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  1. This is very good news. Donald Trump, whether he supported this or not is immaterial. If he did he’s a fraud if he didn’t he at the very least BUCKLED to the (((DEEP STATE))). This whole thing proved the point whether it is Nikki Haley at the UN or Kushner in the White House, the (((DEEP STATE))) has since 1963 if not before had the power to direct US Policy no matter who is President and who is in Congress. THIS HAS TO CHANGE

  2. Trump abandoned us.

    His concept of loyalty is a one-way street, fits in perfectly with his new “friends”.

  3. Trump’s betrayal really, really hurts. But truth be told I am not surprised by it. Deep down I felt that eventually Princess Ivanka or the other jews in his entourage would manage to bend him to their will. But I certainly didn’t expect it to happen just a few weeks into his administration, nor did I think he would be an active participant in the deception.

    It’s just as well that Trump has exposed himself as a fraud so early on. It gives the Alt-White / Alt-Reich a chance to train, arm and prepare without being distracted by 4 more years of fake-ass flag-waving patriotism coming out of the White House.

  4. He had congruent reverse speech which is the only reason I am withholding my final conclusion as to what really happened during the election cycle – total con job or recent presidential hijacking. I don’t necessarily buy into reverse speech (conscious vs. subconscious), I just don’t have an opinion on it yet.

  5. I have not deserted President Trump, but, I am deeply saddened to see this turn of events.

    I can only pray that Steve Bannon knocks some sense into him.

  6. I have condemned Trump for the Syrian strike but…maybe I and the rest of us are wrong. I hesitate now because of what I read by John de Nugent. What he says is to look at this logically. Trump is under tremendous pressure for the “Russia controls him meme”. Now we all know this is lies but the Jews have enormous power and there is pressure to Impeach him. It is rumored there are back channels to Putin and that Trump warned him why he had to do this. The strikes themselves are of no consequence. If Trump wanted a severe knock out Assad strike wouldn’t he directly strike him and not some base with non operational planes? Even our alt-Right denouncement helps him. The stakes for the Jews are high. Another poster noted that the Jews don’t play chess they play high stakes poker with all their money on the table. If they lose they’re out of the game. If they lose control of the USA they’re finished. One final thing Trump did really made me think. Trump publicly and officially announced that all investigations of White Nationalist would cease. This is important.

    So I’m going to wait. I believe he will do several things that will annoy the Alt-Right but the bottom line is will he do things that strategically destroy Whites. In this case he hasn’t. If he sends troops into Syria to defeat Assad then it will be different. I wonder are the troops in Syria now acting against Assad or ISIS?

    As for Kushner what Father doesn’t think his son in law is an idiot?Maybe he’s playing him too. If Trump is playing the Jews then he’s just doing the same to them as they’ve been doing to us for thousands of years.

  7. @Afterthought…

    ‘Trump abandoned us. His concept of loyalty is a one-way street, fits in perfectly with his new “friends”.

    It seems that President Trump’s ethos is that of the Manhattanite – success at any cost.

    When I took a break for professional entertaining, I did an interesting stint as a historick furniture dyer, for a firm that workt with a number of architects and Interior Decoration firms, in Manhatten, and found that only a few were remotely honourable.

    Most would employ any tact, threats, coercion, and endless lies, to get out of you what they wanted – above and beyond the agreement.

  8. As for Dugin – I have long found in him a Dostoevskian voice of clarity, baset on righteous indignation, and as such I think him an unqualifiable boon to a cancerous West.

    The Czar Vlad keeps him close, speaks to me volumes about the sanity and clarity of the new czar.

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