Reports: Bannon Argued Against Syria Strike

So, this is pretty much what we all suspected:

“Two sources close to Bannon told me the former Breitbart executive chairman argued against the strike — not because of its questionable constitutionality, but on the grounds that it doesn’t advance Trump’s America First doctrine. “Steve doesn’t think we belong there,” one Bannon ally told me. Bannon’s position lost out to those inside the White House, including Jared Kushner, who argued Trump needed to punish the Assad regime. …”

It is Jared Kushner and Gary Cohn, the former president of Goldman Sachs, pushing aside the #MAGA people in order to start new wars on behalf of Bibi Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson.

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  1. You know it’s not going to end with Trump ordering just one airstrike against a few old Syrian MiG 23s parked on the grass alongside a runway, his jew son-in-law will now demand that Trump take action against Russia for its role in the “gassing” of camel kids. And naturally Trump will once again cave in, because Daddy’s Little Girl will be mad at him if he doesn’t.

  2. When Donald Trump says, ‘America First’ he means that not in the isolationist sense many seem to take it, but, in the sense of putting Americans first, in domestick policies, whilst maintaining The Anglo-America-Rothschild Empire.

    If you thought he was not interested in maintaining The Empire, then you not only disregard how imperious he is, personally speaking, but, you also ignored his oft stated threats about ‘forcing the world to’, unlike how they were during the time of Obama, to ‘respect us’.

    Donald Trump believes in peace through strength, and that is not just a domestick statement, but, one military, as well.

    He is on the record as saying that, many many times, on his campaign stops, and about building the hugest most awesome military the world has ever seen.

  3. I don’t even like civic nationalism aside from it’s usefulness as a “gateway” to real nationalism, but anyone with half of a functioning brain can see that Bannon’s shitty civic nationalism is vastly preferable to ‘conservatism.’

  4. @Sam J. …

    ‘From the advance of artillery I’m assuming that it’s a foregone conclusion that we will fight until Assad is gone. If so this may mean direct war with Russia.’

    That’s a good point. It also may be a part of the bluffing system, Trump is trying to use to get Assad to heel him.

    That would be President Trump’s style of tact – to get results for pennies on the dollar.

  5. Donald Trump gave us time to build toward what we want. The plan has never changed, Either one of two things happens. Either the empire’s system collapse or it doesn’t. Personally I think it will collapse, but as to when I don’t know

  6. What a miserable Regime we have. It wants Assad out because they say he is a bloodthirsty dictator. Is he worse than their buddies the Saudis? He was elected. They are a monarchy. He fights al Qaeda and ISIS. They fund and arm them. Assad is fighting a largely-foreign insurgency in his own country and the Saudis are bombing the shit out of Yemen and specifically targeting food in order to starve the Houthis to death. What’s the difference? The Saudis hate Iran and get along with Israel. Assad is friendly with Iran and Israel hates him and wants a part of his country.

  7. If Bannon is forced out maybe he will become truly red pilled.

    It’s hard to believe anyone could have such extensive dealings with the execrable jewfucks and not be red-pilled to the gills, but I guess it’s possible.

    Still, I’d rather have a half-red-pilled Bannon inside policy-making circles than a fully red-pilled Bannon outside.

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