How The Alt-Right Broke Up With Donald Trump

I’ve put together a timeline of my disillusionment with President Trump using my own blog entries:

The Euphoria of Election Night

It is November 8, 2016.

Donald Trump wins the 2016 presidential election. The Alt-Right is euphoric.

The Disavowal

Following the Heilgate media firestorm, Donald Trump “disavows” the Alt-Right on November 22, 2016. Two weeks after winning the presidency, Trump cucks to appease the media and throws his most passionate fans under the bus. It won’t be the first time. This sets off months of fighting with the Alt-Lite.

Alt-Right vs. Alt-Lite

From November 23 to December 3, 2016, the Alt-Right and Alt-Lite engage in a vicious feud online. It was caused by Trump’s disavowal of the Alt-Right in an interview with The New York Times.

The Disappointing Cabinet

I spent most of December covering Trump’s Cabinet picks. We were thrilled with Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and Michael Flynn. It went rapidly downhill from there: Reince Preibus, Ben Carson, Betsy DeVos and Nikki Haley, James Mattis, General Kelly, Andy Puzder, Gary Cohn, Andrew Liveris, Rex Tillerson, Rick Perry and Sean Spicer and Mick Mulvaney.

I didn’t like the Cabinet. I said so at the time. I went on James Edwards radio show and said it was full of generals, big donors, corporate CEOs, Wall Street insiders, #NeverTrumpers, TruCons and establishment hacks. I wondered why Trump would pick people like Gary Cohn, the president of Goldman Sachs, and Andy Puzder, the CEO of Hardee’s, even though he had ran as a champion of the White working class.

At the time, I was accused of black-pilling my readers because I was so unhappy with the Cabinet. It seemed like a reasonable point. At the very least, we agreed that we should give Trump a chance. But anyway, it was clear by mid-December that we were starting to have serious doubts.


From December 27 to January 4, we feuded with the Alt-Lite over the #Deploraball. By New Year’s Eve, it was clear that the incoming Trump administration wasn’t going to be challenging the status quo. The Alt-Lite was desperate to ride the Trump Train into the mainstream. It was apparent to us that the new line was going to be the same as the old line with one major difference: “racism” and “anti-Semitism” were going to remain taboo, but homosexuality would now be celebrated.

Bright Red Flags

Around New Year’s Eve, I wrote “No, It’s Not MILO’s World” in which I predicted the demise of Milo Yiannopoulos. I also wrote “The Trump Honeymoon Is Already Over” and “Too Far Gone: OD In 2017.” Privately, I was already very black-pilled and compared 2017 and the arrival of the incoming Trump administration to entering “the gates of this false paradise next month.”


On January 6, 2016, I made a point to note that the God Emperor had maintained total silence on the #BLMKidnapping in Chicago even though he had repeatedly lamented the death of black thugs from gang warfare.

The Turnaround

#GoldenShowers and John Lewis change my negative opinion of President Trump. I finally agreed to take my wife to see the Trump Inauguration. I’m persuaded by the argument that we should reserve judgement and give Trump his first hundred days before jumping to conclusions about his presidency.

The Trump Inauguration

President Trump is inaugurated on January 20, 2017.

I travel with my wife to DC to meet up with family and attend the Trump Inauguration. Predictably, the #Deploraball is consumed by antifa violence. Richard Spencer is also attacked by antifa. The antifa riot in DC which is a precursor of their actions to come over the next months.

The first hundred days begin. My attitude at this point is let’s wait and see.

The Refugee and Travel Ban

On January 29, 2017, Trump signs an executive order suspending the refugee program and temporarily banning visitors from seven Muslim countries. It is blocked on February 4th.

Jeff Sessions Is Confirmed As Attorney General

This was probably the highwater mark. It happened on February 9th. Up until that point, we could say that Trump’s failure to deal with antifa violence was caused by not having his Attorney General.

Michael Flynn Resigns As NSA Advisor

It is February 14, 2017.

Under pressure from the Lügenpresse, Michael Flynn resigns as National Security Advisor. Trump cucks again and fires Flynn because of the Russia narrative. The Deep State claims its first victim.

