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  1. The mistake you keep making is supporting Republicans over and over and expecting different results.

    • Well, Trump was the first time I voted for ANYONE in many years. I haven’t supported Republicans or Democrats or Independents; since I voted for George W. Bush’s first term (the first time I was old enough to vote, as a matter of fact). Since then, I’ve been too disgusted with their “immigration treason” to vote for any of the vermin.

      Trump ran on a platform of rolling back at least some immigration, building the Wall, and to some extent “draining the Swamp.” I, at least, voted for him on those grounds, not the “R.”

    • Definition of insanity; voting in Republicans over and over and expecting them to actually do anything but line their own pockets.

    • Trump had the appearance of being an independent using GOP as a political vehicle to WH. More and more it looks like the same old con game: Heads they win, tales we lose.

  2. I do not believe Assad gassed his own people. Is he the one that has bombed the hell out of Syria these past few years? I’m betting this was a Mossad/Anglo-American intelligence operation. The Jews want Assad out so they can move along with their Greater Israel plan.
    I am starting to re-think Trump a lot. I always had doubts about him but he is making some really poor choices with his statements and his political movements. Also, Kushner has become his Siamese twin for crying out loud. Really, why is that guy even in the White House. Dr. Richard Sauder of Event Horizon Chronicle said Trump is the pied piper and we are being played. Perhaps he’s right. Time will tell.

    • He sent Kushner to Iraq to speak on his behalf.


      Trump needs to remove his head from his ass.

        • Trump has a streak of nepotism. Kushner has no foreign policy experience. The Iraqis are pros at this and will eat his lunch at will.

          And to top it off, Kushner is a radical Kike with only his people’s best interests in mind.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Bannon resigned his NSA post because of this idiocy.

          • Trump’s nepotism don’t bother me, Ronnie – it’s his elevation of Jews, Ivanka and Jared, to the positions of his right and left hand men, so to speak.

            Might as well have Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio, at this rate.

      • I’m betting Kushner told Trump he’s going to Iraq. It appears Trump’s head is up Kushner’s ass.

      • Amen, Ronnie.

        How is it that Kushner, a bright-eyed real estate brat is suddenly to decide the fate of The Middle East?

      • Syrian and/or Russian fighter bombers hit a “terrorist” chemical weapons lab according to the AFP.

        • It’s not like the U.S. public will ever know it. I watch BBC news from London early in the morning. Even they are better than the U.S. media.

  3. Pretty Good.

    But I think Richard Spencer is going to lose the argument defending the use of chemical weapons – that’s World War I horrors.

    Just encourage Assad, secular Syrians and the Russians to fight with guns and tanks, and air strikes.

    Don’t play in to the enemy’s propaganda ploys about…

    Gassing people, evil racists NAZIs gassing innocent children and 6 million Jews.

    C’mon guys. Gassing civilians, gassing little children isn’t a good public relations move.


    • It is not our problem, Jack. We voted for Trump because he led on that he would let Arabs do to other Arabs what ever the hell they want to without us getting in the middle.

      His focus should be on trade and immigration. Without American involvement these wars in the ME would work themselves out within a few years.

    • I agree. I see photographs of the destruction of Syria and her people and it really, really bothers me. It is disgusting what is being done to them and what was done to Iraq and Libya. Americans do not know a lot about the people or the history of that region. For all the bible thumpers on this site, the Levant doesn’t seem to be of much concern. Why the hell are all those ancient ruins being bombed into obliteration? The history of that region needs to be learned. I don’t want to see anyone gassed there or anywhere else. I have no gripe with Syrians or any other people in that region. They aren’t the usurers nor have they opened up our flood gates to Third Worlders. And, they certainly don’t control our politicians. But, their enemy is our enemy and that we must remember.

    • It’s just another publicity stunt of The Jew England Government – just like the massive publicity they gave to the bodies pickt up from the sunken Lusitania – all to get Southerners to war with the Kaiser to liberate Palestine from The Turks.

      • Agreed. But our side has to get better at propaganda. We can’t accept the worst, lying Neo Conservative propaganda campaigns as true, but we don’t care.

        We can go with the line that we don’t care if the Syrian leader Assad is deliberately using chemical gas weapons against civilians, women and children etc.

        • Unfortunately, Sane- too many of our Southron Brethren are tankt up on TV media dope.

          We don’t care and we don’t believe, but, there still are a lot who do.

          • I was talking more about Richard Spencer who is very intelligent and not addicted to bad TV.

            But, here he’s just saying he doesn’t care if President Assad is ordering the use of chemical gas weapons against civilians, little children.

            That’s just not a very practical thing to say.

          • I get your point, Sane.

