Black Women’s Expo in Chicago and….

Don’t let Chicago’s appalling murder and mayhem totals turn you away from my (once) fair city. Chicago is a great place to visit…. (But somehow I get stuck living here).

Be sure to put this tourist event on your calendar – because this week is all about promoting Black Women here in Chicago!


Now, I really don’t have a big problem with a Black Women’s Expo – I also don’t have any problem with Italian Americans wanting to live and play in “Little Italy” or Chinese Americans forming “Chinatowns” or Chinese business associations etc.

But what I do object to is the hypocrisy that makes Lib Democrat society and cuckservative society support these Black Women’s Expos but then shriek in horror than some people (us) want to also promote

White Male Expos

Or a more targeted market segment of White Southern Male Expos.

Why is freedom of association for everyone except heterosexual White European Americans?

I think I’ll put up some posters for both “Black Women’s Expo” AND (maybe we should have a) “White Male’s Expo” and see what the response will be. I may be charged with a “hate crime” – similar to writing “Trump 2016” on some college campus sidewalk.

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