Paul Wolfowitz: For Syria, Words Won’t Be Enough

Incredible timing!

I’m sitting here with my wife and we just watched Richard Spencer’s video on Syria about how this feels like a time warp. Now Paul Wolfowitz, the Jewish neocon architect of the Iraq War, has a new editorial in The Wall Street Journal advocating a military intervention in Syria:

Among the many unintentionally profound comments attributed to Yankee great Yogi Berra, one of the best known is, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

President Trump may have initially believed that he could avoid the fork in the road presented by the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons in Syria by simply blaming the crime on Barack Obama’s failure to enforce his “red line” four years ago. Fortunately it seems he has reconsidered. …

While the investigation is under way, the Trump administration should not spend the time hoping that the problem will go away. Instead, they should use it to prepare a bold course of action to end these barbaric attacks and restore peace to Syria. That is no small task.

Indeed, the Trump administration foreign policy is facing its first serious fork in the road. The president seems ready to take on the burden. All Americans should hope that he does not fail.”

All of a sudden it feels like 2002/2003 all over again. Even Wolfie is back and acting like nothing happened! FOX News is hosting Republican senators calling for a war to take out “evil dictators.”

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  1. This is ridiculous. He put himself out there today with big talk that will be impossible to walk back.

    Ivanka and Kushner are behind this garbage. If he weakens on immigration, he is of no use.

  2. Were going to beat off these neocon war drums. They can’t just use the CIA and legacy media to start another bogus war. The Alt Right, Alt Light, and most Joe Bag o Donuts Trump voters will be finished with Trump if gets bogged down in Syria. We are going to expose and defeat this lie. This is a moment where the Alt Right holds our fire and makes peace with fellow travelers like Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson.

    • Please spread the truth locally

      I made my phone calls to Congressional staff

      Please follow up with ” thank you for listening to my concerns” – e mails with links to supportive mainstream articles

  3. I like how those arrogant kikes hide behind their keyboards in Manhattan, DC and Tel Aviv demanding that the goyim fight yet another war based on lies for them. We can NEVER shed enough blood to appease our demonic jew masters.

    • Yes, they are insatiable vampires of others blood. I suppose imagining you are soem sort of chosen elite means you view others like ants. in fact we are treated with more contempt as we actually do their evil bidding and they know its evil effect on our people.

    • Orthodox Jews in Israel seem to oppose war for a special reason: that Jewish boys risk to be killed. Naturally, they have nothing against Goyim boys’ being slaughtered.

  4. All the dangerous substances from Syria’s chemical weapons program, including sulfur mustard and precursors of sarin, have now been removed from the country after a months long process, a Hague-based watchdog agency said Monday.

    Wall Street Journal, June 23, 2014

  5. They said the same thing about Saddam. He gassed his people. Then we find out the U.S. gave him the gas. But, I don’t think Assad gassed his people. I think either the U.S. or Israel did.
    Trump is starting to talk like a neocon. Kushner needs to go and he should never have been a “top” anything other than top son in law. I think we need to start digging deep into Kushner’s background and past actions. Especially regarding Israel. After all he is a Khazar.

      • Maybe there’s a replica of the Temple of Baal in the basement? And, where is the original (or what’s left of it)….. Syria. There is something ancient about this war the Jews are carrying out. We don’t know because we are intentionally deprived of information. All the experts in archaeology, rare documentation, historical artifacts, etc. are controlled. We are led to believe just politicians and the news is controlled. Richard Leakey is one of their men. So, that tells us everything about the false reality we live in. All the “experts” are controlled. They are either part of the secret societies, bribed, or threatened.
        I think I am going to read Eustace Mullins’ “The Curse of Canaan” again. Both he and Dr. Stanley Monteith referred to it as a spiritual war. Perhaps we don’t really know what a “spiritual” anything is in its true context? It’s almost impossible to connect the dots but I’m betting big they can are connected.

        • In I Claudius by Robert Graves we begin the narrative when Claudius explains to us that he relied on the accurate Imperial archive to get the background on events he witnessed as a spectator First hand.

          It’s a brilliant Rashomon effect where the narrator explains things that he first saw, heard about at the time but then read about later as Emperor when the truth was available to him.

          If I were ever made Emperor I’d get a stack of files and sift through to be sure.

    • Some “antisemite” Russian Christians believe that Kushner is (((their))) Messiah, i.e. the Anti-Christ.

  6. Madness. Almost incomprehensible. The NEOCONS are evil. No limit to home much violence they are willing to apply for incremental Israeli objectives.

    • Well who is dying for their safety and wealth? Our sons, our fathers and brothers and uncles and our saved money that we would rather spend on our OWN people, thank you. Is it any wonder they are the eternally wandering jew, unwelcome wherever they go, when they visit hell down on the nations they touch.

        • Once Whites reject anti-racist ideas, Miss Denise.

          You can’t stop being exploited by others, if you cannot even identify who you are, and, thus, where your interests lie.

