Wall Street Journal: What Happens After We Strike The Syrians?

The Wall Street Journal is already quoting U.S. military officials on their plans to attack Syria:

“Pentagon officials said Wednesday that they have the ability to quickly strike the Assad regime if asked by the president. “We can strike the Syrian regime if we want to, but that’s not the question,” said one senior U.S. military official. “The question is what happens after we strike the Syrians?”

The U.S. military has hundreds of forces operating inside Syria, where they are setting up new bases and working with Syrian rebel forces fighting Islamic State. A U.S. strike against the Assad regime could trigger a military strike on American forces operating in northern Syria.

“You’ve got to war game out: We do something militarily and strike something of Assad’s, what does he then do?” the military official said. “Maybe I’ll lob a few missiles your way, kill a few Americans, then what happens? We obviously won’t stand for that.”

Russia is providing Mr. Assad with a sophisticated air defense system and Russian jets that would make it difficult for American pilots to enter Syrian airspace to strike the regime. But the U.S. could fire cruise missiles from outside Syria that would eliminate the immediate risk to American pilots. …”

Am I missing something?

Have we been attacked by Syria or the we being railroaded into another Middle Eastern war that we unequivocally rejected, or so we were led to believe, in the last presidential election?

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  1. Did Trump somehow find the Hot Tub Time Machine and transport himself back to the winter of 2002-2003?

    Because this crap is getting ridiculous – I’m half-expecting a special on 60 Minutes in the next week or two that will explain to all of us stupid Goyim just how an invasion of Syria will go from beginning to end.

    But whatever…

    • Let’s fire up the gas guzzling Tahoes and Suburbans and slap Yellow Support or Troops ribbons on them like its 2003!

  2. A near peer war that Russia loses and China gains after the potential collapse of the “winner.”

  3. It’s a nightmare not unakin to 2000. First George Bush campaigns adamantly against ‘nation-building’, then, after 9/11, he launches on a crusade, in two different locations, the ramifications of which still sees no end.

    Flash up to the year 2016 : our chosen man, Donald Trump, spends the whole year slamming The Obama and Bush Administrations for having overthrown Libya, Iraq, and attempted that in Syria – he capping it off, in February of 2017, by saying, ‘it is not our job to determine how other countries are to be’ – or something like that.

    And so, Assad uses chemicals and 72 people are badly hurt – about one/millionth of the civilians that have been destroyed by The Jew England Government policies in Iraq, over the last 15 years, and, suddenly, President Trump is alluding to the fact that we just might have to have regime change?!?

    This is not a Jewish issue, not a Southern issue, not a White/Black issue, nor is it an issue of Neocons, this is a Yankee issue – in that they just cannot stop meddling, cannot see any limits to the flexing of muscle.

    Meddle-itus is what too many of them seem to have.

    Be that as it may, I love President Trump, and I pray he has the wisdom to see beyond this, and stay the hell out of what is NOT his business.

    Tonight, on The Factor, Bill O’Reilly and Lou Dobbs both agreed that ‘something has to be done about Syria’.

    Tucker Carlson, however, askt the right question of his guest : ‘does this mean that we are obligated to make war on every country with which we don’t agree with their treatment of their own civilians?’

    Bravo, Tucker. Many have accused you of being cuckt, but, you weren’t that tonight.

    • Meddle-itus is what too many of them seem to have.

      Reading the articles at HuffPo, but more significantly, the commentary, one sees how apoplectic they become over how people in Arkansas vote, what Texans think, or what people in the Carolinas do.

      • I’m glad to hear we are suddenly on their mind. As things devolve, over the coming years, it’s going to become a preoccupation for them – they wonderin’, all the while, ‘what happened to them?’ … when the question ought be lied at their own feet.

        • What they’re afraid of, they being politicians, SJWs, the wannbe laity who think they’re being political, is the day we Southrons, Westerners and others, recognise their weakness and start demanding our rights and independence.

  4. As to Nikki Haley – under the pretext of rectifying matters in South Carolina, she betrayed the people who elected her and hurt our Carolina culture, and, once again, she is sticking her nose into areas she little understands – leaving someone else to pick up the pieces.

      • Well, Mr. Jackson – I see it a little differently – I believe we get the kind of country we deserve, when we lack the balls to call out the evil, and then secede.

        But, don’t mind me – I’m ole-timey Southron.

          • I think by 2008, too many White Southerners would have voted for any non-White they thought espoused ideas which they liket.

            The Jew England government sees that as a victory – decades of poison media control, and false academick curriculae.

            Those Whites who voted for these creatures are learning the hard way.

  5. Holding up pictures of dead children – this is what passes for “diplomacy” in the world’s only superpower? Trump might as well have left the crazy witch Obama had in the position.

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