Rex Tillerson: “Steps Are Underway” To Oust Assad

It took less than a hundred days for neocons to infiltrate and capture the Trump administration and transform it into the ¡Jeb! administration:

“Russia should reconsider its support for Syrian President Bashar Assad in light of the apparent chemical weapons attack that killed more than 80 people and “horrified us all,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Thursday.

Asked at a press conference whether the U.S. would lead an international coalition to oust the Syrian leader, Tillerson replied that “those steps are underway.” He said there’s no role for Assad in Syria’s future and reiterated his contention that “information supports” the U.S. claim that the Syrian military was responsible for Tuesday’s bloody attack.

Tillerson spoke hours after a Kremlin spokesman said Russian support for Assad in his brutal, six-year struggle to retain power is “not unconditional.” The Kremlin has made similar statements in the past but remained Assad’s most crucial military ally. …”

We voted for President Trump because we didn’t want anymore W. style neocon wars and regime changes of “evil dictators” in the Middle East. It was a bait and switch. I’m man enough to admit it. I was duped. I believed President Trump when he said over and over again in the campaign that we would have a different foreign policy. We’re getting the Lindsey Graham foreign policy.

In hindsight, I was right to be extremely skeptical of Trump’s Cabinet picks. He packed his Cabinet full of generals, globalists, neocons, top donors, Wall Street insiders, #NeverTrumpers, True Cons and corporate CEOs. He even engaged in nepotism with Jared Kushner. Now those people have seized control of the Trump administration. They’re going to steer us into the very same disastrous foreign wars that we would have gotten if Marco Rubio or Lindsey Graham had won the presidency.

Note: Suddenly, Paul Wolfowitz is back and calling the shots on American foreign policy.

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  1. Then war it is. I can’t honestly guess what the Russians do, militarily they have a speed bump presence in Syria. I guess Putin could cough up Syria and hope that feeds the beast for a few years

  2. Active steps were underway to oust Assad for 10-15 years. ISIS is literally the child of the Obama regime.

    The Russians won’t flinch. China will now make its will known.

    Good luck with this one, Trump.

  3. So basically, Trump attempted one feeble travel ban, backed down when the judges issued an illegal block to it rather than thumbing his nose at them, and now has said, in effect, “Well, got that immigration stuff over with. Now for what really matters — getting Americans killed in the Middle East yet again and risking war with Russia into the bargain! Hurrah!”

    Am I getting this right?

  4. Getting hustled and played like this real sucks. I hope the US as it is doesn’t have much longer.

  5. If Hillary would have won I would be a huge war monger, simply because it is time for war. The left agrees it’s all they talk about

    I can’t really fault Trump his is a difficult situation the world now divided between three empires, one ascending, one descending, and one barely hanging on, and then up against an establishment desperate to maintain its privileged place

    Maybe DC will get nuked

  6. I just can’t see Trump throwing caution to the wind and drawing down on Assad.

    It does not make sense.

    He’s made too many tweets in the past about staying out of Syria,

  7. Don’t listen to Ryan/Ellis/Pussy White Guy.

    Call President Jew Lackey between the hours of 9AM-4PM Easter Time

    A live person answers (you may have to wait on hold) – and President Shabby Golem Jew’s Bitch gets briefed on the Comments EVERY single day

    Call the President

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    CALL. Daily. Name the Kikenvermin Jew Nation Wrecker. I do.

  8. How many times do these war mongers have to be wrong about something before they are discredited?

  9. Yeah make sure you register your objections on this one. Syria is more significant than Iraq was.

  10. Trump is going to be just another typical republican administration. The working class is getting screwed on multiple levels with many of his budget cuts. Democrats are right about that regarding Republicans. Democrats are far better for America’s large crop of unskilled and semi skilled workers wanting wages far in excess of what they worth so they can buy Harley’s, $60,000 dollar pick up trucks, and vacations to Florida and weekend getaways to Las Vegas. If left-wing lunacy were not their chief concern, there would be no question who would win elections.

    But all the above is simply the way it is now. There is always going to war. The “military industrial complex” is as in as the automobile industry. Military hardware is where all the made in USA labels are today, instead of home appliances and everyday widgets like in the 50s. All the periphery of the military adventures produces astronomical incomes and profit. Most of it just doesn’t involve rural folks. But how do you think all the blacksmiths and cowboys felt by the turn of the 20th century? They didn’t like cars, either.

    What is going on here is the Left Behind concept writ large.

    Life will go on in Flyover country and you can do the same kind of work you always have–simple and often hard manual work–just like our grandfather’s did. But there just won’t be much money involved, like when our grandfather’s lived. Poor, houses more akin to my grandparent’s shack than the high dollar homes my generation has been building and living in until their jobs went away, and all the excitement of an Appalachian ghetto (or a trailer park) on a Saturday night (or hell, any night).

    You’ll be all right. I think you’ll even like it better getting back to genuine Scott’s Irish living. lol

  11. Hunter I say this. Trump has already accomplished what I wanted him to do. He has exposed the fact that the JEWISH Deep State is more powerful than a President. I always said Trump would TRY and FAIL. Now it should be obvious to everyone what our course of action will be

  12. Well that was certainly a short presidency. Was this all a scam to begin with? Considering all these stupid appointments of his. A combination of Neo-Cons and Globalist plutocrats. My only question now is how many Syrian “refugees” we’ll be getting? 100,000? 500,000? 1 million? 2 million? 10 million? Now we know why he didn’t kill Daca/Dapa and defy rogue judges.

  13. One word of caution to everybody – Trump changes his mind a lot, and, as quickly as things look dark, they could get light, again.

  14. It’s going to take a major, perhaps catastrophic, defeat to put an end to this generation-long warmongering, not just an absence of victory against illiterate goat-herders. It will continue otherwise. I fear this apparent morphing of Trump into Jeb/Rubio and its possible consequences. If Trump goes for “regime change”– as suggested by Tillerson– I too, am done with him, and all others. The New Evil Empire moves along no matter who occupies the WH.

  15. In the end I knew Trump would disappoint. At the end of the day, he’s in a government tied up with others.
    He won’t stop immigration. He won’t deport most Mexicans- only a token number so it looks like he’s performing and he’ll continue to see the country bogged down in unwinnable and useless wars. Why? Jews and Neocons. They should be charged with wsr crimes.
    Thing is- why is Syria the Wests problem any more than its – say – China’s? For its part, China, for all its tough talk and bignoting, is never involved in wars anywhere- they just leave it up to others like the gutless turds they really are.

  16. Always remember folks- its not really president Trump……its president Neoconjew. He’s been in power a long time and you didn’t vote for him. Democracy has failed- if it was ever a democracy at all.
    You have elections so it at least looks like you’re getting a say on something…..but in reality you get a say on good ol bugger all.
    Democracy or Dictatorship?

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