            Maybe it is too impolitick, maybe not. as I am of the exact same mind as is Mr. Spencer, on this issue, I think I am not objective enough to evaluate it.

            Moreover, I am so sick of the modern American mentality – pure vanity – I cannot see straight.

            All the best to you!

          • Thanks brother.

            I strongly recommend that our side – the Alt Right, including extremely intelligent, good public speakers like Richard Spencer step back a bit and do some training, studies in how to produce effective propaganda.

            “The truth is the best propaganda”, but truths presented through poor propaganda just don’t reach the hearts and minds of our people.

            Propaganda must be simple, short to the point. It should have one, maybe 2 themes and not confuse the viewer, reader.

            Propaganda should convey and “us” vs ‘them”.

            Our enemies are so much better at propaganda than our side. Plus they have the huge advantage of near monopolization of the American Mass media with the possible exception of Russia Today or our Alt Right blogs.

            The Neo Conservatives, Antifa, SJWs, Zionists, Christian Zionists (followers) have the added advantage that they can and do LIE when it serves their purposes – famous lies ~ 2002 were that

            SADDAM WAS BEHIND 9/11/01.

            Now our side has the truth on our side, but we do not present the truth in ways that reach the hearts and minds of our people.

            In this instance Richard Spencer is saying that

            He doesn’t care if the Assad Syrian regime, backed by the Russians uses Chemical Gas weapons against their enemies -it’s a war.

            This lis like saying that:

            “We don’t care if the Germans deliberately gassed exactly 6 million innocent Jews in the Holocaust as this was just something that happens in war”.

            It’s just not good propaganda, plus Richard Spencer seems to be just accepting the anti White, Mainstream Media, Jewish Neo Con media propaganda that


            C’mon on guys, we can do better than this.

          • You’re welcome, Sane.

            I agree that our side needs some expert input.

            Probably the best thing to do would be for our best Alt-Right minds to hire a Jewish Manhatten advertising guru on how to put forth our case.

            They say, in homeopathick medicine, for example, that it takes like to cure like – the hair of the dog that bit you.

            It may be that we just need some some expertise at lying, and not feeling guilty for it.

          • Maybe a 25% Jewish guy, grand son of some Hollywood mogul who married Nordic blonds.

            We do have some sort of – a lot Jewish guys that will take our side. Howard Stern did. Also that singer Randy Newman “Rednecks” did/does.

            Max Bear Jr. “Jethro” the son of the 1/4 Jew heavy weight boxing champion Max Bear was good.

            But, why not just listen to me? I can teach anyone everything they need to know about effective propaganda. I’ve got the experience, I’ve got the best books, examples – I just need students that want to learn

  4. That alt right symbol looks like the logo for a men’s aftershave product from the 1980s.

  5. I assumed Netanyahu would eventually expect Trump to polish his knob.
    It’s likely Trump would not have even been allowed to run for POTUS without right wing Israeli Jews backing him. It looks like they are now already demanding their payment in American treasure and lives. Was fighting another war for Israel the price of MAGA?
    It appears they are never going to give us our country back without a real fight.
    Trump or his family could be Deep State hostages locked in the White House by now.
    What happened to the weekly youtube addresses? Has something changed?

    • Rubbleizing Syria for the benefit of Israel could be the price we must pay to get our Wall and deportations.

      I pray not.

  6. I believe it was General J.F.C. Fuller who once commented that most modern weapons are chemical weapons. An explosive artillery shell works off of a chemical explosion and expanding gases. And how do we suppose a fuel air explosive works?

    The real issue here is that “chemical weapons” are being used as an excuse to bang the drum for yet another neo-con war in the Middle East.

    • I lived right next to Camp Pendelton during the first ramp up in 2002 2003. Most of my neighbors were motivated, young Marines preparing and deploying.

      They had a cause because of the 911 scam, they believed in what they were doing. No way this administration will be able to recreate that enthusiasm for Syria. Those who enlist will be ghetto niggers, spics and people that have no other options.

        • They could tell them that the Syrians called them a bunch of niggers. That’ll get em fired up.

          • The damn Roman Catholics on TV are sure beating the war drums too. Every greasy Italian and Irish tard in politics is calling for war.

          • The Catholic Church is thoroughly judaized. I have no reliable info about Francis, but there is no question about the background of pope John Paul II nor Benedict XVI, both of them Jews. Benedict actually is from prominent Jewish stock.

          • That’s what I’d do. Send the suspiciously Tuskeegee Infantry at some Arabs.

    • According to the UN, the US and the Russians, Assad/Syria got rid of its chemical weapons a few years ago.

  7. “Assad argued his government has no
    chemical weapons after agreeing to have them destroyed in 2013.”

