Le Pen & Putin Denounce Trump’s Attack on Syria

Marine Le Pen, head of the National Front party in France, said that she was shocked by US President Donald Trump’s air strikes against Syria. The nationalist leader had previously praised Trump and been quick to congratulate him upon his electoral victory over Hillary Clinton. But his reversal of policy on Syria was “strongly condemned” by Le Pen who described the attack as “horrible.”

According to polls, Le Pen has a narrow lead for the first round of the French presidential election which will take place later this month. She appears likely to head to the second round of voting (where the top two candidates will compete head-to-head) where polls suggest establishment voters of the Center-Right will side with Socialists and Communists to defeat her and keep France’s borders wide open. Regardless, Len Pen is already a major player in European politics and seems set to score better than nationalists have in France in generations.

Le Pen recently met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a key ally of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. He said that the French nationalist leader represented a “fast-growing element” of European politics. Putin described Trump’s attack on Syria as an “illegal act of aggression.” Russia has strongly supported Assad’s pro-Christian regime as it has battled to defeat US-backed Islamic terrorists seeking to overthrow the government.

NOTE: Pat Buchanan recently declared, “Putin stands against the Western progressive vision of what mankind’s future ought to be. Years ago, he aligned himself with traditionalists, nationalists and populists of the West, and against what they had come to despise in their own decadent civilization.”

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  1. I have a feeling that Trump may be America’s last president. I certainly hope so. The USSA is an out-of-control monster abroad and a bloody tyrant at home. After the Empire falls maybe it will break up into small revolutionary White rebublics.

  2. Miss Marine has to do this, as her chief financier if Czar Vlad, and a salient point of her policy projections is to fashion a new Franco-Russo alliance.

    I’m sure she did not relish it, however, because she is fond of The Donald, too.

  3. Now we know that if the French or Brits or Germans or Dutch started to kill kebab the USAF would streak in and kill whitey.

  4. I am extremely pleased with Mme Le Pen’s reaction, had believed it would be so. Yet another reason to wish her well.

  5. It’s pretty clear the French would be bombed if she had power and used it to kick out the Kebab.

  6. @RB…

    ‘Yankees don’t bomb anyone that can hit back (nukes).’

    So right you are, RB, so right, indeed.

  7. @James Owen…

    Sir, so well-informed and sagacious as you are, I would be loathe to disagree with you on anything, and I don’t think I have, but, … Patrick Buchanan is the original uncuckt man of this whole modern era.

    He stood practically alone for 20 years in a MSM, and, though he said it sweetly, he never retreated.

    And just think where we would be if our fellow countrymen had taken up his plank, back in 1992? – instead of Clinton’s free-trading scam.

    I really love Mr. Pat.

  8. @Miss Denise –

    ‘Trumpenberg’ is another cute poetick coining of yours.

    Have you turned your back on Mr. Trump, permanently, or is this just a passing spat?

  9. There is a precedent for Marine coming to power, in France.

    His name was Charles DeGaulle.

    There are things about Miss Marine that are eerily similar to him.

  10. Buchanan wrote that one day the Europeans would be stopping the migration with gunboats. The migration probably affects only a small segment of Europeans now and theres already resistance from a much bigger percentage than the percentage affected.

  11. James might be still thinking of Pat Buchanan’s ill advised 3rd party, Reform Party Presidential “Crusade” where he picked a Black woman John Birch Society Vice Presidential running mate. These 3rd Party presidential campaigns rarely, if ever go anywhere in the USA – the one exception was George Wallace in 1968.

    It’s a depressing, recurring problem in American, British and really all English speaking nations, societies, churches etc – the media is overwhelming stacked against us, with false Conservatives like George Will put up as the only “conservative” voice in the mainstream media. But, somehow there are a couple of guys who look like us and who do take principled positions for us and they somehow manage to break through the iron curtain of controlled media and we see them on TV – a Pat Buchanan a Nick Griffin. They are intelligent, well dressed, well educated, often charming and funny and they announce a modern “Crusade” to save our nations – they have some success and people put all their hopes behind this White man riding on a White horse. And then the system grinds them down and beats them down – it’s the system, it isn’t fair. Our people despair and strongly turn on the Pat Buchanans, the Nick Griffins or even on David Duke – they repeat the enemy’s smears on these good men who did sacrifice so much in their own lives to try to save our people, they just couldn’t do it in this rigged system.

    It was apparently the same way in Post World War I Weimar Germany, only the racial situation in Germany was nothing nearly as bad as here in the USA now. Also the anti White, marxist, heavily Jewish media in Germany then didn’t yet include television – which is the most powerful propaganda media weapon in history.

    Just look at the effect the “American” Lugenpresse TV is having now with the neo Conservative war mongering propaganda against Syria, Russia. The TV shows non stop coverage of cute “Little Children” supposedly being gassed to death by this evil Syrian dictator Assad and the supposedly evil Russians who so recently tried to steal the US presidential election.

    Seems like the television Jews media has sort of just changed scripts from the Trump is an illegal president because the Russians stole the election, to:

    “We need another war against Syria to show the world we’re tough, also stand by Israel America’s only reliable ally in the Middle East.’

  12. Nothing short of the arrest, trial, conviction and punishment of the neocon warmongers for the Iraq war will stop them from pushing America into more wars in the Middle east.