The Joint Address

Under pressure to condemn “anti-Semitism,” Trump addresses the crank calls that had been placed to Jewish centers at the top of his State of the Union Address, which later turned out to be the work of a disgruntled black former employee of The Intercept and a Jewish teenager in Israel. It is a stark reminder of Jewish privilege.

Jose Antonio Vargas, America’s most famous illegal alien, thinks so little of President Trump’s commitment to immigration enforcement that he attends the Joint Address at the invitation of Nancy Pelosi.

The Second Travel Ban Is Blocked

It is March 16, 2017.

The second travel ban and suspension of the refugee program is blocked by a federal judge. A few weeks later, we have returned to the status quo ante on the inflow of refugees.

The Ryan Agenda

Instead of moving forward on anything bold, interesting or new, the Republican Congress moves on the Ryan agenda: repealing Obamacare, tax cuts, deregulation, etc. It is the same agenda that President Marco Rubio or President Jeb Bush would have tackled in their first hundred days. Ryancare turns out to be a fiasco. Just as I predicted, the #TruCons plunged into the healthcare vortex and Trump was seriously damaged by it.

Losing Interest In Trump

From March 24 until April 5, I am growing increasingly disgusted with mainstream politics. After a year and a half of blogging about Donald Trump, I put politics aside and to my interest in history. It is a refreshing change. It seems like a good time to take a break from it all.

The Alleged Gassing In Syria

The so-called gassing in Syria happened on April 4th.

Caught off guard, I find my attention ripped away from my research by warmongering neocons. It took all of two days for Donald Trump to launch a military strike on Syria.

The Final Straw

The attack on Syria was the final straw.

It was a stunning turn of events. Donald Trump ripped up his “America First” foreign policy and threw it in the garbage in order to appease the political establishment. In doing so, he severely undermined our confidence in his character, cast doubt on every other promise he made on the campaign trail and sawed off the leg of his appeal that comes from a non-interventionist foreign policy.

For the Alt-Right, Donald Trump was an attractive candidate to us primarily because he was an “America First” candidate on trade, immigration and foreign policy. So far, the Deep State, Lügenpresse and the federal courts have defeated him on all three fronts. It started when he disavowed the Alt-Right. Then he overreacted and fired Michael Flynn. It culminated in abandoning his entire foreign policy. We now have ample proof that President Trump isn’t the strong leader we imagined him to be.

We gave Trump’s America almost a hundred days. It only took 76 days to be revealed as false paradise.

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  1. Oh, well. I’m now thinking this will be a one-term presidency looking very much like Bush III but with a few good things thrown in. For example– no TPP, a lessening of illegal immigration, amnesty postponed for at least 4 years, a reversal of some of the most egregious federal bureaucractic regulations, a slight rise in manufacturing and a slight decrease in the trade deficit. Maybe that’s all we could ever realistically expect. In foreign policy the Empire continues on its course toward destiny.

  2. Someone suggested using “President Kushner” as a way to polarize, and I have had success with it thus far tonight.

    Breitbart commenters are stumped. I trolled a left wing site earlier and pointed out that this attack was ordered by (President) Kushner, a Leftist, and celebrated by Schumer.

    They had nowhere to go; how could they criticize Trump when their side endorses it? How can Breitbart people endorse a move the Left celebrates? LOL

    This is Jew Jit Su. The Jews have completely comprised this nation and its citizens.

    Trump has been usurped by Kushner and his backers. If Bannon is fired, it’s all done for this administration.

  3. That about sums it up, Hunter. When he bailed on Flynn I too began to doubt his resolve.

    He seems to be a “people pleaser”, and when he was rejected by the media it effected him on a deep level. Now that he exists in the Presidential bubble surrounded by people far more ruthless than him, he simply goes along to get along. Kushner has capitalized on his weakness.

  4. Check out the article in Slate by (((Michelle Goldberg))) entitled “The ‘Globalist Cucks’ Are Winning: Jared Kushner Might Save Us After All.”

