Peter Beinart: Trump’s Establishment Approach To Syria

I pretty much agree with this:

“Why did Donald Trump, who won the GOP nomination, in part, by bucking his party’s interventionist foreign policy establishment, thrill it on Friday by launching missile strikes against the government of Bashar Assad? Why did the most unconventional of presidents respond to his first foreign policy crisis in such a conventional way?

The recent history of American foreign policy shows why it’s not that big a surprise. Even unconventional presidents tend to surround themselves with conventional advisors. Presidential candidates often promise to rethink the foreign policy assumptions that guided their predecessor. But as governors, senators or real estate developers, they generally lack experience in making foreign policy themselves. So they seek advisors familiar with America’s military and intelligence bureaucracies, and with foreign governments. And those advisors often espouse the very establishment assumptions their boss derided on the campaign trail. …

So on Thursday night at Mar a Lago, Trump mulled the biggest foreign policy decision of his young presidency alongside a Secretary of Defense, a Secretary of State and a National Security Advisor who did not advise him during campaign and have no stake in the pro-Assad, anti-interventionist statements he made during it. …”

In the end, the #MAGA movement, the “America First” platform, the whole campaign and all the promises that were made to his supporters proved to be less important than the people Donald Trump surrounded himself with virtually all of whom were throwbacks to the W. years. Even after neocons like Bill Kristol were decisively repudiated by the Republican electorate, they still got their way on foreign policy. They finally got the war and conflict they have pushed for all these years.

Note: I’m certain Steve Bannon explained to Trump the political consequences. He was undoubtedly overruled by Kushner, “Mad Dog” Mattis, McMaster and all these other establishment figures.

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  1. We’ve got to get better at insider networking, infighting.

    The NeoCon, Zionists get their guys in places of power and move our guys out. Look what happened when the Neo Con, Zionists took over National Review.

    OK, this is just one event. Donald Trump like most everyone else likes to be liked, when he’s in a room full of Israeli, New York Jews he tries to say and do things they like. Usually it’s just something harmless like saying:

    “I’m a strong supporter of Israel”.

    But this week, he said “yes” Let’s do what Bibi wants, what my Jewish son in law wants and bomb, bomb Syrian airbase.

    Let’s get President Trump back in front our our people at rallies in Michigan and North Florida. He’s going to come back to us when he is back in front of us.

    The swamp hasn’t been drained. The deep state intelligence community, state department is still very Neo Conservative, Zionist and Christian Zionist.

  2. Please call the Russian Embassy and the Syrian Consulate to show support.

    Russian Embassy in DC


    2650 Wisconsin Ave., NW
    Washington, DC 20007
    Phone: (202) 298-5700



    2641 Tunlaw Rd., NW
    Washington, DC 20007
    Phone: (202) 939-8907

    Syrian Consulate in NYC. We don’t have an Embassy because the Kikes kicked out the Syrians in 2014

    212) 661-1313

    Be gentle with the lady that answers the phone. She is stunned and horrified.

  3. It looks like the Trump Transition Team (((Kushner et al.))) filled his administration with (((domestic enemies, foreign enemies, and all their lackeys))). In the end, Trump is solely to blame.

  4. @Denise: Excellent suggestion, madam. Just before GW ordered the RAPE of Iraq in 2003 I called the Iraqi delegation at the UN and told them as an American I was totally opposed to the impending war against their country. I then told them that I knew Israel and the Zionists were behind the push for war. “Yes, exactly, but we’re not supposed to mention that!” was their response.

    There won’t be any peace in the world until the jews, their goy accomplices and their bandit state of “Israel” are eliminated. FOREVER.

  5. So far, Putin appears decent. But let us not rush to judgment. We really don’t understand Putin. Remember, the chess masters are, well, chess masters. And, the real controllers, well, control every single thing. Or, eventually do.

  6. It turns out I wasn’t banned from the Comment section of The Atlantic Magazine – there is lots of intelligent opposition to this huge Trump flip flop and lots of honest liberals are being respectful to the Alt Right.

    Are people calling their congressional offices. I did and am getting a good response. Try to start a conversation, don’t just rant and rave.

  7. This is what happens when you drain a swamp but do not banish the swamp critters and then elevate the same swamp dwellers to high level positions in government.

  8. Trump’s fast becoming the Ohgawd-Emperor.

    Hey Donald, how does it feel watching your entire legacy being cucked down the drain before your very eyes? Enjoy the show, dimwit. Say hi to your (((friends))) for us.

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