AfD Takes 6.1% in Saarland, Germany Vote

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party won 6.1% of the vote, finishing fourth in this weekend’s state election in Saarland. The small western state handed victory to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) with 41% of the vote. The CDU has championed the replacement of ethnic Germans with Arab, African and other Third World immigrants. The Socialists finished at 29.5%, the Left Party at 13% and the Greens at 4.5% (failing to cross the 5% threshhold to gain representation). In the 2012 Saarland state election German nationalists were unable to win any seats, making the recent election a significant step forward for nationalists.

The AfD is now represented in 11 of Germany’s 16 states. The party is generally more popular in the east of the country where opposition to Third World immigration is stronger. In Saxony-Anhalt’s 2016 state election the AfD scored 24%, making it the second largest party. Its support has dipped somewhat across Germany in recent months after internal struggles between libertarians and nationalists. The party has generally moved in a more nationalist direction over time.

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    • Saarland is a little bastard brother part of Germany that is practically French and was controlled by France after World Wars I and II. Its also very left wing because one of the founders of the Left Party, Oskar Lafontaine, came from there.

    • This is a multi-generational struggle.

      You dont just jump to the top of the stair case, you get therer one step at a time.

    • No, they are weaklings. Probably full of “U-boats” as well.

      Considering the current lay of the land, 6.2% is a disgrace. I guess the majority of Whites really will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to safety.

  1. This is why I favor proportional representaton for House of Representatives elections. With it, white interests would at least get some representation, instead of none at all.

  2. I would like to suggest that we don’t underestimate this positive outcome. This was a vote for the state level elections (Landtag), and it was the first year that the AfD participated in the elections in the Saarland. There is a 5% threshold to enter state parliament that the AfD easily surpassed. They are now ranked proportionately fourth, after the CDU, SPD, and Die Linke, in that order. This means that the AfD received more votes than a majority of more established parties in the Saarland that it was competing with. Furthermore, compared to the last elections in 2012, of the three leading parties, all lost votes with the exception of the CDU, who won approximately 5.5%. Looking back over the last five election cycles for the CDU, this is not a significant increase and could be argued as a sign of stagnation. The AfD on the other hand were able to secure a surprisingly large proportion as a brand new party. This is uncommon for a non-mainstream party and speaks to the rising popularity of the AfD and the relevancy of their policies. So, please don’t lose faith just yet and dismiss this election as a failure. This is a tangible victory for the AfD.

  3. Present trend continues the ballot box enemies are using to demographly displace. In the far east the Orientals foreigner have no political say.

  4. Must be a high proportion of Turks, nigtards and Asians there. Remember- unfortunately they’re allowed to vote as well.
    As I’ve always argued, when the left imports turd worlders, they’re also importing votes.

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