    “There are no grounds to claim that the 2013 Russia-US deal did not work out,” Russian Foreign Ministry’s Non-Proliferation and Arms Control Department Director Mikhail Ulyanov said.”

    “In 2013, the Syrian authorities agreed to transfer its stockpiled chemical weapons to international control for their subsequent destruction, so as to prevent them from falling into the hands of militants operating in the country.”

    From Sputnik News

    As I recall, this is why Obama called off the missile strikes against Syria.

  8. I honestly DO NOT CARE if Assad killed 100 million people, he didn’t invade here therefore its NOT MY PROBLEM

  9. For god’s sake, the U.S. should be helping Assad fight the terrorists in his land, not going to war against him.

  10. Listen, Mr President. You are being played and I suspect Kushner has his greasy hands in it. Get rid of this punk kid now, stop listening to Jews and Neo-Cons or you are finished.


    Why is it that folks in charge of the Jew England Empire think that cafeteria bombing or gas is NOT okay, but, raining down bombs on civilians, from high in the air, IS?!?

    • Because it depends on the political orientation of those doing the bombing. Similarly, the morality of an air raid or airstrike, depends on the insignia painted on the wings of the attacking aircraft.

        • It comes from years of watching what they say and what they do. Arguing with them online don’t hurt either.

          • I see.

            How can you argue with them, when they are quite sure they know how the whole world ought be?

            Is it possible to argue with that?:::)))

          • Well, Junius, it’s simple. I’ll give you an example. Corey Meyer is a HS school teacher in the Illinois province of the Democratic Socialist Worker’s State of America. He’s a simple minded man, who comments infrequently on various blogs. His main online hobby is trolling various Cuckfederate/Rainbow Confederate blogs. He’s even tried to troll SNN once. He’s spoken with Hunter a few times, but he leaves real Southern Nationalists alone. He lives virtually in 1863. Modern politics interests him not. Now here’s my example. He commented at a blog I visit for amusement.


            “Honorable Heritage? Defense of Slavery is an Honorable Heritage? Since when?”

            Me: “Since 1830.”

          • Thank you for having shared that with me, Mr. Owens.

            I loved your reply – well-aged Hickory wood with no bend in it!

          • By the way – I have noticet this, too – online at WMD.

            When some folks see my flag and, before they say diddly-squat to me, start going off on what a hypocrite I am – for flying that flag and yet claiming it to be NOT about race, they get real quiet real quick, when I say : I never said, nor ever would say, any such thing. This flag represents The Southern White Race to determine it’s affairs on it’s land, without interference from aliens and alien ideas.’

            At that point they usually realize I am not a reconstructed heritage guy…

          • However, they start with the assumption that Yankeedom is the only legitimate nation on Earth. The Syrians, for instance, didn’t get permission to exist, from Massachusetts.

          • OMG – this is hysterical, Mr. Owens!

            May I make a tweak in your work of art?

            They start with the assumption that Secular Yankeedom is the only legitimate
            nation on Earth – then, on the sly, sell all the blue-chip stock to Rothschild and Goldman Sachs. The Syrians, for instance, didn’t get permission to
            exist, from Massachusetts or 10 Downing St. did they?

          • The only cure? – cold steel, buckshot, and a Cross of St. Andrew – plastered in every Southern Man’s heart.

  12. President Trump has a devious hidden plan to use this “chemical attack” to get U.S. Troops into Syria after which he can turn 180 and ally with Russia to completely wipe out the Israel/CIA “ISIS” forces there.

    Best case. Fingers crossed.

    • And then our President Trump will do what?

      Invade and re-colonize Zimbabwe with White Rhodesians?

      Reinstitute legal segregation in the US South?

      C’mon man – make those phone calls to your Us Senators, US Congressmen – request staff members (lower level by name) don’t rant and rave just explain you don’t want another Wolfowitz Neo Con war in Syria that will result in the same thing that happened in Iraq.

  13. Richard, I’m not saying you shouldn’t address this stuff. It’s the topic du jour, it’s potentially important (but only potentially), you need to stay in the news cycle and so on.

    But for God’s sake, do it from a more manly, skeptical position. After 22 months, do you really want to continue on as one of the many who hand-wring over Trump every few weeks? Because that’s how your tone comes off at the beginning of this video.

    Sure we don’t know exactly what Trump is thinking, but your default should be that he’s probably thinking things that are good for the Alt Right. Then proceed from there with manly criticism, not womanly catastrophism.

    I suspect you are in too much of an echo chamber of eternal outsiders. You need to find sources that have at least some voices that can reasonably speculate on Trump’s actions. None of us know for sure, but some guess better than others.

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