    Right out in the open.

  5. Vox Day’s lot are still groveling to the “God Emperor,” coming up with ever more bizarre theories of 4,294,021-dimensional chess, and calling anyone who objects a Soros troll!

    Those guys have swallowed the Kool-Aid so avidly that they’d be praising his wisdom as nuclear missiles blew them to atoms.

  6. I’m still glad Trump defeated the Bushes and Hillary Clinton. I got my money’s worth seeing them and Marco Rubio humiliated. So theres that. He stopped TPP, too. If he hadn’t run, that would’ve gone through for sure.

    Of course, Trump had no idea how to run the presidency so he fell back on the “family business” concept. We’ve seen him be a fast learner as a candidate so maybe he can still turn it around. You can have a family business of some size and make your children vice presidents. The other employees accept it – they never like it but they accept it – because they accept that one of the reasons for starting a business was to give your children employment. Keeping Ivanka busy and keeping her husband from dumping her isn’t the purpose of the White House.

    Most Trump supporters are saying “Wait and see.” If he’s going to do what the neocons want, send 7,000 troops into Syria, throw out Assad and rebuild Syria, thats one thing, one very bad thing. If he’s going to fire off a missile every once in a while, thats not good either but its been the norm for over 25 years. We never stopped bombing Iraq all through Bill Clinton’s years.

    What he really needs to do is accomplish SOMETHING that he campaigned on. So far, what? When he brought up Gorsuch at the rallies he’s done since becoming president, it was a lead balloon. People didn’t cheer and applaud for another Harvard Supreme Court justice. Wheres the wall? Why is DACA still giving out free passes? On top of letting Hillary off scot free.

  7. I hate to say i, no I don’t, but my impression of Trump as a candidate was that he was controlled and controllable and not up to snuff in being anywhere near the person, knowing his background and with his collage of ideological ‘pickings’ to take on the immense vested interests that own and run Washington. This man ii not of an intellectually solid base and I foresaw him being both gaslighted on his insecure end and having Delphi mind control techniques (developed by RAND Corp) being used on the pompous end.If the author here has an interest in history then the process of how political and societal changes are made in America should have alerted him to his irrational exuberance on the Trump candidacy. I certainly suffered the slings and arrows of the Trump supporters pre election when I said to expect more of the same (Obama regime) only more so under whoever seized the brass ring.Anyway those in the ALT Right championed Trump into office instead of using cool headed analysis, so those megaphone alt right media types get to own this one. The Alex Jones of this world, megaphone in hand and too little intellectual ability being used in this case. Change in America comes when the people are unified and pressure the politicians to stand up to their masters on Wall Street to give the people some relief or face irreparable damage to their systematic looting machinery. Anyone who wants to see any change had better arm themselves with this knowledge… or prepare to get shot down “The Unforgiven.”.Instead we see the bashing of the so called left in the aftermath, while those that run things got up on their desks and cheered. The people divided and a Trump to manipulate as they see fit. I nailed it if no one else will say so!

  8. Its hard to say Kushner subverted Trump, a man who was at home among prostitution, gambling, the main stream media and Hollywood. Kushner just saw the Trumps as easy marks,which they are.

    The first tell on Trump? When he said he was smart because he went to Wharton. Only a dummy would ever say that.

    To explain Trump’s success? He is an idiot savant mimicking Fred Trump. He is not conscious like you or I are. The real Trump is probably like his son Don’t Jr, a blue collar simpleton.

  9. Another more optimistic way to look at this terrible Trump betrayal on military and foreign policy is to see Trump as trying to get back in the Guliani world of a successful New Yorker with access to the New York media, access to the heavily Jewish and also non Jewish New York Powers that be.

    Guliani was elected mayor of New York on the not so subtle mission to end Black African criminal anarchy in New York City, end the 2,000 murders a year – all done by the worst Blacks and Latrinos. Guliani was to restore civilization and

    Make New York Great Again – New York like it used to be.

