Southern Nationalist Radio 034 – Terrorism To Civil War


Harold Crews and Dr. Michael Hill, President of the League of the South, discuss the terror attack that happened in London. That attack is related to prior attacks in Great Britain, Western Europe, and the United States. They then go on to speak how these attacks are caused by immigration and political correctness both of which are imposed by political elites and the media. Then they move into the topic of how the West is on the trajectory of open civil war since the taboo of political violence has been broken by the anti-white and anti-Christian Left.


  1. I don’t understand the St Andrews cross shirt and then the sign in the background.

    Given Scotch Whiskey and Irish Whiskey are pretty close (both
    awesome), the attempted political link to the regions don’t make sense.

    South = Protestant Scotch, North = Catholic Irish

  2. There were a sizeable amount of Irish Catholics in the Confederate Army, in fact Savannah Ga had one of the largest Irish Populations in the USA and today hold’s the second largest ST PATRICKS DAY Parade in the USA, even bigger than Boston. Most of the South’s Irish troops came from Savannah, New Orleans and those places. Overall the North had 100 times as many but most of these were used in the Eastern Theater, because of the heavy casualties Lee’s Army inflicted on the Eastern troops. The western Union Army was diverse, there were even quite a few Southern Unionists in the Western Theater Union Army. The image of the Northern Army as being an Immigrant Horde and the Southern Army as being Anglo Saxon are images made by Hollywood and writers since the war.

    The truth was OVERALL the Southern Army was mostly Anglo-Saxon, Welsh and Scots-Irish probably 85% plus and then other groups including Irish Catholics Louisiana Cajuns/Creoles and even some Latino Tejanos among the Texas forces rounding out the troops. OVERALL probably 75% the Yankee Army was mostly old-stock Whites (largely English Welsh Scots Irish and Germans) who had been in the country for a few generations EXCLUDING the Eastern Theater where the Irish made up a heavy proportion of the forces and new German Immigrants did as well. The rest of the various immigrant groups rounded out the numbers. Also included were the large numbers of Southern Unionists who served mostly in the Western Army.

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