The hashtag slogan #FireKushner has caught on as a way to protest the negative influence of Trump’s unelected globalist son-in-law.

It is now abundantly apparent that we also need to start using the hashtag slogan #FireNikkiHaley.

Business Insider reports:

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said in an interview that she sees regime change in Syria as one of the Trump administration’s priorities in the country wracked by civil war.

…The comments represented a departure from what Haley had said before the United States hit a Syrian air base with 59 Tomahawk missiles on Thursday in retaliation for what it said was a chemical weapons attack by Assad’s forces on Syrian civilians.

As governor of South Carolina Haley led the push against the Confederate flag and Southern heritage. She bragged on television about her anti-Southern stand and was praised by the cuckservative leaders of the Republican Party as a “rising star” for what she did.

Haley, an Indian immigrant, identifies globalism and universalism with Americanism. She campaigned against Donald Trump in the GOP primary and has sought to undermine his “America First” foreign policy and re-align it with McCain-Graham-Kristol-style neo-conservatism as Trump’s UN ambassador.

I write this as a South Carolinian. She was bad news for my State and has already proven herself to be a problem at the UN. She never should have been given a job in the Trump Administration. She has done nothing but cause trouble. She was an awful governor of South Carolina who fought against the interests of the White Christian Southern voters who put her in office. And now she is doing her best in partnership with Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Jared Kushner to bog the USA down in another needless and costly war for Israel in the Middle East. She needs to go.

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  1. Dear Mr. Cushman,
    I worry that if Miss Nikki be fired, she’ll come back down here, and we don’t want that, do we?
    Ain’t she better off up there, screwing up things for the Yankee Empire?

  2. In 1900 at the peak of. Titian Empire an Indian booster of the Boer War stood for election as an MP for Bethnal Green. He won as a loyal Indian Imperialist.

  3. The Northern people couldn’t have asked for a better governor for South Carolina, than Nikki Haley. She shares their anti-Southern, and anti-Christian values. And she shares their political goals as well.

  4. Trump is certifiable: he set the precident that “war powers” includes the R2P, which means that the globalists can start a war at any time.

    Where to put blame? Putin for allowing the no fly zone in Libya? Rand for being a Detroit Republican? Bernie for not laying a glove on Clinton in the First Debate? Biden for not running? Bernie again for squandering his chance to debate Trump before the California primary? NPI 2016 for self – lobotomizing Trump’s brain?

    We can blame all and none because there is power beyond man’s control and understanding; all we can do is determine how to proceed. So far we have been the most vociferous voices against Evil, and that will be remembered.

  5. 16 years later, American troops still dying in Afghanistan:


    Bin Laden was a CIA affiliate named “Tim Osman” who got his start in opposition to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. I still haven’t seen his body, have you? The Bush and bin Laden families were business partners and friends. The bin Laden family was one of the few flights authorized in the aftermath of 9/11.


  6. The chances of anyone on Team Neocon getting fired are slim and none. We’ve been Jewed again. Our wishful thinking got in the way and blinded us. As someone else mentioned, it’s better that he show his hand early on rather than later.

  7. Yes indeed, Nikki Haley should not be in Washington, D.C. If she hates “her” state so much she took down the Dixie flag, why does she even want o be in the U.S.? Does she really believe the “proposition nation” fantasy, or is she working for (((someone)))?

  8. Trump has not drained the swamp. He has created his own swamp. With the exception of Sessions the alligators have increased.

  9. “Trump fell into the swamp.” I posted that on Twitter and pissed off at least one Trumptard.

  10. Am I wrong thinking that Nikki Haley and Sen. Tim Scott were the product of South Carolina becoming so solidly Republican that the GOP establishment could force “diversity” on the voters? Thats what it looks like but I don’t really know the state politics. If so, its as much a corruption as solidly Democratic cities where the “elected” officials feel free to steal.

  11. Trump has appointed people to his administration that without a doubt voted for Hillary. He is also carrying out the political aims of what Hillary and Obama want. It appears that Trump only wanted to be counted as one of the US presidents.