    Guliani never said a bad word about the Jews and one key event – the Black anti Jewish pogrom in Crown Heights Brooklyn gave him the thing he needed that even New York City Liberal Left Black worshiping Jews had to agree that things had gotten out of hand, and civilization had to be restored.

    Guliani as mayor and afterwards as law and order TV commentator never, ever said a bad word about Israel, the Israeli lobby, the Jewish media and Guliani basically was terrible, treasonous or just as bad as the Jews on immigration – the exception was he did direct the New York Police Department to spy on Muslims in and around New York which they did up until New York elected the current communist mayor married to a Black lesbian. If you want to “make it” in this New York World, you can never speak ill of the Jews.

    I know this New York World very well – as I lived in it for 5 years 1985-90. If you are young and or wealthy if can be a fun, hip, exciting, culturally enriching life – even for us WASPs. There are museums and co-op associations where WASP have the power and Jews want in, but they don’t want it to become all Jewish, they don’t want to date women like their mothers.

    So my take is Donald Trump wants back in to this elite New York World – promoting pro Israel wars agains t Israel’s neighbors and then using some cover by the same old, same old Neo Conservatives – well yeah, most of us would consider that to be

    Taking the 30 pieces of silver.

    But, for others who lived it and made it in New York or Hollywood, well – it’s more of

    “When in Rome do as the Romans do”.

    When in Jew York City, do as the New York City Jews do.

  10. I am reminded of an old Star trek episode-Patterns of Force I believe-whereby the Enterprise journeys to a world where a expatriate college professor from Earth has set up a National Socialist system. The only problem is the dictator is really sickly and propped up behind a microphone while an assistant has really taken over the government and runs it behind the scenes. People think the dictator is vibrant and still in charge but really it his assistant. And the assistant’s goals are diametrically opposed to what the dictator wanted.That is Trump and Kusher!

  11. I’ve posted this opinion piece on several OD articles since there’s a lot of discussion about the Syrian air strikes and Trump. Hopefully Hunter won’t mind.

    Guys – step back and take a deep breath. A lot of us older guys know that in life you can’t react – instead you must stand back and wait for the dust to settle. It’s key to not let your emotions take control of you – otherwise you’re just like a woman.

    Trump moved like a German Panzer division in his first few months in meeting or attempting to fulfill his promises. We know have a solid conservative Justice on the Supreme Court. Trump has attempted to block the flow of refugees, bids are being accepted for building the wall, Jeff Sessions is AG and has already been moving in a very positive direction, and the list goes on. In addition – Trump labeled the press as Fake News which has been a big blow to the MSM because everybody has picked up the phrase as well – he’s fundamentally reduced their importance to a minimal level which has infuriated them.

    So what exactly happened with this missile attack? Well honestly we spent about $60 Million to damage some aircraft bunkers, and destroy a few aging Russian jets (easily replaceable). The runways were left intact – this is very significant as typically when attacking an airport or air base, the objective is to keep aircraft from using the runways. So the fact that the runways were left intact is an obvious sign that we really weren’t intending on doing a whole lot of damage.

    So what did Trump achieve with this strike?

    He got the NeoCohens off his back for a good while. He also got Insane McCain and Lady Lindsey off his back as well (the useful Shabbos Goy idiots).

    This will give him an air of unpredictability when dealing with the North Korean leadership, the middle east, etc. In other words – when Trump starts to get serious in discussions (or Tillerson as a rep of Trump), his opponents will remember the sudden massive air strikes in Syria. I personally believe that we’re going to see air strikes against North Korea similar to the air strike against Syria – except that it will be hundreds, maybe well over a thousand.

    In dealing with the Syria situation and other parts of the Middle East, he will likely be able to negotiate a deal faster since his opponents (those in the Middle East as well as the NeoCohens) will be somewhat afraid of him. So instead of having a situation drag out of years – like under Obama and Bush – he’ll have the ability to “close the deal” and move on.

    In closing – look at what he’s done for us so far – and just take a wait and see attitude. I’m not saying that he’s not been “bought and sold” – but it’s too early to make any assessments. We’ll know soon enough if this was part of his 4D chess playing.

