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  1. Homos wouldn’t bother me that much if they weren’t so entitled and hands in hands with multiculturalism and overall close to leftists.
    You know, Ernst Rhöm from the SA, was a notorious homo, and wasn’t executed for that reason, even though it didn’t help him when the SS came to his cell handing him a gun.
    That said, their ”gay pride” does bug me a bit and I don’t want to see that on TV between two clips of Beyonce and Kaney West.

    • Rohm and his accomplices were liquidated for trying to overthrow Hitler, not because they were homosexuals. In fact Hitler was said to be very tolerant of homosexuality.

    • Look at the still that should show up before you click on the YouTube video.

      The Kike grabbing himself looks like something straight out of Der Sturmer.

      • It’s sorta like…

        Hello my fellow Queers!

        They really do like to get out ahead of the parade. Whatever the parade is. Look at the Bruno character that Sasha Baron Cohen created.

    • The big wig progressives in the TV industry are working so hard to make shows for the rubes portraying them as “monogamous couples” just like George and Mary Bailey. Yet this fool is clowning it up by reminding everyone just exactly what they do with their butts. That is the purpose of all the gay brainwashing for the rubes, to hide what they do with their butts by endless propaganda of them living just like straight monogamous couples. That’s why they hated Al Pachino’s “Cruising” so much, it showed them for what they are, sick sex freaks racking up so many encounters they make Hugh Hefner look like a priest. Another one showing the truth of their lifestyle is Gary Oldman’s “Prick Up Your Ears” in which he plays a 60s playwright whose thing is hanging around public toilettes whose spurned lover bashes his head in at the end in a murder suicide showing the high rates of domestic violence in these so called “relationships” and the short, brutal, nasty lives that those who succumb to this developmental disorder live.

  2. The ironic thing is Ivanka has always been supportive of the queers. So has her father. And this is the thanks they get. NEVER try to make friends with freaks and perverts. Or jews.

    • Mate u are a pervert in every sense of the word. And u speak about trump daughter like you know her. She is most likely a narcissistic spoilt brat. Did u ever think that she might think differently to what she says in interviews. It’s called a persona. You perv.

      • Hipocrate. You attack the first person saying that they don’t know her. Then you claim to know their intentions. Plus, grab a dictionary and study the word, Pervert, before calling someone that.

  3. Lets talk about russia hijacking our election….russia neutered these animals votes….this is our number one issue….this country is a tragic comedy….now i am going to pull my head out of the trash bin, the vomit odor is overpowering

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