  12. Voorhees – White Christians are as BAD as White Liberals. They are the same, in many ways, excepting total acceptance of faggotry. Millions STILL LARP about the Universalism of Christardanity. They are worse on racial issues, because they really MEAN “Race doesn’t matter”. Babbling about Christard doctrines and Jeebus is all they care about. Sending woolen blankets and desks to 70 point IQ Negroes in 100 degree Africa is ALL they care about.

    I had a conversation with 2 relatives who were visiting yesterday. They were lamenting that fact that their Church has approx. 8 congregants left. I was married in this Church. It’s a lovely little gem of a building. They are getting yet another female “minister” – who sounds like a total lesbo. They were wondering why this all is happening, and I TOLD them. I also told them that the ONLY Church that is not dying off is the Russian Orthodox. That’s it’s growing, because they are NOT preaching Marxist poison, and they are pro White. I began getting snarky pushback on the Pro White issue. (These 2 are on my Hubby’s side of theFam – not my Nazi crew) They smirked, “Oh – is Christianity Pro White (..smirk smir smirk)? I replied – “It USED to be. WHITE People made Christianity GREAT – not the other way around…” and expounded on the Commie Jew infiltration and destruction of the Church. I told them to ask my Hubby how “Christianity” is practiced in Africa, and other non-White countries. I strted getting more snark and I interrupted them. “Look at you. YOU are the PROBLEM. You won’t even take you own people’s side. Every other group does that. But not White people. Keep It up. You’re not hurting me. Just look in the mirror next time you wonder “why” you are suffering, and getting screwed”

    Several of their relatives have lost very good k=jobs, and businesses. because an Arab Muslim bought one business, and promptly dismantled the entire thing for the assets, and another fellow lost his entire business, his house, and his health because he went into bankruptcy trying to hang on. Indians took over the business sphere, and got all kinds of tax bennies and start-up ZOGBUX to take over.

    I brought these examples up. That shut them the FUCK up. But they didn’t learn anything .

  13. @Denise

    I’d like to see the return of the European Gods. Ares God of War would do our young men a lot of good.

    “But they didn’t learn anything .”

    Most people can’t think because they don’t teach them how in school. They are taught to be mindless repeaters.

  14. Michael what’s the new Governor of South Carolina like?

    How is the Black “Conservative” South Carolina Senator behaving in all this. My gut feeling is that he’s an empty suit and simply can form basic thoughts about foreign policy. Think he also confused the Crimea with Korea, think he’ll repeat Neo Conservative, Zionist, Christian Zionist throw away lines like:

    “We have to fight for freedom and democracy in Syria. We have to protect….


  15. Michael is there any decent South Carolina talk radio we can call in to counter these obvious Neo Conservative, Christian Zionist lies?

    I am literally dumb struck that South Carolina seems not to have a functioning heterosexual political Southern leader with a brain or a set of bal**

  16. Denise writes:

    ” I also told them that the ONLY Church that is not dying off is the Russian Orthodox. That’s it’s growing, because they are NOT preaching Marxist poison, and they are pro White. I began getting snarky pushback on the Pro White issue. (These 2 are on my Hubby’s side of theFam – not my Nazi crew) They smirked, “Oh – is Christianity Pro White”

    I respond:

    Maybe try this slight adjustment. Don’t try to argue for a “pro White” church, our people have been conditioned to react in horror at this, the same way Dracula reacts to sunlight.

    Instead argue that the Russian Orthodox Church is the only church growing because the church is pro European civilization and opposes Islamic terrorism. The Russian Orthodox church also resists all the corruptions in the USA, the West – the worst forms of cultural marxism, feminism, hedonism, bad liberal Leftist politics – note that the Russian Orthodox Church has to (barely) survive the worst forms of Bolshevism and Communism in the 1920s and 1930s, now we’re getting versions of the same thing here in the USA, plus incitements to BlackLiesMatter mobs to riot and kill police officers.

    Ask them what kind of healthy American Christian church supports cultural marxism, supports hard core porn, supports Islamic terrorism here in the USA, in Sweden, England?