    If we abandon Trump at this point then the Jews have won.


    Y’all are fickle, impatient, and unrealistick.

    For all the you say Trump has failed to do, he has done for more for us than any other president in a long while.

    Not even three months into a 4 year term, and y’all have bailed?

    This speaks volumes about y’all much more than it does Trump.

    General Lee had quite a few failures – particularly in the beginning, at the 7 Days Battles – filled full of costly defeats, yet, his soldiers stayed on, and together they did the impossible – kept The Confederacy alive for a few more years.

    Yep, you can lawyer me all you want, curse me to hell, but, y’all will never achieve anything important being skedaddlers.

    It’s one thing to woo a woman, quite another thing to live with her.

    Easy to conquer, hard to hold; or, as my Jewish daddy taught me : ‘Loyalty, Son, in the human world, is a rare commodity.’

    Indeed, it is – sad to say.

  13. @Jim: Blah blah blah. Translation: “Trump is better than Hillary.”

    @Winbornemill: General Lee had failures. Trump’s actions are betrayals. Get the diff?

  14. @Mr. Darcy. Trump IS better than Hillary. Just walking around and breathing he is better than Hillary. He isn’t our man but what did we expect from voting at this late date anyway? The whole “God-Emperor” thing was supposed to be a joke, wasn’t it?

    The AltRight had some fun with the election, we gained traction among many of our potential supporters, now it is back to business.

  15. @Mr. Darcy…

    Trump is not betraying anyone. he never said, nor implied that he would not conduct some military operations. In fact, he, throughout his campaign, talkt about raids.

    Remember that? I do.

    Also, Trump has failures. Folks only call it ‘betrayals’ ,because they are too busy PROJECTING onto Trump who they want him to be, instead of actually perceiving the man.

    The Left, in their disbelief at our adoptation of the Trump candidacy, talkt about that all last year, until they were blue in the face.

    People did the same thing to Jefferson Davis – accused him of treachery, incompetence, sell-out, and all sorts of malice – because they could not deal with the realities of life.

    Trump is doing the best he can. He’s trying real hard to understand very complex situations, consider all the angle,s and find the way that is the best for the people.

    Easy to be a Monday morning bleacher quarterback.

    That said, if Trump launches some kind of a regime change in some foreign country, then, yes, THAT would be a betrayal – but, a dang raid on an airfield?!?

    It’s a question of when the degree of which something is involved constitutes a principle.

    Just the fact that Trump took all the flak and STILL appointed Sessions, who is, and will be, doing vital work for us, is more good than has been done IN ages; and certainly more than all the other candidates would have done, save for Ted Cruz, who was my first choice.

    People, however, here, told me that Cruz was in the hands of Goldman Sachs, and, thus, he was no good. When I replied that Trump was good, too, but, that he was a Jewified WASP, folks said that was just Jewish duplicity talkin’.

    And now that I stick by Trump, I hear that’s Jewish duplicity, too.

    So, no, Trump ain’t betrayed nobody.

  16. Trump caved. There’s no way around it. We didn’t project anything. For years now Trump has been saying not to bomb Syria and to have good relations with Russia. You bullshit artists want to say “it’s not that bad” – if he fired missiles for temporary political expediency at home he just encouraged his enemies to keep up the pressure. If he is going to go into take out Assad because of “WMD” then we were sold a bill of goods regarding his opposition to the Iraq War.

  17. Apparently the chief influencer in the WH is Ivanka and those that she relies on for advice ( So henceforth the foreign and domestic policy decisions are going to be based on how emotionally involved/invested Ivanka is in that particular issue. Standby for 180 degree changes from the campaign stances. Lee Stranahan has been warning on Periscope of her influence for the last week and the way that the globalists are moving into positions of power within the WH (Cohen, Powell, etc.) and pushing the nationalists (Bannon, etc.) out. Michael Savage had a good commentary on his podcast yesterday on the supposed use of a “nerve agent” and how the visual evidence does not support the use Sarin.

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