Radio Free Dixie: MacDonald King Aston on Yankee Babylon

Editor’s Note: This is what we explored in The Origins of New England and Virginia.

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This week on Radio Free Dixie, Barnwell sits down with author MacDonald King Aston to talk about his book, Yankee Babylon: American Dream, American Nightmare.

Note: Here’s another excerpt from Pursuits of Happiness: The Social Development of Early Modern British Colonies and the Formation of American Culture:

“Yet they and their followers among the laity seem to have been animated by a particularly “acute fear of disorder and wickedness,” and they devised a socioreligious system calculated to cope with their overwhelming insecurity in the face of such developments. This system required both “constant warfare” on the part of individuals against their own natural inclinations toward wickedness and the implementation of a social system that would enable men through willful activity, to settle the unsettledness around them, to exert control over a chaotic world.

The world puritans hoped to substitute for the one in which they lived used suspicion and mutual surveillance to achieve a tight social regimen and to suppress individual deviance and sin, to exert tight control over the unruly forces of the market, diminish acquisitiveness and the covetous or frivolous indulgence it engendered, locate every person in an appropriate calling, urge diligence and a careful use of time upon individuals, submerge the rampant assertion of self in a concern for the next world rather than this, and achieve a degree of communal unity virtually unknown in the fluctuating world of early modern England …”

I just happen to be reading about this right now.

Even today, this is all recognizably Yankee stuff. It is still commonplace in the East. The difference is that God has been subtracted and the next world has been replaced by the secular progressive utopia. Otherwise, the fanatical impulse to repress their own “natural inclinations toward wickedness” and the thought policing, guilt culture and shaming has remained intact. This culture of “mutual surveillance” in order to stamp out “individual deviance and sin” is the cultural root of SJWs.

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  1. Expanding on the theme of “the alt right really is Trump’s brain”:

    The NY Times has an insightful article about the White House inner dynamic during this health care debacle.

    In it Trump speaks about learning a lot about “loyalty”, presumably the disloyalty of Rand Paul et al, the “Liberty Caucus” who actually saved the Mad King from himself on this one.

    But where was his loyalty to the alt right? The alt right (broadly speaking, the one Hillary spoke about) powered Trump to the top despite his many many failings. He self-lobotomized his brain in the aftermath of the NPI conference and since then has been drifting badly. To get back on track he needs to be told forcefully “what is going on” and what to do about it.

    1) This is a war

    2) His base is regular white Americans: family focused, pious, hard working

    3) This base is unskilled at the razzmatazz of media and politics, but would be loyal to him electorally (and militarily) – were he to be loyal to them (which he is faltering on)

    4) Get back to the agenda of the base: walls, deportation, reducing or eliminating immigration, cutting welfare to non-whites, cutting taxes on whites, resisting degeneracy, keeping us out of demonic wars

    The “wonderful bill” (Trumps own words) just defeated was continuation of white payments to non whites for their health care. That could not be allowed to stand because it shows that, no, we really can’t go back to when America was great. We must.

    5) Trump should be made to understand that while attempting to avoid bloodshed is the way forward, bloodshed is highly likely, and he should prepare for that like any great commander.

    All of this requires the alt right to reconnect itself to Trump as his brain. How?

    1) recreate the broader coalition, end the factional nonsense

    2) push the message out with non-toxic front men, if a front man is toxic, he steps down or is forced down

    3) resist the temptation to equate attention with influence, ie avoid insane rhetoric

    The influence of the alt right comes from one salient truth: civilization derives from demographics, change the demographics and you change the civilization. White people, with their genetic predisposition to Order and Righteouness, are in danger, and so is Order and Righteousness.

    Done! No need to invoke Hitler or Evola or Apollo or any of that! Just keep pushing Mantra thinking.

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