Millennial Men Are Turning Against Gender Equality

I’m not in the least bit surprised.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have escaped the worst consequences of the Sexual Revolution (I grew up in a stable two-parent family, I’ve been married for three years), but the devastation it has wrought on the American family is increasingly apparent to young men:

“Millennials, generally defined as people born between 1982 and 2000, were supposed to be the generation that forged what has been called “a new national consensus” in favor of gender equality. Indeed, in February the prominent Columbia professor Jeffrey Sachs labeled the 2016 election, where an extremely qualified female candidate lost to a man with a history of disrespecting women, “a blip” on the road to the egalitarian society that will be achieved once millennial voters outnumber their conservative elders.

But the millennial category lumps together everybody from age 17 to 34, a group varied by race, ethnicity, religion, income, education and life experience. Don’t think for a second they are united. As a set of reports released Friday by the Council on Contemporary Families reveals, fewer of the youngest millennials, those aged 18 to 25, support egalitarian family arrangements than did the same age group 20 years earlier.

Using a survey that has monitored the attitudes of high school seniors for nearly 40 years, the sociologists Joanna Pepin and David Cotter find that the proportion of young people holding egalitarian views about gender relationships rose steadily from 1977 to the mid-1990s but has fallen since. In 1994, only 42 percent of high school seniors agreed that the best family was one where the man was the main income earner and the woman took care of the home. But in 2014, 58 percent of seniors said they preferred that arrangement. In 1994, fewer than 30 percent of high school seniors thought “the husband should make all the important decisions in the family.” By 2014, nearly 40 percent subscribed to that premise. …”

When I think about the Sexual Revolution, I think about the extreme stress it has caused within two-earner families, DINKs, the spread of divorce, abortion and all the people I know who have been through multiple marriages and who have children by multiple partners. I think of the sad faces of grandparents who I see pushing around multiracial grandchildren in Wal-Mart and Target.

As bad as the Sexual Revolution has been for Whites, its consequences have been even worse for blacks. The collapse of the black family is a major cause of the Lord of the Flies existence of black youth we see in our cities. There’s no telling how much that alone has cost our society. It is fashionable to blame this on the legacy of slavery and segregation, but it wasn’t tolerated in those days.

The 1950s housewife wasn’t a timeless ideal. I do think it was a much better social arrangement than the system we have now. Every day I see something that reminds me that the family has declined. There are young White women in this country who are worse off than their 19th century ancestors.

Note: Incredibly, the Lügenpresse has spent much of the last week attacking Mike Pence and his family. Do these people have any idea of how out of touch they sound?

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  1. It’s also good that millennial and younger ladies are rejecting the sexism of their mommies and grandmommies. I recall arguing on FB against ”same sex marriage” until some cuck came up with the snarkily retort: ”So women should be at home taking care of children while hubby is gone working?” I couldn’t think of a better reply than: ”yeah, and? That’s supposed to be a bad thing?”

  2. Everything “Progressives” push is out of date. It’s just 19th and 20th Century radicalism that should have died a long time ago.

  3. Happiness is a man making something with his hands and a woman at home making the house pretty making a cake and steak.

  4. Sad faces indeed, 25 years ago in my former whitopia I went grocery shopping and in the store was a distinguished looking gent holding hands with his feral acting mystery meat grandchild, and the look on his face was enough to tell you what he thought “should have aborted that stupid girl of mine.”

  5. Very good news. This seems to be in line with other surveys that indicate Generation Z will be the most conservative since the Silent Generation. Most younger millennials and Generation Z have been/are being raised by Gen X. Older millennials were mostly raised by boomers. Perhaps peak cuck has come and gone.

  6. I guess it’s similar to how living around diversity tends to make people race-aware…all these kids growing up in broken or dysfunctional homes reached adulthood thinking “there’s something not right about all this.”

    Wish it could have started sooner, but better late than never.

  7. It’s important to note that this isn’t simply a case of the historical pendulum swinging backwards. There were certain institutions that having survived for millennia were essentially taken for granted. The cultural Marxists attacked these institutions and although they damaged them greatly, an unanticipated side effect is that things which were previously taken for granted are now vigorously and aggressively affirmed. The progressives have unknowingly set the stage for a new Golden Age of Western Civilization.

    • I remember as a child, watching an episode of the Flintstones, when they go into the far future-(somewhere around the age of the Jetsons) and Fred is surprised that the teenagers are doing the waltz and know nothing about the 1960s heathen dances that he portrays. And I wished that that would be the case, when I was 10 years old.

