Former Black OU Football Player Pimps His Former White OU Cheerleader Girlfriend For $200

This is the former OU cheerleader Micah Madison Parker:

This is the former OU football player Lawrence ‘LJ’ Moore:

This is how the couple got busted in a recent prostitution sting:

“A former University of Oklahoma football player has been arrested for allegedly ‘pimping out’ his girlfriend, a former college cheerleader.

Lawrence ‘LJ’ Moore, a 22-year-old former defensive back who played two games with the Sooners in 2013, was arrested after Micah Madison Parker was caught offering sex in exchange for $200 to an undercover cop in a hotel room.

The former cheerleader was arrested after a vice officer responded to an advertisement she had placed on the website,

The 23-year-old and the officer met at the Sonesta Suites hotel in Oklahoma CIty on March 30, where she made the sexual offer, KOKH reports. …”

What do you think?

I look at this and what I feel is a sense of disgust. It is a reminder of the extent to which our culture has been degraded under the weight of the “mainstream.” There was no such thing as the “mainstream” in America until the 1950s. We didn’t conform to the values of the “mainstream” either. The “mainstream” is a cartel of liberal mass media outlets which didn’t exist until the mid-20th century and until that time lacked the power to impose its values on America’s organic cultures.

This is the sort of “progress” that the “mainstream” represents. I don’t think I want to be “mainstream.” Perhaps it is better to be some other kind of “stream” that flows somewhere else!

Note: Oklahoma used to be a Jim Crow state with segregation and anti-miscegenation laws. The purpose of such laws was to deter incidents like this from happening in Oklahoma.

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    • Every white man should avoid her like the plague. And looking at that jigaboo she went into business with, she most likely has it. There was a time, not long ago, when a good looking white girl like that would have passed out – outright horrified – at the mere thought of even kissing a negro. Kosher mission accomplished in just a few decades. She is the pathetic result of pathetic parenting. She and her parents should be hanged, not the negro.

      • Or a dope hookup or both. That mug shot looks like someone with a substance abuse issue. Mudsharking and dope are like PB and Jelly

      • I disagree. More like “a way to please daddy.” Today’s cucks are raising these girls to be “non-judgemental” and other evil things. The parents were probably bragging about her dating him to their smug suburban neighbors. More Archie Bunkers and fewer Mike Stivics as dads, please.

        • More likely it broke their hearts, but they were too chickenshit to say anything about it. If pressed, they would say something like, “We’ve learned to accept it.”

    • So are we just gunna leave our heads in the sand and pretend that she was not sexually attracted to his very fit body, the swagger with which he undoubtedly carried himself, and his just all around hyper-masculine demeanor? All of yalls answers are of course completely correct as well, but pretending that this is all daddy issues and “brainwashing” does not help us at all.

  1. I feel no sympathy what so ever for her. She made her bed, now she can sleep in it for all I care.

  2. Preventing White women from falling under the spell of Negro males is ninety percent of racial law and custom.

  3. No government, no society – not even Communist China has managed to end prostitution.

    Prostitution needs to be strictly regulated and kept out of the hands of Black pimps, bad non White ethnic mafias etc.

    A prosperous, successful European man should have a loyal wife and family, if he’s wealthy he can have a mistress and visit, safe legal brothels running the world’s oldest profession.

    Also, it’s my experience that if some American guy wants to have “relations” with attractive young women, it’s going to cost him a fair amount of $.

    You really get more “bang for the $ buck” so to speak with the escorts, plus they don’t stick around to bug you about politics or other things.

    • No government, no society – not even Communist China has managed to end prostitution.

      True. However the Chinese wouldn’t allow their women to become enthralled to negroes.

  4. The College Hockey semi finals and finals are on this week. Chicago is hosting the

    Final Four

    This should be an important task for Southern Nationalists, Alt Right folks in the South:

    Break the addiction to “College” football and NFL football.

    NHL hockey does well in the South – Nashville, Charlotte and Dallas TX.

    There’s no reason that college hockey won’t do well in the SEC.

    Or promote Rugby.

    It’s now reality that American football and basketball are the only 2 sports dominated by thug Blacks. Whites are doing great in international boxing.

    • Hockey is, in my opinion, the best and most exciting of the major American sports. That it is white-dominated is just icing on the cake.

      It’s just sad that there’s so little interest in it outside of teams’ home cities and Michigan/Illinois/New York/Massachusetts.

    • NC showed what is is made of. The bathroom Trans-gendered law went the way of the Dodo as soon as the Tarheals went in the final four and NCAA threatened to boycott again. Feet of clay! The Society of Spectacle AKA Virtual Negro Worship.

  5. On Rush Limbaugh today a caller inquire ‘who runs the media. Rush explain a bunch of guys meet at a bar and discuss lefistst agenda.

    Politicians come and go, but the corporate media is owned and have by a tribal group for many decades. The power they wield thru censorship, so called silent majority under Stalinist tyranny diversity.

  6. The “mainstream” is a cartel of liberal mass media outlets which didn’t
    exist until the mid-20th century and until that time lacked the power to
    impose its values on America’s organic cultures.

    Hunter, excellent observation.

    Again, this ought to be a topic of at least a book. In a sane country, there would be a documentary series on the delusion of the mainstream.

    • The mainstream before 1945 was the avant garde. After 1945 it was phased in little by little, it actually went so slow most didn’t even notice it.

  7. The woman is physically beautiful. She could have, most likely, been with any man she chose. How could she do this to herself?

  8. There was no real mass culture to speak of until the introduction of TalmudVision in 1948.

    • The only way that darkies can go to college is by playing sportsball, certainly not through any academic or intellectual talent.

        • CNN has no comments section after their stories. Why is that?

          I wonder if I changed my name to Tyrone Dindunuffin I too would be accepted to attend all 8 Ivy Heeb schools?

  9. 1970s tv series Baretta and the pimp name rooster and white hookers. Never occured to me then. i’m sure older folks wern’t pleased. TV normalized divershity into the psyck.GLR was talking about brainwash even the upper class elites.

    • The 70’s were more honest about racial issues in some ways. When Reagan took office, you stopped seeing depictions of black on white crime in the media.

  10. JLC-Judeo-Liberal Coalition. What better description can there be of the evil cabal that dominates media, politics, and academia in America? Face it folks; the dominant institutions of America are now firmly in the grip of the enemy and are anti-white! That is why Trump can make no headway

  11. So on a related topic who has seen the Yahoo news article whereby a cashier confronts a young girl who is buying a black doll and the parents take offense?

  12. Ironically, her asking price would have been more than $200 had she not been weatherbeaten by being with black men. LOLOLOL. I crack myself up.

    • She was probably sold for about twenty dollars, of which the nigger took the full twenty dollars.

  13. Wait a minute. Are we to understand that a football-loving white woman from Oklahoma is brainless?

  14. Well H.D. all that is true but I can look at this girls eyes and see the telltale signs of drug abuse of some type. Methinks she had a taste for cocaine and homeboy figured out how she could pay for her coke habit. Heroin’s a possibility or pills but from the looks of her, I say cocaine

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