The Alt-Right Cuts Ties With Donald Trump

I’m currently gagged on Twitter.

I can’t see everything that is going on, but it looks like the entire Alt-Right has abandoned Donald Trump over Syria. Everyone from VDARE to Paul Joseph Watson to Matt Heimbach is off the Trump Train. I can only see what is going on from my Facebook and GAB and it is brutal.

The Alt-Right began as a reaction to George W. Bush and the Iraq War. Trump’s actions in Syria tonight struck a powerful chord with our generation. His coalition has crumbled overnight. This attack on Syria was too evocative of W. and the Iraq War. He abandoned his own supporters and chose neocon warmongers. This is what happens when you surround yourself with all the people who didn’t support you and give them lucrative jobs because you are afraid of offending the media.

Anyway, we survived 16 years of W. and Obama, and we will survive Donald Trump.

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  1. He licked Netanyahu’s sack with this fusillade on the Syrian airfield. The IDF top brass were probably having a tea party on the Golan Heights watching the missiles streak in.

  2. Trump is worse than “W” in my opinion.

    Curious George at least used 9/11 as his excuse to attack the Middle East, while Donald used some falsely-described act of war to push his Neo-Con agenda.

    To hell with him, and all the cuckbois who still try to defend him.

  3. A moment of clarity.

    There is no way forward through the current system.

    The gears of history are turning: AI, robotics, transhumanism, space travel – we will be ground up in the gears unless we get right.

  4. Not just the Alt Right and Alt Lite, but old Conservative hands like Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham are against this Syrian garbage. Trump has lost his entire base. Word is, Ivanka and Jared are pushing out Bannon. When THAT happens, turn out the lights on Trump.

  5. On this day in history, Donald Trump totally betrayed his base…the beginning of the tragic end….he’s one of them…

  6. The betrayal didn’t start tonight; Trump has been dousing his base with gasoline for sometime now.

    Tonight he just dropped the match.

  7. He is a real political figure. But where it goes now is an entirely open question now. He’s suddenly got the Neo-Cons off his back and could therefore have the judicial establishment off his back. He could return to the injunction on his Muslim Ban and point out the danger of a Sarin attack on the homeland. The Judges may be on orders to stand down now.

  8. What a shame. I have this gut feeling that Trump did this to show the country that he is not Putin’s Manchurian Candidate. The problem is that no one in the country really believed that bullshit, even those spouting it. Moreover, Trump handed the Democrats another weapons, because this Syria Attack is going to inevitably blow up in our faces. There will be Trump’s own version of a 911 Truther where it comes out that this was an American False Flag and he will be blamed for it. The Democrats will then run against the Republicans as the Anti-War Party. And the kicker is that he will be accused of bringing the country to the brink of WWIII with Russia to cover up that his campaign colluded with Russia to defeat the Democrat candidate as bad as she was.

  9. @JohnBonaccorsi…

    ‘“Trump is just an oddity, who has lodged himself, formally, as the Republican nominee but is not a real political figure.”

    My goodness, but that was not warmly received.’

    LOL! – nothing like a little postludal gloating, if albeit, a little cheeky…

  10. It is not to early to consider the possibility of red state secession and the formation of a white oriented Ethno-State. Today’s oddity may just become tomorrow’s reality!

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