Rachel Dolezal: I Was “Too Black” For My Husband

If race is just a social construct that gets in the way of our expressive individualism, why do people laugh at Rachel Dolezal for LARPing as an African-American?

“Rachel Dolezal paints a dark picture of her childhood in her new memoir, In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World.

In the book, she says her brother molested her as a child, her family forced her to eat her own vomit and she wore clothing made of dog fur.

She talks about her desire to be black at a young age.

“I would pretend to be a dark-skinned princess in the Sahara Desert or one of the Bantu women living in the Congo … imagining I was a different person living in a different place was one of the few ways … that I could escape the oppressive environment I was raised in.”

She would rub mud on her hands, arms, feet and legs, she writes.

As she grew older, she didn’t correct those who thought she was black. In fact, she embraced it. She tanned and braided her hair. …”

She isn’t any crazier than the subway tranny, Alison Evans who made up her own gender, or the California man who is transitioning into a genderless alien.

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  1. “…she wore clothing made of dog fur.

    She talks about her desire to be black at a young age…”

    Well you know what to do when you kid says,”Daddy, Daddy I MUST HAVE the latest fashion, a Dog fur jacket”.

    Just say no to Dog fur jackets.

    • Back in the 80’s, here in Texas, rabbit skin coats were all the rage among the gals in school. Justin Lady Ropers in red, turquoise and blue, too. But no dog skin anything.

    • If she’s into dog fur, maybe she’s part Chinese. The yellow fella’s are into eating dogs, so maybe they sell dog fur jackets as well!?

    • Dog fur jacket? I have heard of bearksin, raccoon deer fur, doeskin, rabbit fur, chinchilla, you name it but never Fido fur. Wolf fur yes,

      • I remember back in the 70’s and 80’s seeing footage of black Americans on TV in my living room in Australia and noticed they just didn’t talk like other Americans, despite being there since well before my country was even discovered.
        They couldn’t string a sentence together without saying ‘man’ at least five times, and generally spoke louder and quickly. I felt like grabbing them by the throat and saying JUST TALK FUCKIN NORMALLY!
        They look different, talk different, act different……they are different.

        • Try telling that to Yankee SJWs in the Great White North, hiding in their gated enclaves, in their walled cities, living in fear of sodbusters, cowboys, Indians and General Lee’s ghost.

          • You find those only in the more wealthy areas, in the grittier industrial areas where people have to live cheek to jowl with Sambo, people think those people are scum. Thats why Trump won

  2. She supposedly comes from Minnesota, or someplace up that way, and moved to Washington State. Her parents are white as can be, and at a complete loss to explain her behavior. They seemed puzzled about her change of character and personality during the interview.

    • Nope. Her vile parents adopted FOUR nigs. They “can’t explain” because they are total PSYCHOS themselves.

      • She probably had to ape apes in order to survive in that environment. Vile parents indeed.

      • Possibly her parents showered the prized nigglets with attention and praise. Rachel, feeling neglected, unworthy and unwanted longed to be black.

        • THat is what I think happened. The fact that her own biological abusers can’t imagine why she’s doing what she’s doing sez it all. The insanity starts with them. I believe adults are responsible for their own adult choices – but this is special. 4 Young buck niggers brought in to the HOME, when she was a young girl.
          I know of a young family that has their own 2 brilliant young sons. They are “Catholics”. Their Marxist Church told the parishioners to adopt the orphaned Orcs of the world. They adopted a feral Guatamalen orclet female, and age 4 they had tons of problems. It’s a howler monkey. The mother cannot ADMIT that she HATES it. The father works all the time. They adopted a full on Somalian Nigger. They lived next door to my sister, and know my beliefs. I saw them in a car with their brand new nigger baby – this was about 8 years ago – and I guess my one facial expression settled everything. They are ZOMBIES. I haven’t seen ’em since. I feel really sorry for the White Human boys. All the time and attention is devoted to the high maintenance Orcs.

      • Nothing disgusts me more. Then there are the inevitable photos of the monkeys standing with the “parents” who always have the same smug, righteous, shit-eating look on their faces. It is like they practice in the mirror.

    • Washington State and Oregon are Masschusetts and Connecticut on the West Coast. They were settled by men who jumped off the Whale ships. That’s why they resemble in economy and liberalism New England

        • When Hollywood films movies about New England, they often use Washington/Oregon and Northern California for the backdrop as these areas were settled by the ship jumpers. In fact a good example is the movie STAND BY ME which was based on a novella by Stephen King called The Body in his book Different Seasons. The Body was set in Castle Rock Maine the movie was set in Oregon.

  3. If we brought Yankee soldiers from 1861, up here to the future, and showed them BRA, then sent them back, would they give up, or switch sides?