    If your relatives either support or deny Islamic terrorism in Sweden, 9/11/01 kick them out. And if they start parroting Neo Conservative, Zionist, Christian Zionist lies that Assad or Saddam Hussein, The Russians are the ones behind 9/11/01 Islamic terrorism in Sweden, England – again just end the conversation and throw them out.

    We also need to start working on our real curses, Black magic sort of thing. Things like Kennedy Curse.

    We’re putting curses on White Cuckservatives, White Christian Zionists who promote or enable BlackLiesMatter, Neo Cons wars against our kinsmen the Russians, promote or deny mass Muslim migration invasions of Europe, the USA.

    We have to practice Amish and LDS Mormon style programs of “shunning” traitors.

  17. I fear Trump will turn out to be one of those presidents he talked about during the campaign: It would’ve been better if they’d spent their terms playing golf and doing nothing.

    I know Hunter is not a Cernovich fan but the post Cernovich has up about Gen. McMaster manipulating Trump with the aim of 150,000 troops into Syria has a certain ring of truth about it because WHY would the neocons be so gaga over this missile strike on Syria? They think they can get something more by praising Trump to the hilt. Now they’re “proud” of him. Thats the kind of thing you say to children; it reminds me of hearing that Hillary hired psychologists to figure out what really gets to Trump and any mention of his father hits that spot.

    Denise – how blind are people they can’t see that most immigrants, the massive influx of immigrants, favor their own kind whenever they have any power to do so and they’re allowed to favor their own kind. You do it and its “bigotry” but they do it and it and no one notices.

  18. RB: I like your suggestion that we bring back the “pagan” gods of our ancestors. The pagans did not allow jews to control their societies and they were immune to any attempts by the jews to make them feel guilty or ashamed of anything. However, we cannot blame the public fool system for its failure to make people think. That was never its mission. Most people have the ability to think critically if they really wanted to.

  19. ‘” I also told them that the ONLY Church that is not dying off is the Russian Orthodox. That’s it’s growing, because they are NOT preaching Marxist poison, and they are pro White. I began getting snarky pushback on the Pro White issue. (These 2 are on my Hubby’s side of theFam – not my Nazi crew) They smirked, “Oh – is Christianity Pro White”’;

    This is absolutely correct, Miss Denise – though, let me be clear – Russian Orthodoxy has zero tolerance for agnosticks, atheists, and pagans – in any name.

  20. @Mr. Putnam…

    ‘Does she really believe the “proposition nation” fantasy, or is she working for (((someone)))?’

    Mr. Putnam – Miss Nikki is a full on believer of the propositional fantasy system, and, yes, she works for ‘someone’, even if, albeit, it is directly.

    The Jew England Government Establishment holds the reins of both major parties, and she is definitely an apparatchik of the GOP.

  21. @RB…

    ‘I’d like to see the return of the European Gods. Ares God of War would do our young men a lot of good.’;

    Mr. RB – returning to vapid powerless wooden totem pole gods ain’t gonna do any White Man any good.

  22. TO THOSE WHO SUGGEST CHRISTIANS ought take up Thor…

    Pagan churches can be infiltrated even easier than The Church of Chryst.

    The issue is a sickness inside the collective tribal White Head – it’s ain’t the religion.

    What is the name of the illness?

    Ovine whimp-itus.

    Is it a terminal case thereof?

    Stay tuned.

  23. As others have stated, the only drawback of firing Sikh Haley would be that she’d feel that she must return to South Carolina, something we don’t want.

    Fire her and find some legal recourse to keeping her out of our state.

  24. I am already well known, in my 3D sphere, as an Open White Racist. EVERY-ONE knows this. It’s OK. I saw my reply hit home. They’ll come round. They and the rest of the Fam have no choice. .

  25. @Pat Hines…

    ‘Yes, the former Yankee Governor of the Carolinas must be barred from returning.

    Maybe she would be a good candidate to rule the new Syrian bomb-hole.

    She was no more qualified for The Columbia State House than that.

  26. We twisted ourselves in pretzels trying to rationalize her appointment. Giving Trump the benefit of the doubt was the mistake. She obviously has no love for nor understanding of America.

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