Greg Johnson: God Emperor No More

Greg Johnson sums up the Alt-Right’s sharp turn away from the God Emperor:

“Donald Trump’s dizzying about-face on Syria has won the temporary applause of his enemies, but he has forever lost the respect of his most ardent supporters on the Alt Right, the people who actually believe in and defend his nationalist-populist message, including his America First foreign policy.

I thought Trump’s willingness to fight a two-front war against the Democrats and his own party was sufficient proof that he was sincere about his America First foreign policy. But he ditched it at its first real test.

I no longer trust Donald Trump.

But it is worse than that. I no longer like or respect Trump either. Trump didn’t just betray us. He betrayed us over something utterly stupid. We’ve seen this all before. We’ve seen pictures of dead or injured Syrian children on CNN (although not the victims of US-backed forces). We’ve heard stories of Assad “gassing his own people.” We’ve seen the same vulgar emotional manipulation and ginned-up storms of social signaling. We’ve been asked to start wars based on what some little Syrian Anne Frank allegedly says on Twitter. We know that the press, politicians, and intelligence agencies behind this are trying to topple Assad. We know that they are liars, because they are the same people who lied to get us into the Iraq War. And Trump has seen it all too. He knew better. We know he knew better, because of a long history of Tweets about Syria, which now make him look like a feckless hypocrite. So for him to fall for the warmongers this time frankly makes me question his intelligence, his character, even his sanity. …”

The Syrian Anne Frank was just part of the roll-out of war propaganda.

“Now, Mr Assad is not a nice person. I have been writing rude things about his bloodstained and wicked regime for years.

But he is not insane. He knows that the use of poison gas is the one thing that will make the USA intervene against him.

They have said so. He is currently winning his war against Islamist fanatics, with conventional weapons. He had even finally got the USA to stop demanding his dismissal.

Five days before the alleged attack – five days! – America’s UN ambassador, Nikki Haley, announced: ‘Our priority is no longer to sit there and focus on getting Assad out.’

So why would he do such a thing, and throw away all his victories in a few minutes? It makes no sense of any kind. As you ponder this, can I explain something about the place where the gas attack is said to have happened?

No independent Western journalist could go there. He or she would be killed or kidnapped within hours.

Any report which comes from that region is filtered through people who you never see in the film that does get out. I have met men like them on my travels. I would not want to offend them.

These are the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, alias the Al-Nusra Front, alias Al Qaeda, the Syrian ‘opposition’ which we in the West have been supporting for several years. …”

It is already becoming clear this was all planned before the “Assad gassed his own people” meme. Trump has spent the last month meeting with the Saudis, Egyptians and Jordanians. Why would Assad gas his own people in the last stronghold of the Syrian rebels in a war that he was winning? Who benefits? If there is so much evidence that Assad gassed his own people, why not present the evidence to the world at the UN? Why unilaterally launch an attack and prepare a ground invasion?

We’ve seen this horror movie before. It was the lead up to the invasion of Iraq in 2002 and 2003.

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  1. Trump pumped and dumped the White vote.

    pump and dump
    Similar to a one night stand. One who purposely fornicates with another, while not intending to see them in the future. Like a conquest.
    Chad: “Dude, I scored a hot piece of ass last night!”

    Ken: “What, is she like your girlfriend now or something?”

    Chad: “Naw man, it was just a pump and dump scenario. I’ve got a date with Buffy tonight.”

  2. I’m going to hold off on turning on him completely to see what happens next. Are there any accurate reports on whether anyone died in the missile strikes? If Trump fired off missiles just to influence the “news cycle,” thats one thing.

    Its not a great excuse but Trump is obviously in over his head. The “colluded with Russia” thing goes on and on and what he really needs are good surrogates to just ridicule it and ridicule everyone who is pushing it by name. If Ivanka or Kushner were valuable players, thats what they’d be doing but can anyone imagine either of them being sharp and effective against people they want to get all dressed up and socialize with?

    We’ll see. If no one got killed, maybe thats the end of it. Fingers crossed.

  3. What was it that Alex Jones called Trump a few years back? A front man for a consortium of very powerful people. I heard it, not read it.

    Perhaps Trump supporters were always the real focus of the virulent Leftists. But, I am willing to vet that going forward, the Left will protest less Trump and be more anti anti-Trump protestors (us).

    I don’t necessarily agree with the following link, but maybe the details of how things are run are being learned or they are being changed right in front of our faces – under disguise:

    I have a sinking feeling. My pineal gland is screaming danger. Trump will probably keep Bannon on for appearances only. But I am also betting his influence will get weaker and weaker and weaker. I am no longer going to explain away Trump’s betrayal. He was also a front, a con man, a willing accomplice. I hope I’m wrong.

  4. That Chinese president leaving Mar-a-Lago seemed quite pleased, didn’t he? The Chinese people are being brainwashed just like Westerners. And, there is a lot of blame put on whites there, too. Trump has met with a lot of foreign dignitaries lately and they are all globalists (including Theresa May, a banker front)! I am willing to bet those negotiations were not for our benefit (citizens). I also think this “going along with Brexit” is more than meets the eye. Two directions meeting at one point in the future?

  5. Trump is kiked. Always was. We were just in denial because hope springs eternal. Also I hate the new comments section.

  6. The fact that Trump appointed that Paki Princess “Nikki Haley” as ambassador to the UN was, for me, the first sign of trouble.

    I daresay many people here will agree with me when I say that Trump really only wanted to become President so he could feed his already swollen ego. But once in office he never had any intention of actually being President. I would further speculate that it was agreed well in advance that his scheming jew son-in-law Jared Kushner would be the de facto President and his dopey, spoiled brat daughter Ivanka would be First Lady. Because nothing is too good for Daddy’s Widdle Girl – right, Mr. Trump?

  7. The fact is whether Donald Trump was 100% honest during the campaign or 100% lying or a mixture of both it really makes no difference. The (((DEEP STATE))) which we all knew existed has in effect taken the wheel from Trump and are steering the ship. Trump is little more than a figurehead

  8. I’m just in shock… but today’s Scripture was about Jesus’ betrayal by Judas/Jews. Seemed far more real, for some reason…misericordie Domine

  9. Why is it nevessary to say Assad is “not a nice person”?

    The truth is you have no goddam idea whether or not he is “nice”.

    So annoying hearing people say that line.

    You are f_cking gay if you feel the need to preface your point with that disclaimer.

  10. What a same. I was hoping that the trump presidency would be a brief reprieve for patriots and White Nationalists. I knew Trump would not restore America, but I had hoped that he would not pursue a Neo-Con foreign policy. As I sit here typing this, Fox News has Ollie North on; North is claiming that Russia does not want a “shooting war” with the U.S. While no one wanta a war with another nuclear power, I doubt that Russia fears us.

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