    • The USA was sane enough in 1861 no one would have believed this. They simply thought preserving the Union was preserving Washington’s Republic. Few thought that it would overthrow the entire social order. The problem was there was a hidden hand in the Union directing things and unfortunately he had his tentacles in the CSA as well. Jeff Davis was getting horrible advice from (((Judah P Benjamin))) and others to wait on England and France, two nations who were further down the Racial Equality road than the abolitonist nuts and according to Sam Houston had funded the abolitonists the entire way.

      I read that Benjamin went so far in begging for Napoleon III to help the South, he offered to cede France Louisiana and Texas to incorporate them into the Mexican Empire. True or not, that would lend credability to the hidden hand.

      Remember there is something called the TIME LAG. Even Reconstruction never resulted in the complete collapse of the Social Order, most of what Ruffin, Rhett and others worried about didn’t come until almost a century later. Their predictions were right, but by the time what they said happened, happened most people forgot all about them

      In a perfect world the South would never have left the Union, they would have overthrown the government in 1860, massacred the Yankee politicians and then instituted a police state. Unfortunately this would have caused the Southern Conservatives to side with the Republicans and the Union. Actually this was a plan some in the Knights of the Golden Circle put forward but it was rejected because it was too radical and would have caused a nightmare scenario where Robert E Lee and most of the Confederate Generals would have been fighting for the North to overthrow the cabal. Thus secession was wisely picked as it was the most palatable option and could appeal to the conservatives.

    • The sad part is I don’t think an independent CSA would have been able to maintain the Southern culture in the long run, UNLESS something on the order of what happened in IRAN happened, where you basically had a total police state propped up by militias who could kill anyone at random they deemed violating the culture. Had the Aristocrats remained in charge and the Confederate States Rights ideas remained too long, it would have become a cultural marionette of England and France importing all of the evil ideas from there and today Dixie would be WORSE in some ways than it is now.

      You cannot maintain culture without absolute brutality to do it, in this the Puritan Yankees were right. Gentility as known in South Carolina and elsewhere would eventually matasticize and turn into liberalism. Hell Ben Tillman called Gen Wade Hampton a Nigger lover because Wade wouldn’t support the harsh laws Tillman wanted to put into place. Gen Hampton was an Aristocrat, he couldn’t understand a world in which you couldn’t reason with the Negroes. Tillman lived in the new world.

      The Feminist movement was successful even by 1919 in certain parts of the South heck Texas and Oklahoma allowed women full sufferage by 1918 and so did Arkansas. Only in AL, GA, SC, NC, VA, WV and Maryland were women forbidden and I suspect in Maryland that had more to do with the Catholics than any Southern consideration.

      I honestly don’t think the CSA could have survived WITHOUT a brutal oppressive police state almost like an Islamic State like Saudi Arabia. Freedom only breeds liberalism

      • Personally, instead of the U.S. and England being a bad influence on the Confederacy, I think it would have been the other way around. Southerners were the group of Americans who came the closest to getting it right. The WBTS bonded them into a nation, but still with important regional differences. The Tidewater, the Hill Country Folk and the Westerners all had different strengths which complemented each other. A country which produced giants like Gen. Lee and Gen. Forrest would have been an amazing place.

        No way to tell, of course.

        • The Aristocracy and Free Trade/Cultural exchange with Europe would have over time been poisonous, UNLESS a Police State had emerged to check the negative influences coming from Europe. Aristocracy always trends toward Liberalism, it was the Aristocratic types in Dixie who sold out the Populists in the 1950’s. Ben Tillman hated them so much he called Gen. Wade Hampton a Nigger lover. Obviously strong words, but in the mind of Tillman the Aristocrats were too liberal to be trusted,

  4. “Racial identity disorder is real, says leading psychologist”

    Boston, MA — Racial identity disorder – otherwise known as racial dysphoria – is a real and valid condition affecting millions of Americans and it is time that it is acknowledged as such, a leading psychologist and expert on racial identity issues has claimed.

    Dr. Jeremiah Brockyard, a professor of psychology and sociology at Harvard University, made the bold statement in an article he wrote for the Monitor On Psychology, the American Psychological Association’s monthly publication.

    According to Brockyard, at least one in ten Americans is afflicted with the condition or transracialized, and most choose to suffer in silence because they are afraid of becoming the laughing stock of their respective communities.

    “These people genuinely believe in their heart of hearts that they were born with the wrong skin color, but they’re afraid to admit it to anyone because most people think it’s a ridiculous idea,” said Brockyard.

    Brockyard cites Michael Jackson as an example, saying that the deceased pop superstar was clearly transracialized and took very visible steps to confront his condition, but was publicly derided and misjudged as being ashamed of his racial background.

