HuffPo Pushes Homosexuality in Children’s Books

Huffington Post has a new article out by James Michael Nichols, its Deputy Editor for Queer Voices, promoting a children’s book featuring an interracial homosexual couple. Nichols describes the illustrated story as “beautiful.” He also praises the book for its deconstruction of traditional sexual roles. Nichols writes, “Not only is the book presenting a same-sex love story in an accessible and understandable way, but it also bucks the ‘damsel in distress’ narrative by having the central female character, a queen, be the one to save herself.”

Huffington Post has previously sought to normalize pedophilia and other disturbing and/or criminal practices. Nichols has praised a father and daughter who now LARP (“trans”) as the opposite sexes. And he has described a homosexual activist who got “Make America Great Again” tattooed around his anus as “heroic.”

This is what the Left stands for today. Not taking care of the working class. But promoting degeneracy and de-constructing traditional Western society. Where is Pinochet and his helicopter tour when you need it?


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  1. “Not taking care of the working class”

    The Left never cared about the working class. They were always just a stepping stone to power for the Left. In Europe, however, that’s all they had to work with, since they didn’t have hordes of Negroes and Mestizos to exploit, instead.

    I’d be willing to bet that the readership and commentary at HuffPo shield their children and families from this kind of degeneracy. Beyond displaying rainbow flags on their Facebook pages, they probably are not active in any of this.

  2. This is an disgusting level of depravity. To image that someone would market this to children shows that this is no longer the America of the Founding Fathers -or even of our own physical fathers 1980s!
    On a side note, I see that the dark queerboy is wearing a sword while the white queerboy is not. I guess darkie is the warrior in their perverted relationship. Can they mock white males any more?
    America is sliding into Neo-Babelism and perversion. Let us save our families from it. htps://

    • Yep, now you know why the Muslims hate us so much – and believe me, it’s not because we have so much ‘freedom’ as has been lamely argued by lame stream conservatives.

      Truth is, anyone with a conscience that hasn’t been seared hates the homo and Transgender filth just as much.

  3. What a sick faggot this James Michael Nichols is. The homos stole and bastardized a once innocent word (gay), now this homo uses the word queer to somehow blunt the effectiveness of the insult. Nice try FAGGOT!

    • B.J. but you are gay too. We used to make love. You don’t remember. I love the feeling of your skin on my skin.

  4. How painful is it to get you’re anus tattooed? One dude who is a straight metrosexual at work thinks he’s real hip. He doesn’t know a lot of this “punk” stuff he’s doing makes him look like a fag. What kind of real man gets belly button tattoos? He got a mohawk and Beavis and Butthead type shorts over the weekend too, looks super gay. Had the misfortune trying a few episodes of Netflix’s awful Wachowski perverts series “Sense8” the opening credit sequence shows some disgusting queers with mohawks sucking an ice cream cone in sodomistic fashion. I think if this fool stumbled into the wrong restroom at Minneapolis Airport, he’d have a hard time mounting a defense that he was just there to take a piss looking the way he does. His girlfriend has tattoos, purple hair, and facial piercings. He blames “a bad economy” for why she can’t get a good job with a masters degree.

    • A handsome clean cut young kid started workin at my firm years back. He seemed like a good guy so I took him under my wing trying to teach him some of the tricks of the trade. For some reason he needed to change into casual clothes after work one day. He took off his shirt low & behold the freak had nipple studs. I said for christ’s sake why would u do something demented like that. He was on his own from then on out. The US is DOOMED!!!

  5. The left is totally insane and so are the “normies” enabling them. I am reminded of the Bible verse about calling evil good and good evil and what the consequences are. I’m reminded of what Christ said about those teaching children to sin.

  6. Bottom line: you don’t teach your children that it is normal and healthy to wipe poop on your peehole. But the left teaches children that it is normal and healthy to wipe someone else’s poop on your peehole.

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