The False Narrative: El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure Arrested For Murdering Social Justice Activist Corrina Mehiel

We have an explosive development in the murder of social justice activist Corrina Mehiel. is reporting that El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure has been arrested and charged with first degree murder. What’s more, there is a strong possibility that he is either a homeless African refugee, immigrant or illegal alien who has been sheltered by the District of Columbia:

“This is a breaking story. More details will be added shortly.

El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure, 28, has been charged with first-degree murder for tying up Corrina Mehiel and stabbing her to death.

Toure was arrested on Monday, in a different jurisdiction, and held on an outstanding Tennessee warrant. Tips from the public helped to track him down. This morning he was transferred to the custody of the Washington DC police and charged with murder. Mehiel’s stolen car had already been recovered by DC police. …”

Read the whole thing.

This is stunning. DC’s Police Chief Peter Newsham and Mayor Muriel Bowser were asked point blank about his immigration status. They refused to answer and reiterated DC’s longstanding policy of refusing to cooperate with federal government in enforcing immigration laws.

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  1. How very, very appropriate.

    As a certain democrat once said, never let a crisis go to waste. Between this and the Rockville rape case, we have some excellent ammo to fire into the public debate. Keep pushing the counter narrative.

    • He is a US citizen and I’m also confused, the pictures last week shown of a person of interest was not Toure

  2. Trump ought to talk about this case in public. It’s perfect intersectionality.

  3. She should have studied art wit Camille Paglia. Would have learned (maybe) that nature can be very dangerous.

  4. The Capital city won’t even obey the Capitol, when it conflicts with Leftist policy. They really are a law and government unto themselves.

    That bicycle contraption isn’t meant to be ridden. It can’t be. It’s posable street art. However, it has some kind of esoteric meaning for the “artist” who created it. Probably some kind of social commentary on some nonexistent social phenomenon or other.

    • Is it some kind of paper mache over a real tire? Or a fake wheel? Wonder if she used some sort of “new app” to find movers amongst amateur strangers and that is how this guy came in contact with her? She was moving and if you don’t hire an established professional moving service that weeds out felons you can easily come in contact with very transient people looking for temporary work. Even “Express” Temp Service, a national company, sends us some appalling felons like dangerous child sex predators, carjackers, and attempted murderers. God knows what you’d find on an online classified?

      • I looked her up. The wheels are fake, the handlebars are fake and the chain is off the sprocket. No pedals, either. She also has a bike with orange wheels. She poses it in various places, with and without wheels and upside down and chained to a lamp post.

        Weird it may be. But at least it’s not a nigger beating on a pan and blocking a sidewalk. Which the Libtards would call a “street artist.”

  5. The victim wasn’t White and an anti-White activist to boot. OTOH, the same fate could have befallen an innocent White girl and often does. Diversity has got to go.

  6. Trump has all but ceased talking about illegal migrant murders and rapes. The really important things he’s doing now are kicking the neo-con foreign policy into total overdrive. It’s like the neo-cohens are in control of FP again.

  7. Another deluded female libtard the victim of an outbreak of spontaneous diversity. I guess that she will not make that mistake again.

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