  7. Dangerous, endless war and loss of life and chaos just to distract from Obozo’s spying.?
    Can our world be this venal, shallow, stupid, pointless, evil, wasteful and bad?

  8. As far as that goes, who really cares if some Syrians got gassed? Humans have been massacring each other since they picked up the first grazer thighbone to use as a cudgel far back in the mists of time.

    If there was a gas attack on Americans, then there would be a reason for America’s president to respond. Some response would also be merited if some kind of browns gassed white people in Europe, Australia, etc. But for an internal Syrian matter, brown vs. brown, who gives a flying ****? As they had the leading google say in that “Justified” TV show: “No offense, but — not my people, not my problem.”

    • Exactly, Ironsides – who cares is some Syrians got gasst?

      Well, I care – but the right reaction is not to start dropping bombs on folks.

      For some reason, folks in this country think that the world is our business, and when it don’t do something we like, we got to bomb ’em, sanction ’em, or just plain invade.

      It’s a sad lunacy, born of the incredible vanity that says, ‘dropping bombs from high in the air, on civilians, no less, is civil and decent, while gas and truck bombs are not?’

    • I hate to go all Alex Jones but who benefits? Certainly not Assad. I cant wait to get Syrian Girl Partisan take on it. If you have not checked her out on you tube do so. She is a Syrian nationalist.

  9. This reminds me of the early days of Reagan’s presidency. He ran on a mostly domestic platform and came in to reform the government. He stuck to his guns on the economy despite a savaging in the press. He even managed to eliminate ONE (and only one) Federal agency -the Interstate Commerce Commission. However, he was an old Cold Warrior and that was his weak spot. The Permanent Government dangled the Soviet Union in front of his eyes and he took the bait. We ended up with a much bigger and intrusive government, but, by God, Reagan ”faced down the Russians.” We did not regain the Panama Canal and the Department of Education is bigger and more harmful than ever. As I recall, eliminating the Department of Education was one of his main campaign themes.

  10. It’s going to be hard for President Trump to keep his focus.


    Because he doesn’t think White, but ‘American’…

  11. I feel almost embarrassed for them pulling out Wolfowitz from whatever dark hole he’s been hiding in. He, and many of his ilk, need to face the light of justice and pay for their horrendous crimes.

  12. The President’s (Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump fill in the blank) job is to keep the Empire running on all eight cylinders, why would you think things have changed in DC?

  13. What if:

    President Trump has a devious hidden plan to use this “chemical attack” to get U.S. Troops into Syria after which he can turn 180 and ally with Russia to completely wipe out the Israel/CIA’s “ISIS” forces there.

  14. Yes indeed, it is like the Neo-Cons are back. The other day I saw some Fox News segment, I think with Ralph Peters as a guest, beating the war drums against Syria. Maybe somebody at Fox needs to go back and read George Washington’s “Farewell Address”. Maybe everyone on Capitol Hill also. And then make dual citizenship illegal. Just a few thoughts…

    • Georgia Washington is an evil, foreign, Virginian. Why would Neocons evet read what he wrote? It’s bad enough for them, that the Capitol isn’t in a Jewish neighbourhood in NYC.

  15. The Neocons are psychopathic lunatics with an insatiable blood lust for all enemies of Israel, real or imagined. It Trump gives into their pressure it will finish his presidency.

    • We would be extremely upset but the mainstream media, politicians and cuckservatives would extol him to the highest heavens.

      • The same MSM that Trump himself has already discredited. They won’t be able to save him if he does something this stupid.

  16. Those who advocate for wars they themselves have never served in combat. congress suites and elites gets oil loot while the troops are paid bare living standards on the front line face flying bullets. Military coup is in order.

  17. Another war to make the world safe for radical Islam and thereby destabilize the Arab world-divide and conquer- while a certain Middle Eastern state looks on with glee as their compatriots do their work for them in the good ole U.S. of A.! America does not have a Mideast policy. Instead Israel has a Mideast policy that American implements.

  18. I am so cheesed right now……….I dare not comment. I genuinely had a dream about Jared the Kike Kushner. I will not include any details.

  19. I’m reading a book called London 1900: Imperial Metropolis set during the Boer War and in it you find Jewish characters and of all things Pro-Empire Indians sitting in the Parliament boosting the Imperial projects.

    They are essentially identical to Niki Haley and Fareed Zakariah.

    When Empires are about to give up the ghost Indians and Jews start showing up like Haley and Wolfowitz.

    It’s. Almost. Over.

  20. Trump puts Assad on notice. Something is in the works a military attack or some other targets of IDF covert operation.

  21. Susan Rice “I didn’t leak nothing to nobody” on Andrea Mitchell’s show.


  22. This Jew is, in reality, an agent for Israel. That’s all he’s ever been, just like Willian Kristol, and Charles Krauthammer.

    Anything those Jews say must be filtered with that in mind.

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