      Half a century later, and I’m still waiting. So I don’t think that anything major, culturally speaking, is going to happen in the next 15 years from the millennials… But I could be wrong!

  8. Children are innately conservative, in the true sense of the word. They want a Mommy and a Daddy – and Mommy is a woman and Daddy is a man. Marriage is a difficult institution – but rootless, isolated single-hood is worse. For most people. Some people are not adapted to marriage, and are better off single, But most folks do a lot better when surrounded by family and kin that we can count on. Marriage is designed to create a stable environment in which to contain sexual energy, and raise children. Past generations were correct, in staying together for the children. Widespread acceptance of divorce has been a nightmare, overall.

    • “rootless, isolated single-hood is worse”

      Puritans required single men & women to live with a family.

      “Puritan women, though they didn’t receive a college education, were generally literate and often well-read. The only respectable female vocation in Puritan America was managing a household. But that “household” generally included large numbers of children, servants, apprentices, and even single men and women (who were required to live with families).”

    • And anyone with even a smidgen of common sense knows that ONE Mommy and ONE Daddy is the way it should be. A friend of mine has a much younger sister who lives in a very liberal town. Baby sister was married to a military man who had deployed overseas. She had just had twins and needed help, so big sister who was recently retired, came to help.

      The two sisters look nothing alike though they share the same parents. Moreover, Much older sister looks pretty young for her age. So, everyone who met the two women with the babies assumed they were in an alternative lifestyle relationship. My friend constantly had to correct them when they’d smile and talk about them being the twins’ two mommies. She’d say, no, the twins have one mommy and an aunt. Their mommy is my sister.

      She said that you wouldn’t believe it, but the look of sheer relief on the faces of the folks that heard that news was so comical that it was hard for her not to laugh out loud.

  9. Equality isn’t natural, people should be treated fairly, not equally. Everybody isn’t the same, so they cannot be treated equally. I think this crap comes from communism, where everybody is supposed to be the same.

  10. I remember when I first heard this feminism and equality crap. I
    must have been 8 or 9 at the time and knew it was silly right then and
    there. How could women who are more emotional and physically weaker than men, be the same as men? It made no sense. I’ve been waiting for this nonsense to end ever since, but our rulers keep getting crazier by the year.

    The only way this nonsense will end, is when White men rise up and
    overthrow the irrational elite.

  11. What is so “empowering” about a woman who has to work in an office cubicle or behind a cash register 40 to 60 hours a week for a boss she hates? Her natural place is in the home, being a good wife and mother.

    • Corporations capitalist sponsor women in the labor market keeps wages down. Bridging the gap of inequality a hoax.

    • That’s what gets me. The idea that it is better to spend forty hours a week in a cubicle taking orders from a stranger rather than taking care of your husband and children. Stupid.

  12. I think Millennials, in general, are turning against gender equality, because they have been the first generation of what used to be called “latch-key children.” Because their mothers were at work, it wasn’t unusual for them to come home to an empty house or if they were very young, to be at the mercy of indifferent or abusive babysitters.

    My grandmother was a widow and still had two small children, a boy and a girl. Needless to say my uncle insisted that he would support his wife so his children never had to come home to an empty house and my aunt was a homemaker until her daughters had graduated high school.

    • Generation X was the first latch key generation. So much so that before demographers settled in on “Generation X” to call us, one of the working titles in the media was “Latch Key Kids.”

      • Oh, wow. You’re right. The Millennials are the second generation of latch key kids. I think the ill effects of working moms and divorced single moms on Generation X were overlooked, because society was in the throes of Brave New World Syndrome. But all the fanfare was over with by the time the Millennials came along and even though it’s still being ignored, honest feedback is getting louder and louder.

  13. The more important takeaway from this article:

    The real social liberals are not Millennials, but we in the latter half of Generation X. Notice this compares 2014 data to 1994, and the data in both years was of a mass survey taken of high school seniors. I happened to have been a high school senior in 1994 (c/o 1995), so depending on when in the year it was taken, it could have been to c/o 94 or c/o 95. What it means is that the 1994 survey was taken among people who are now about 39-41 years old.

    My subset of my generation was Peak Fuck Pat Robertson.

  14. Another thing: I’ve been warning people for awhile not to misread Millennials, because they’re a generation that will be shockingly different in their middle aged years compared to their younger years.

  15. Take back culture entertainment and sports, where politics begins.Election cycles a means to an end.

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