Indignity at UVA

The Rotunda and Thomas Jefferson Statue - University of Virginia

Andrew Jackson’s birthday was respectfully observed by President Trump on March 15th, and celebrated by some on social media. I happened upon the Twitter profile of a Mr. Siva Vaidhyanathan when he chose to scold a stranger for her post honoring Jackson. Siva had chosen to insult an honorable lady who has a strong connection to her pre-Revolutionary roots in Virginia. He maligned her from his post at, of all places, the University of Virginia, at its Center for Media and Citizenship.

He went on to say:




Could the subversion of Jefferson’s legacy be any more effectively encapsulated that in an exchange where the child of an immigrant uses his post at a university built by one of America’s most revered forefathers to heap scorn upon the people to whom the institution was bequeathed?

Here he demonstrates how much cherishes the legacy of Jefferson:








A further scan of Vaidhyanathan’s timeline unearths more venom. Here he compares Robert E. Lee, a gentleman widely admired for his accomplishments and character, to Osama Bin Laden: 







Actually, this is not true. “We” have not decided not to honor Robert E. Lee. “We” have been invaded by those who never did.

Here is what he said before, and then after, the election of Donald Trump to the presidency:






One wonders why Vaidhyanathan’s father, who “could have chosen any country in the world,” chose to immigrate to a white-majority country if white-majority rule is so objectionable, particularly when many those white people are apparently “terrible racists.”

One also wonders how an immigrant, whose child broadcasts contempt for the founding population of his adopted country, fails to understand the cause for that same population’s rising anti-immigrant sentiment. And what might we say about the character of a person who profits from what others have built, then devotes the profits to maligning the builders?

Whatever his family’s academic contributions, it is difficult to imagine what would be enough to justify the haughty contempt with which Vaidhyanathan treats our nation’s Founders and those who today still cherish their memories and wish to celebrate their accomplishments. And we certainly do not suffer from a dearth of habitually fault-finding social justice warriors.

Vaidhyanathan’s profile header states in bold type “I AM AN AMERICAN,” but in what sense? Other than being born on American soil, it seems to mean little. He uses his platform to malign and destroy the things the historic American population hold dear, and advocate to bring in others who wish to do the same.


  1. Yet another example of how simply being born in American territory is not even close to enough to make one “American.”

    • Just because rats and snakes are born in this country doesn’t make them American citizens either.

  2. I find East Indians to be some of the most racist people in the world when it comes to their views of whites. Pretty amazing when you look at the dump that is their homeland. They still crap in their waterways and then bathe in the same waterways, worship cows, and continue to breed like rabbits despite extreme poverty. Yet, we are told they are intelligent. Of the very few I’ve met that were decent people, the very few amounts to two. They were a couple who lived in the same apartment building as me. They were fairly recent arrivals and this was the early 90’s before anti-whiteness had reared its ugly head.

    • The ones who come to America tend to be the intellectual cream of the crop. Our selection is very skewed.

      I have not noticed any overt “racism” in the ones I’ve known, but they are definitely very protective of their customs and beliefs, and very reluctant to race-mix. I can respect them with the exception of the anti-whites, such as the one mentioned in the article.

  3. No one ever consulted me on whether to respect General Lee or not. Of course if anyone told me not to I’d tell them where to put it, if you will

  4. Why is that filthy, monkey-worshiping street-shitter in this country? Go shit on your own country, Pajeet.

  5. I’ve found them to be a bunch of dishonest tax cheats. They always ask you for “cash” when you buy something from them like a Motel room, you step into a national chain expecting to see a local face it surprise surprise it’s another one of the Patel Clan out in the middle of rural Kansas, rural Arkansas, rural Michigan, rural Kentucky, places you don’t expect to encounter these people. They also love to pull warranty scams. They will buy a single item and try to use that receipt to cycle a bunch of 5 year old purchases through for replacement. They and the Mexicans also like to return brand new equipment where we pay shipping both ways where the open up the item and steal the new Hard Drive and put some old piece of junk from a 10 year old PC inside instead. Have to open up all the returns immediately and check for this and provide photos and serial number records for Ebay or Amazon as these lowlifes then protest total innocence. I find brown people to be less moral than whites, even taking intelligence into account, I don’t trust them and don’t want to be ruled by them.

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