The Spirit of W. Rides Again In Syria

After this betrayal, I need a drink!

There’s so much déjà vu. We’ve been sent back in time, the neocons are in the saddle, Hannity and Newt are doing apologetics on FOX News, the Middle East is in flames and it is Iraq in 2003 all over again. We’re back to taking out “evil dictators.” Muh freedom.

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  1. understand many are upset, but, I wonder if y’all are not jumping the gun.

    Trump is a negotiator, and a lot of his moves are designed to get results at a cheap price.

    I think before y’all feel completely betrayed, wait to see what follows.

    If there is a regime change in Syria, then y’all would be right – this is a betrayal, BUT, if only diplomacy follows, then this would fall within what president Trump promiset – that he would approach the world with an unpredictable hand, in order to strike fear and, thus, order into areas, where it is not.

    Though candidate Trump said he did not want to tell other countries how to be, never said he would not do things like this.

    That said, I do not doubt that this is why Bannon is gone from the NSC.

    Again, calm down a little. Trump is doing good by his immigration promises, by his helping the economy, by his wounding of political correctness, by his helping of Brexit along, and by his appointment of Judge Gorsuch ect, etc.

    He’s done more good in less than 3 months than Obama did in 8 years, and y’all can be sure that it is vastly better than Miss Hillary would be doing!

    Each one of you was right to support Trump, and I ask y’all to walk back your anger, tonight.

    Watch and wait. Y’all have absolutely nothing to lose.

    Let us all, Christians, pray for President Trump, that he makes some good decisions.

    Let us, even though we disagree with this, stand by him. We made a serious committment.

    If I can stand by a Manhatten Yankee shark, then I think that y’all. many of whom are his countrymen, can do the same.

    God bless each of y’all.

  2. Amazing that people can defend this man.

    We are STUCK with him for at least 45 more months!! What’s next?!?

  3. That creep Dubya was not so quick to pull the trigger and did not have Russians and Iranians in the target countries.

    I hear that US and Russian troops are within “a hand grenade’s throw” of each other in Syria.

    Trump must go.

  4. I’ve seen enough from Trump.

    That’s right. Even W. only went into Iraq after a mass atrocity like 9/11. He never pretended to be something he wasn’t on foreign policy. Trump ran against the neocons and only to hand our foreign policy over to time. This is even worse because it is a stab in the back.

  5. Get a load of his winbornmill cutting and pasting the same comment over and over. Trump’s people are getting lazy.

  6. Syria has been bombed by Israel and her whores for years. And how does Assad respond? He gasses his own people. Sounds logical. That ass in the white house must go.

    I don’t care what happens next on his part. What happens next on our part should be calls for impeachment. Staying out of foreign entanglements just like he said he would.

  7. Honestly?

    I hope the Leftists finish the Orange Traitor off and eventually impeach his ass.

    The system betrayed us once again, so I want to see it cave in on itself as soon as possible.

  8. Hunter Wallace
    April 7, 2017 at 2:39 am

    “I’ve seen enough from Trump.”

    There were Pro White people from New York who warned us about the Trumps. People who did business with them said they would never do so again. Don Black has some experience of him as well, as he flies into his neighborhood quite often. He doesn’t like Trump at all. Trump used to whine about anti-Semitism in the clubs there.

  9. Good point about Dubya in Iraq. He did manage to implicate just about everyone in his misadventure. Kerry, Edwards, Biden, Dodd, Clinton etc…no Dem could say they opposed his policy.

  10. The next time Trump tells us we must defeat ISIS I will laugh– he’s now their out-in-the-open ally.

  11. There is a silver lining to everything, this will make it obvious to ever more people on how utterly unreformable the system is. The more people that lose faith in this rotten system the better.

  12. While I now hope Trump keeps his other promises on immigration and Obamacare repeal, on this there is no difference if we elected Hillary.
    We don’t need a 3rd quagmare, or to poke the Russian Nuclear armed bear.
    What happens when Israel causes a “tragedy” and Russia sends cruise missles to destroy one of their air-bases, or even to Saudi Arabia over their destruction of Yemen. Or just blow up the oil loading depot in the Gulf of Hormuz and insist on Saudi regieme change.
    This will not end well.

  13. Its time to take out evil dictators…..the ones behind the scenes in the white house. These warlords hate democracy and have caused the loss of thousands of lives. They’re making decisions against the will of the people.

  14. Hi there Denise. I had computer hassles for a while and couldn’t post.
    To answer your question from a couple of weeks ago- when the charity collectors tripped over the homeless veteran I gave them 50c for their third world cause…..and gave the veteran $50. When the commie charity retards questioned me over it, I said to them ‘how about looking after our own first ya retards?’.

  15. These evil demons are risking war with Russia. All white Americans should refuse to fight or to be drafted. No more Christian blood spilled for a greater Israel.

  16. This is the end result of the masonic ideas of democracy, liberty etc etc ad nauseum. This is the end result of the rejection of Christendom.

  17. One ethnic group has taken full control of your American democracy. There’s a reason that they were kicked out of every European country. This is the reason.

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