  13. One trick that works well, is letting things intentionally out of hand to freak out general public. Ancient warlords never fought on the border but retreated so that enemy could invade, loot, burn and kill. That woked up average Joe and warlord got volunteers in he,s army.
    Arizona people voted for McCain 6 times. What have be done to ensure that people quit elect warmongers. One method is to let the warmongers run amok for a while like the ancient warlord let their enemys loot their country to wake up people.
    And KGB / FSB gave freedom and democracy free pass for 10 long year so russians got a taste for it. Trump alone can,t do nothing. He needs grassroot support from millions people who putting 24/7 pressure on every cuck. And Trump knows it. And Putin, who succesfully did this trick in Russia. Keeping country out from wars demands not the President fighting alone but masses shouting down warmongers on every roadcorner, pub and shopping center. How to get anti war mass on the street??? Or anti immigration mass. Or whatever mass ready for fight Global Elite back.

  14. @Michael

    When he said the following;

    “Putin stands against the Western progressive vision of what mankind’s future ought to be”.

    As true conservative/Traditionalists, we’re opposed to the Progressive Vision. Also, as Jack Ryan noted, a few other things he’s said and done have caused me to pause. However, I’ve still enjoyed his book and his columns. I don’t think that he’s Alternate Right; and certainly no Southern Nationalist.

  15. Guys – step back and take a deep breath. A lot of us older guys know that in life you can’t react – instead you must stand back and wait for the dust to settle. It’s key to not let your emotions take control of you – otherwise you’re just like a woman.

    Trump moved like a German Panzer division in his first few months in meeting or attempting to fulfill his promises. We know have a solid conservative Justice on the Supreme Court. Trump has attempted to block the flow of refugees, bids are being accepted for building the wall, Jeff Sessions is AG and has already been moving in a very positive direction, and the list goes on. In addition – Trump labeled the press as Fake News which has been a big blow to the MSM because everybody has picked up the phrase as well – he’s fundamentally reduced their importance to a minimal level which has infuriated them.

    So what exactly happened with this missile attack? Well honestly we spent about $60 Million to damage some aircraft bunkers, and destroy a few aging Russian jets (easily replaceable). The runways were left intact – this is very significant as typically when attacking an airport or air base, the objective is to keep aircraft from using the runways. So the fact that the runways were left intact is an obvious sign that we really weren’t intending on doing a whole lot of damage.

    So what did Trump achieve with this strike?

    He got the NeoCohens off his back for a good while. He also got Insane McCain and Lady Lindsey off his back as well (the useful Shabbos Goy idiots).

    This will give him an air of unpredictability when dealing with the North Korean leadership, the middle east, etc. In other words – when Trump starts to get serious in discussions (or Tillerson as a rep of Trump), his opponents will remember the sudden massive air strikes in Syria. I personally believe that we’re going to see air strikes against North Korea similar to the air strike against Syria – except that it will be hundreds, maybe well over a thousand.

    In dealing with the Syria situation and other parts of the Middle East, he will likely be able to negotiate a deal faster since his opponents (those in the Middle East as well as the NeoCohens) will be somewhat afraid of him. So instead of having a situation drag out of years – like under Obama and Bush – he’ll have the ability to “close the deal” and move on.

    In closing – look at what he’s done for us so far – and just take a wait and see attitude. I’m not saying that he’s not been “bought and sold” – but it’s too early to make any assessments. We’ll know soon enough if this was part of his 4D chess playing.

    If we abandon Trump at this point then the Jews have won.

  16. I agree. Trump is going to be Trump. No matter what, we are going to benefit from some of the things that fall from his table. Now is the time to mostly put Trump aside and work on the next phase of The Struggle. At least we won’t have to look at The Bitch and her smirking, POS husband, and it is far less likely that the Justice Dept. and the IRS will be used as weapons against us.

  17. I have a few weeks ago returned from Poland, where I was born and bred. The anti-Russian propaganda there is massive, not only by the Chosenites and their puppets in the goverment – and the untouchable ethernal sufferers in all mass media – but also by the Catholic clergy (its top however is more and more enriched by the genius tribe). Since I live in Sweden, I’m used to the smearing of all Russian but it shocked me all the same. Poland’s population is at least 70 % slavic. As the owners and chief staff have German-like names, Polish “yokels” buy the lies about the Yiddish geniuses (“people of the book”) names being German, and voilà: Poles are fed with hatred to Germans as well.

  18. Putin needs to state that he had nothing to do with these chemical attacks and fire enough nukes at a US airbase and totally wipe it out to prove his point…might makes right…the USA would commit suicide if they decided to get into a nuke exchange with Russia and would have to back down…that’s the only way you are going to penetrate these Jewish warmongering neocons skulls and make them listen…

  19. @LucyLipinska…

    ‘As the owners and chief staff have German-like names, Polish “yokels” buy the lies about the Yiddish geniuses (“people of the book”) names being German, and voilà: Poles are fed with hatred to Germans as well.’

    All my life Poles have hated Russians and Germans with equal fervour, and if not Jews as much, then close behind.

    These hatreds are easy to understand from a historick point of view, but, not from a cultural, as Poles, and I have had the privilege of being close with more than a few, are perhaps the kindest and goodest people you could ever meet – particularly from the rural and small-town areas.

    If you doubt the overall perspective and good will of your own people, I wonder if you are not a but off track.

    All the best to you and yours.

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