Call for Crusaders

Another day, another Muslim terror attack, another round of predictably useless reactions from cucked Westerners.

“Not all Muslims! Most are peaceful” they cry, though they never apply that standard when a White Southerner commits a crime.

“Don’t pray for the victims. It’s religion that got us into this mess!”

Even those who dare notice the correlation between Islam and terrorism limit their criticisms to “extremism” and call for “reform.”

As long as these misguided beliefs are prevalent, we will never adequately addressing the problematic creep of Islam into our once Christian lands. Islam is not peaceful. “Religion” is not the problem. You cannot excise “extremism” from Islam and you cannot “reform” it any more than you can reform Satanism into something good. It is the antithesis of Christianity, and only Christianity can defeat it.

At one time, this would have been widely understood. But now, the modern world is ruled by a secular Church of Progressivism. Secularists and liberal Christians have replaced biblical ideas of sin and virtue with their own humanistic ones. Modern sins include a variety of -isms and -phobias. False virtues of “equality” and “tolerance” are celebrated. Sinners are forced to pay penance by indignant mobs, and sometimes excommunicated from society entirely. The new dogma is enforced by what has been dubbed a secular “Cathedral” of influential business, entertainment, educational, and political entities.

What remains of the dwindling Christian church has been feminized, and thus has gone to the extreme in emphasizing compassion, to the neglect of other vital aspects of Christianity, such as duty, discipline, and bold truth-telling. Modern heresies abound. Among the most prevalent are the heresies that Christianity can adapt to embrace modern progressive values, and that Islam is another “path to God” that is equal to, and can coexist with, Christianity.

Most major religious institutions have given in to pressure to bend their doctrines to suit modern sensibilities. There are many people who like the idea of being Christian, but do not wish to challenge the dominant Church of Progressivism. Thus, they rationalize abandoning scripture as “evolving,” and convince themselves that Jesus would surely want their gay friends to get married if it would make them happy. And Islam must be respected, because suggesting it is a false doctrine would challenge the Progressive conviction that all cultures and beliefs are equally true, moral and valuable. They attend the Christian church in name, but follow the tenets of the Church of Progressivism.

The spiritual weakness of the West has allowed for the encroachment of Islam. The followers of Progressivism open their arms to “refugees” to show they embody the virtue of tolerance and belief in equality. Jihadists don’t give a damn about tolerance and equality, but they have found it beneficial to exploit those who do.

We are in a spiritual war, fighting a (for now, at least) non-military jihad in our own lands. We are on the brink of a modern version of the Crusades. We need you, the new Crusaders.

Truth must be spoken to liberal Christians who have rationalized that Jesus would support their progressive social ideals. Truth must be spoken to those who believe that all religions are equally true and good. Truth must be spoken to all non-Christians who might yet be saved. Bold and brave truth tellers have never been more needed.

Deus Vult!


  1. We hear globalist politicians and celebrities say that they will not surrender to this ‘cowardly’ act.

    They will continue and carry on their globalist project of diversity.

    ??? What are they talking about? If the attacker were anti-immigration and anti-diversity and had struck out to stop immigration, the globo-rhetoric would make some sense(if not much).

    But the killer was for MORE INVASION AND INCLUSION. He wasn’t trying to end Diversity or the massive invasion of Britain.

    So, carrying on with the push for More Immigration and More Diversity would be in full agreement with the killer’s wishes.

    In the current year, a man can be said to be a ‘woman’, and cowardice masquerades as ‘courage’.

    How is it courageous to invite mass invasion of one’s nation? (At best, it’s dumb naive courage, like dumb pranks where life and limb are at risk.) How is it courageous to deny reality and surrender a nation’s claim to its territory and heritage?

    It’s one thing to fight to keep something but then lose it in defeat.

    But to just give it away without a fight is sheer cowardice in the face of stigma enforced by globalist imperialists. Or, is it more like willfully fighting to lose?

    The current project of Europe is self-annihilation. There is no glory, honor, and courage in such behavior. Recklessness isn’t courage. Obedience to globalist masters isn’t courage. It is Quisling behavior.

    After these attacks, we hear the same cliches about how the West will not back down and surrender its grand project. West will stand firm in its commitment to abolish itself.


    When Nazis rained bombs on London and Brits resolved not to surrender, it meant they will fight to the end to prevent Britain from being invaded.

    Today, when London is roasted by riots or rocked by terror attacks, the great ‘courage’ and resolve are about the unwavering commitment to surrender the nation to globalism, diversity, mass invasion, and social chaos.

    It went from “We will stand firm with courage not to be invaded” to “We will stand firm with ‘courage’ to be invaded.”

    Monty Python logic used to be on TV. Now, its in the streets and government.

    Britain now has the courage to go Full Coward.

    Courage used to mean the bravery to fight to keep what you got.

    Now, trans-courage means the feckless abandon with which you are willing to surrender your inheritance and the right of progeny and territory.

    Cuckrage is no real courage.


  2. And this column, from a woman! It should make you men ashamed that our sex is taught what we know to be right, by a woman who should be able to nurse babes at the breast, rather than call men to do their Duty.

    • Yeah because there aren’t thousands of men in the alt right doing just that, day after day, year after year. But we have to hear some impotent shaming from you for some reason padre. No I’m not ashamed, I’m happy that women are beginning to slowly trickle into the fold, as that is what will really get this movement going- social normalizing. Behind all great men, stand great women.

    • European women have always done this, prodding their men when they are shirking their duty. There are many examples of this in the Icelandic Sagas for example.

  3. Or just try to promote peace and solidarity without other very Christian, White European people like the Serbs and especially the Russians.

    I hope no one who even casually reads OD or Alt Lite, Alt Right let’s their friends and family or just some White guy in a bar fall for the Neo Con lies that we have to restart the Cold War against the Russians.

    John McCain and Lisping Lindsey Graham and some others are still around pushing this and old Reagan Conservatives and some Evangelicals will go for this. It does seem that FINALLY there are some sensible Evangelical Southern leaders like the son of Billy Graham who are working for outreach with Russian Orthodox leaders.

  4. How many folks today still think The Crusades deserve a bad rap? The reason for them then is becoming crystal clear in light of what is happening now.

  5. I’m hoping that with the right leaders, the Europeans will rise up against the invasion and drive them out. I think one of the first things they need to do is define citizenship, for example in Britain, to be British, a citizen would have to be descended from the original Germanic and Celtic people from northern Europe, ragheads and niggers would not be British, it wouldn’t matter if they were born in the country.

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