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  1. ‘Walls, not wars!’ Yes exactly. Deport all leftards to the third world- its where they belong. Opposed to free speech…unless its their own. Place them all into third world cespitts that they are more compatible with. Civilized societies don’t suit them.

  2. How do these schizophrenic, duplicitous hypocrites manage it? They have to worship Jews while hating Israel, and loving Muslims while despising Christians.

  3. @Fr. John…

    It’s been usurpt by The Devil, Father – and it starts with the people who don’t really give much of a damn.

  4. I thank Mr. Spencer and his brave boys for standing up! It’s good to see.
    Hope we see more of it in bigger numbers.

  5. The next opportunity is Trump’s April 18 rally in palm beach FL (don’t black, renegade)

    Slogans such as “evil’, ” betrayer'”, “false flag”, “globalist stooge”, ” forgotten man still forgotten” might be appropriate.

    Where is the Left? The only voice at the moment is Jimmy Dore. The rest are thralls of the Jew.

    Will we be the last ones standing? Maybe.

  6. Anti-War Neo-Nazi Demonstration shut down by Anti-Fascist mob outside Trump Whitehouse…

    Reality as Onion headline?

  7. I notice Spencer has a couple of security guys standing around him now. Maybe he’s getting ready to form a Sturmabteilung and become a serious White leader?

  8. Spahn – he needs men who actually know how to fight, standing at a slight distance looking like disinterested parties – who are watching all angles. They needs to be watching everything. They also need to note who is doing what, points of entry for the commie vermin – MEANS of entry, autos, etc. They need to know where these cretins go after.

  9. This is absolutely hilarious. Antifa who claims to be against wars now supports war. Schitzophrenia

  10. Do you realize that the Liberals are all the crack babies that were foster parent it out when their parents died of AIDS she got all these crack baby liberals running around calling for complete destruction of any kind of democracy and they don’t realize that their mothers were on crack when they were pregnant with them and then now they’re just the result of addicted parents from the crack epidemic

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