Mainstream Conservatives’ Priorities

After campaigning for several years on repealing and replacing Obamacare, the Republican mainstream and its leadership finally offered up a minor revision to the healthcare law which was so unpopular it wasn’t even brought up for a vote in the GOP-controlled House of Representatives. Republicans have 237 House seats but couldn’t get 218 of their members to agree on replacing Obamacare. Apparently, it just wasn’t much of a priority for mainstream conservatives. The media was quick to pronounce the debacle a failure for the Trump Administration, though President Trump let the legislators in the Republican Congress lead on the issue and they proved themselves to be not very serious about reforming healthcare.

What is the mainstream conservative media’s take on things so far? The National Review is writing about how the GOP Congress can check a GOP president’s influence. The neocohens at the Review seem far more concerned with signalling hard against Trump than actually getting anything productive done.


The mainstream conservatives demonstrated this week though that they do have some real priorities. ABC News reports on their bipartisan work with liberal Democrats:

Aiming to prove their commitment to Israel, senior U.S. lawmakers are backing bipartisan legislation that would slap Iran with new sanctions while maintaining rigorous enforcement of the landmark nuclear deal.

The measures, unveiled at the opening of the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference, seek to build consensus among Republicans and Democrats who are so often bitterly at odds on domestic issues. The AIPAC meeting continues Tuesday with appearances by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Some priorities are just more important than others.

During Monday’s session, House Speaker Paul Ryan declared the U.S. commitment to Israel “sacrosanct.” But Ryan also derided the nuclear deal an “unmitigated disaster” that gives Iran “a patient pathway to a nuclear weapons capability.”

The mainstream conservatives’ commitment to a foreign country is “sacrosanct.” What about their commitment to the interests of their White Christian working-class voter base here at home? Apparently that commitment is just less important.

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  1. Why should the ruling classes of America care about White working class Christians? They are neither White, nor Christian, nor do they have to work to live. To them America is their personal property, like any other business they own. Its citizens are worker ants to extract money from.

  2. The American government, like the Australian government are likely more concerned about Israel than its own citizens who are often poor, homeless or victims of crime.
    When parts of Australia has droughts or hurricanes, its ok…our government will donate one million. When the same occurs in Indonesia……will two hundred million be enough sir?
    The other day commie charity collectors who were raising money for some useless third world cause ran toward me as I was walking by to get some cash off me…..and tripped over a homeless man in the process. He looked like an ex military Aussie who struck bad luck. A needy person right under their feet……and they didn’t give a shit about him.
    Too busy virtue signaling to care about our own.

  3. The Illuminati ie Jews and Freemasons took control of the UK and the USA a long time ago. The thing was in America because of our Constitution it has taken them a bit longer to put in place the Orwellian censorship the UK/Canada and the rest live under.

    When in doubt, look for the Menorahs and the Star of David and you’ll find the answer as to who rules over you.

  4. Parishner here recites Israel a dozen time per sermon. don’t recall this much worship of a sand dune casstle years ago. Y2K Catholic church caved in of pedophile scandal ,though wasn’t as wide spread, but the media back then pounding relentless bankrupted the church from lawsuits.

    • You can’t sue Islam as there is no papal authority to pin it on.

      Same goes for Yids.

    • Do you EVER call them on it? I have an DO. The LAST time I heard some paid pulpit whore drool over Jizzreael – I called the ahole OUT – then and there.

      • My family and neighbors know where i stand.Iwon’t get into details but a while back made the local paper for posting a huge sign on a bussy street and i was charged for bogus pc fellony. the county judge was hell bent jaling me.

  5. More proof this is the cuck/Neo Con farewell ride…

    This is their swan song, this is their final act, after this it is a eternal night for these turncoats. Thank God.

  6. Useless politicians, wasting time, money and effort overseas while we collapse at home.

    The Trump revolt we thought we had is playing out to be an illusion. It is often said “Enoch was right”, “”George Wallace was right” or if you are inclined “Hitler was right”. We must come to realization that “Mr. Hill was right”.

    The anger that will build from the republicans acting as status quo will be immense. Many of us will look to political solutions that would not be considered in the past.

    As for picking sides in the mideast? Why is it my priority? What does Israel offer us that Lebanon could not have in the past? Why ally myself with either non believers, be they Iran or Israel?

    I have a priority which congress could careless about; keeping my Insurance premium from rising to $2, 900 per month. So, feel good about yourself traders. Rearrange your deck chairs, while we search for new solutions.

  7. Here is a foreign policy advice to Americans from Emperor Alexander the Third: United States have two allies, its own army and it’s own navy.

  8. Yes indeed, the Republicans are signaling their true and primary allegiance is to the Z.O.G. But love the darkies too! Working class white Christians -not so much.
    As I sit here, Fox News is playing on the TV on the wall. Apparently, Dick Cheney has proclaimed that attempted Russian interference in our election is basically an “act of war”. Fox had John Bolton on to second Cheney on this madness. Conflict with Russia is the last thing we need.

  9. As always, “Our” government gives Israel real representation and White America gets thrown under the bus. To discuss this obvious fact is forbidden because it’s anti-Semitic.

  10. The Jew media is trying to force the resignation of Devin Nunes. (((Adam Schiff))) has been leading the effort to oust Nunez. Cheney and Jeb Bush have piled on. The alt right media is mute on the coordinated attack on the Trump administration.

    • The alt right is mute on a lot of timely topics.

      Less “meta politics”, and more trench warfare!

  11. Jews have now come up with a new scam called “Judeo-Christianity”.

    are sensing that their role in this multikulti mess is becoming
    increasingly obvious to Whites. So now they have websites
    pretending White like us or to be on our side, but underneath the
    surface they haven’t changed a bit.

    Look at Rebel Media, one such
    site, which sent Gavin McInnes to Israel (payed by the Israeli
    government) to tell everyone how wonderful the Jewish ethnostate is,
    while at the same time uploaded a video of a black named Jay Fayza
    telling us how White Nationalism is stupid.

    This is basically another version of the BS they sell to evangelicucks who send their hard earned money to IsraHell. These websites basically sell Zionism disguised as western counter-jihad, promoting a “White countries for everyone except Muslims who hate Jews”. Another example of this is the Gatestone Institute.

    Jews are NOT White! Don’t fall for this scam!

    Ashkenazi Jews are not white:

    • Jewish efforts to infiltrate and subvert nationalism are going to escalate dramatically now that it’s clear nationalism is replacing conservatism on the right.

      We have to take a hard line against neocon style infiltration. Zero tolerance.

  12. Can’t just Whine Online folks. How many of you have called your Reps, legislators, etc, and SAID THESE THINGS to them?

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