James Woolsey: Trump Should Strike Iran Too (2 for 1 Special)

What did Iran have to do with these events in Syria? Nothing.

Why not make the most out of the current bloodthirsty neocon moment? Why not launch simultaneous attacks on Syria and Iran and maybe even start World War III with Russia?

“Former CIA Director James Woolsey said Thursday the United States should strike Iran’s nuclear operations as part of any military effort against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad because he is “kind of Iran’s poodle mainly in that part of the world.”

“I don’t think there’s a good answer by talking,” Woolsey, 75, who served former President Bill Clinton, told Jake Tapper on CNN, regarding President Donald Trump’s options in the recent chemical attack. “Assad does not care what we do.

“Russia is not going to change its support — and Iran is certainly not going to change its support of Assad. …

“This at least gives us an opportunity to do something that is tied to the Syrian events, and that would be to use force against the Iranian nuclear program.”

He said diplomacy, or even involving the United Nations, is not going to be effective — and that is why military action is necessary.”

Who is James Woolsey?

Oh, he used to be the head of the CIA whose “intelligence” we are taking as gospel. We also have it on the word of Israel and Erdogan in Turkey that Assad used sarin gas. Years ago, he was saying we would “turn our attention to the Syrias and Libyas and other rogue states.”

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  1. Testing, one, two three…Jim Woolsey is a Zionist stooge and a war criminal…testing, 1, 2, 3….

  2. I’m with Rand on this at least give us a congressional vote. Half my life has been during this losing war in the middle east I want more than a figure head president to blame

  3. Had Hillary won we would have the same events, but the advantage of Trump is that the entire civilization is shown to be beyond redemption. Too many people are casually promoting and accepting lies.

  4. There is one thread of hope. It’s hard not to see that this is very Semitic event. All the assholes responsible for GWI and GWII are calling for GWIII…

  5. 27 year long war and losing. Tomorrow my congressman gets an email asking for a vote at the very least. Big deal I know but if denied a vote it’s more flesh from duhmocracy

  6. If I was Putin, I might be inclined to find a few Middle Eastern locations to complete the testing phases of S-350 and S-500 systems. NeoCon warmongers don’t act so irresponsibly and impetuously when you take away the air superiority they believe they have.

  7. Yes, maybe Putin can thwart this attempt to launch World War Jew III (the one planned to destroy Russian AND America), but it seems like asking a lot from one man, who is trying to take care of one country.

    I guess the plus side it the hand of evil is expose for all to see who have eyes to see.

    The negative is that they could actually get their WWJEW3 out of this!

    Come on Trump, see the snake in your daughter’s bed for what it really is!
    (A kike that will strike you dead.)

  8. Oh, yes, CT. And I wonder if the S400 and Iskandrs are as good as advertised.

    Isn’t an unprovoked act of aggression considered a war crime? Nuremberg and all that? Wolsey calling for it.

    The docks at The Hague should be overflowing with neocon defendants.

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