    Welcome to the trans* world : trans-racialism, trans-genderism, trans-ableism. Yes, it’s Weimerica (and beyond, afflicting the entire Cultural Marxist-drenched West).

    Thanks Jew-media, (((Freud))), (((psycho-analysis))), (((modern health care))). Let’s just destabilize and deconstruct everything.

    Race and gender are not social constructs, let’s get that in our heads. Biological determinism as it relates to race and gender is real. Only (((they))) believe and indoctrinate the masses otherwise.

    But medical genetics is a serious/legitimate field of medicine as anybody with histories of familial genetic disorders can attest (myself included).

    But modern medicine as savior? Not so quick, if you subscribe to Ilich.

    “Modern medicine is a negation of health. It isn’t organized to serve human health, but only itself, as an institution. It makes more people sick than it heals.” (Ivan Ilich, Medical Nemesis)

  5. I am still trying to comprehend why she would want to Black…
    I just checked her Wikipedia page, and it says she was raised Pentecostal. Maybe the urge to be a Negro occurred while she was speaking in tongues and slapping the wall? (That is not a joke, I know a guy who claims to have been speaking in tongues -not knowing what he said- while slapping the church wall. I am still looking for that kind of experience recorded in the Bible. Nope, its not there).
    On a side note, given her multiculturalism madness and Pentecostal upraising , she is probably a Christian Zionist. This kind of madness is the fruit of Neo-Babelism.

    • Religious background and this kind of craziness and left wing activism seem to very often go hand in hand, I have noticed. This is especially true of certain denominations.

  6. While some of you are no doubt tempted by the conservative credo to save such a person as this deranged halfwit I say encourage her to ever crazier stunts.

    I read something at National Review that was helpful, Hanson took note of a trend for the Normies of dropping out of the ‘Murkan Culchur and going pre-1980.

    ‘Murka is being discredited, help it do so.

  7. I’ll bet her background story is a hoax. Her family ought to try to get her committed. It’s apparent she’s suffering from some sort of personality disorder.

      • When I referred to her background story being a hoax, I was referring to her ridiculous claims of abuse, like wearing dog hair coats. That is so far out, it has to be a fabrication.

        • “Dog fur coats are a fabrication” – Haha! Very punny!
          I have no idea if her tales of abuse re: the vomit and the dog hair coats are true, or simply flights of lunacy – but her parents made her this way. She’s crazy because of THEM.

          • Some mental illnesses are biological in origin, some are caused by environmental factors. In Dolezal’s case, I suspect both factors might be involved. And I still believe she may be fabricating some of her backstory. Back in the 80’s, there were stories in the papers and claims made in books about horrific accounts of abuse, some involving Satanism. When some serious investigators looked into the actual background of the storytellers, nearly every time, they ran into accounts of lies, psychopathy, strained family relationships caused by the so-called victim, and mental illness that was not caused by any environmental factors. Look up Lauren Stratford on the net to read about one such case.

  8. Cool so that means black people are gonna start pretending to be white and go get jobs now right?

  9. Dolezal’s parents fucked her over. They are the definition of Cucks and adopted a bunch of Tar Babies. Dolezal was brought up by her parents thinking she was worth less than some Simian Idiot from Africa. Sad really.

    Dolezal is an example of why in a White ethno state we shouldn’t let parents do whatever the fuck they want with their kids. The state needs to step in and place kids in traditional white families to prevent future Dolezals.

  10. JEW RUN AMERICA ON SHOW PEOPLE. Black fronted JEW-RUN AMERICA. aka JRA. Remove the Jew, the Negro would be back in the cotton fields in a year.

  11. “In the book, she says her brother molested her as a child, her family forced her to eat her own vomit and she wore clothing made of dog fur.”

    I say without hesitation ALL of that is made up! This woman is batshit crazy.

  12. There are literally hundreds of millions of nonwhite females all over the world who spend a fortune trying to look White yet this dingbat wants to look colored. Me no understand.

    • I heard IQ decreases in high civilizations, because its idiots survive long enough to have many offspring. You don’t understand her, because she’s devolved into a manzee.

  13. Sounds like a header from Der Spiegel.

    Rachel Dolezal: Ich war “zu schwarz” für meinen Mann!

  14. This tragic woman is one of the very few people I feel sorry for. Her parents totally screwed her over. She was doomed as a kid.

    PS – I’d still line her up on the Day of the Rope. That DNA is BAD

  15. Our media presents blacks as super-human. Of course the weakest minded will fall to this propaganda. Good riddance.

  16. What’s with the Phantom of the Opera look? or Clown-for-hire? dye that hair orange and go wave a sign at the nearest McDonalds

    That receded hair-line is bad.

    Who would want to inject botox in their nose?

    The woman (but, who knows anymore these days) has issues

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