‘Black Pills’ on Syria From World’s Worst People

Some of the most powerful and worst people on this planet (Hillary Clinton, Lindsey Graham, John Kerry, John McCain, Chuck Schumer, Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Nikki Haley, etc.) are praising Donald Trump’s attack upon Syria.

Here is a huge dose of black pill headlines, fam. Try not to overdose.

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  1. We talk about if Germany, France, Sweden wants to survive. How can Europe survive if it’s under American occupation? Step on the kebabs and you get a visit from the USAF.

  2. Trump comes from the same elite crowd as all the other traitors. Nevertheless, I thought that he had broken with them over our insane ME policy, insane immigration and trade policies. His campaign rhetoric backed that up. Now we know he wasn’t serious about ME. All those who opposed his candidacy are applauding him now. About the rest of his positions? Who puts any faith in a liar and a backstabber?

  3. Mr. Owens; I don’t just back Southern secession we need the entire Heartland, all of red state America, to secede and leave liberals with New England and the east and West coasts. That would still give us the gulf coast and part of the Atlantic as an outlet to the sea.Think Heartland Republic. Then blue state America could realize it own destiny. They could have unlimited borders, abortion on demand at any stage of the pregnancy, Gay marriage, trans-gendered bathrooms, Homosexual adoptions, massive non-white immigration, higher taxes, free trade, and entire states could become sanctuaries and miscegenation run riot!

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