. Talk about failure…

          • You again ignored the crux of my argument (which is that small European nations have far better movements and that this is visible in the large rallies they organize).

          • Boy are you right about this. The culture is so anit-white here that people register under fake names just to attend one of Richard Spencer’s milquetoast conferences. It will be a long time before we can develop a real ground game, and first we will need to develop a metapolitical context to do it under.

          • Even if we continue to lose ground against the globalists, it will be decades if not centuries before pan-European whiteness becomes the last stand of our race. Until then, we shouldn’t give them an inch without a fight, and that means preserving the differences in European ethnicities.

            Consider also that many European ethnic nationalists may only be interested in white nationalism as a corollary to their ethnic nationalism. Should we refuse to work with them unless they put broad white nationalism first? I think not.

            As an American, I am very much in favor of the country being open to any white person, with reasonable limits – but you must admit if we had the same number of, say, Russian immigrants as we have Mexicans (~30m over the past 3 decades) there would definitely be ethnic conflict. The difference is that the Russians would be genetically capable of assimilation but in large numbers that process would take time.

            My feeling is that pan-white nationalism is a uniquely American phenomenon and that we should respect our European brothers’ ethnic identities.

          • Couldn’t agree with you more. It is always and forever the English who are expected to give way. It is true here in America, Australia, everywhere the English have settled, now even in the Ancestral Homeland. It is one of the reasons I dearly hope the U.S. breaks up. Perhaps we Anglo Americans will be permitted to have a tiny portion of the country we created and built. As far as England is concerned, the English are entitled to ALL of it, every bit (excluding Wales, naturally).

          • All excellent points, mate. Our current situation truly is ridiculous: Britain is being colonized (whether it is legal or illegal doesn’t matter – the impact on our people is the same) by millions of foreigners and when we say, ‘enough, time for you to go back to your ownhomelands‘ then we are the bad guys? It’s disgusting.

            As for America balkanizing into ethnic blocs rather than racial blocs, it’s a fascinating hypothesis. Assuming you are an American, I’d recommend networking with Quebecois Nationalists and any other like-minded groups. If you guys work together, you might be able to get ethno-nationalism to go mainstream.

      • More than two million people from Ukraine have come to Poland since autumn 2015. As many of them are eager to work for unacceptably low wages, Poles hardly can be excited about returning home. When I vistited my cousin in Western Poland a few weeks ago, I was shocked by hearing Ukrainian dialects everywhere, especially as there is no information from the “conservative” government about the eastern Polish border being wide open.

        • We are all one White people. Our enemies are not our White cousins of different nationalities. We can mate with them and keep producing White children.

          Our existential enemies are non-White humans who can cause our family lines to turn non-White simply by mating with us.

        • I am genuinely sorry to hear that Western Poland has changed so drastically, but my position regarding Britain isn’t going to change. If my people are going to survive, then we need our homeland to remain distinctively British. I do wish you and your people the best though.

      • Poles are White. They are bringing energy to White areas that are often decrepit. A White Brit marrying a White Pole and the children are White. A White Brit marring a Black Brit (terrible that we even now have to put White before Brit, isn’t it?) produces non-White children.

        Always give the benefit of the doubt to our White brothers and cousins. Never give the benefit of the doubt to any non-Whites.

        • Two or three million Poles have left the country as economic migrants–now Poland has a million or more economic migrants from Ukraine. They lower the wages, many work without permit, ethnic frictions pop up, and it’s just the beginning…Ukrainians are not Poles, Poles are not Brits, French are not Germans, I’m talking ethnicity, of course. Let’s don’t chew more than we can bite, let’s stick to our countries of origin and defend them, I’m talking ethnic Europeans, of course. As for unity in Europe, it has to come through increased unity of culture first, this unifying culture has to be created yet. beats crap out of all other “alt-right” outfits studded with eggheads stat-wise, that shows how much “unifying culture” we ethnic Euros have currently at hand.

        • Poles are certainly White, but they aren’t going to save Britain. If you don’t believe me, just walk through the areas of London where Poles have become the majority – they do not save the local Brits, they compete against them and very often succeed in pushing them out of their own neighborhoods. It may sound a bit harsh, but it is a process anyone can see.

          As for Poles & Brits producing White children together, I’d counter by saying that Brits are not genetically interchangeable with Poles. We carry different Haplogroups and often have different phenotypes. And Brits have every right to preserve that genetic distinctiveness.

          • Also, it is the Brits’ mess they are in now, let ’em be big boys and clean it up themselves. Poles go home. 😉

  3. 1) Super States are horrible.

    2) After several hundred years, whites are a nation in America.

    Herbert Spencer, the British Philosopher who coined the term “Social Darwinism”, observed that the mixing of the great white nations in America would produce a hybrid stock imbued with vigor. That happened. America is / was the greatest nation because of that biological and cultural mixing.

    The last time whites were as united was in the Indo-European Homeland in 4000 BC – we’ve never been greater, but America gives them a run for their money.

    3) Even Europe shows signs of moving in that direction, though not as far along.

  4. Are white Americans a nationality? Only the disingenuous would deny it. The other ethnic groups retain distinct identities in the USA. There is some genetic inflow from non-whites and there remains vestiges of European national ethnicities but for the most part non-whites remain outside the core American ethnicity.

  5. Sounds interesting; I just downloaded the podcast and will check it out later.
    I put up a piece today somewhat connected to this. My blog post is titled “Greetings from Greater Appalachia”. It was inspired by last month’s OD post “What is a Southerner”. In it I talk about why I agree that southern Indiana, where I live, is definitely part of Dixie -not New England.

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