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  1. Tillerson appears to be backing down. He’s back to saying that the govt of Syria will be decided by Syrians instead of talking about regime change in progress.

    If this crisis is really going to end without war Trump will have the neocons/entire US establishment back attacking him and we’ll need to remain wary of him after this jolt.

  2. As long as the Syria events have drawn attention to realities you Occidental Dissent comedians were almost completely unwilling to face during, oh, about a year-and-a-half of the Trump campaign, I’ll mention a subject that I alone, among the blog’s commenters, seem to have given attention. No, I’m not talking about the death of that Navy man in the apparently-pointless Yemen raid. I hardly expected you white-man lovers to give a damn about him while you were cackling about cabinet appointments that were pleasing to you or moaning about ones that were not. No–I’m talking about the Summer Zervos defamation lawsuit.

    When I noted here, at Occidental Dissent, the filing of that lawsuit, on the eve of Trump’s inauguration, one of the geniuses here dismissed the suit as a futile attempt to prevent the inauguration. Another commenter–I’m looking at you, Captain John–remarked that Zervos would probably just fade away.

    At http://variety.com/2017/biz/news/donald-trump-summer-zervos-claims-presidential-immunity-1202018054/ is an article about the filing, two weeks ago, by Trump’s attorneys, for dismissal or delay of the suit. The argument is that Trump is immune to the suit while he is president. Unless that motion carries–as I’d guess it will not–the suit will be a nightmare for Trump, especially if he’s required to give a video deposition.

  3. No, Trump will not be immune from the lawsuit; this has been decided case law since the Bill Clinton vs Paula Jones case went to the SCOTUS back in the late 1990s and they rules a sitting president is NOT immune to such lawsuits while in office.

    The late attorney, Vincent Bugliosi, wrote a book about this: No Island of Sanity. In that book Bugliosi shows that by the criteria required to decide such a matter, a president of the United States is overwhelmingly exempt–at least WHILE IN OFFICE–from having to go through civil lawsuits. But the SCOTUS, iirc, specificall Scalia and Thomas were the locomotive in that decision, ruled that a sitting president can be tried in a civil suit while in office.

    Bugliosi was pro Clinton and being a shill for liberals, but he was an excellent and very expert attorney and his step by step arguments and reasoning set forth in the book is beyond question. It was again blatant Supreme Court Justices setting law according to politics. Just another case of Conservatives doing something stupid that was bound to eventually come back to bite them on the ass.

  4. Why should the broader movement be upset about Trump defeating Clinton? Even if he faltered so soon, did anyone expect him not to falter? He was an incredibly flawed vessel from the beginning (likely an idiot savant).

    The broader movement wasn’t quite clicking with Trump in power. Now that he has Trumpstabbed us, we are again clicking on all cylinders.

    Trump will be a recruiting tool like no other as he proves that the system is compromised beyond redemption.

    We can spread our message, which I hope is comprehensive and includes Logos, arta, preservation of humanity against the machines, and is not confined only to intra-genus conflicts.

  5. John, we don’t continually need an ‘I told you so’ soundtrack every time you post. It just came nfirms my calling you ‘bone of contention.’

    After, I don’t desire to play even 2-d chess, I just want the Jews, darkies, and fags all on gallows, to purge this land of the evil thereof, so that we Whites can sit ‘under our own fig trees’ once more. To be honest….

  6. “Humble but strong”. This his talking point writers calculated, would win the vote of Evangelical Christians.

  7. Yes, how well I do recall that debate against Vice President Al Gore.

    That was the same debate when W was askt the Confederate flag question.

    When askt about Yankee Empire foreign policy, W was emphatick that he did NOT believe in nation-building, and, thus, would have no part of it.

    In recent days, I have thought of this more than a few times.

    For me, it’s neither a red nor black, but, a bitter pill.

  8. Trump may have wanted to concentrate on “Making America Great Again” but the endless subversion by the establishment judges, intelligence apparatus, democrats, McCain and Twinkletoes Lindsey seem to have led him to seek an alliance with what he sees as a powerful element that can help him. Hope he remembers how Bush Jr (or Lyndon Johnson for that matter) derailed their entire domestic agenda to become all consumed in a war that spiraled out of control. Won’t be any money for an infrastructure bill with an Army to pay for on the ground over there again. Certainly won’t help the economies of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

  9. John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia -“you white-man lovers”

    What’s wrong with loving White men? Are you a White-man hater? Stop the hate John!

  10. “What’s wrong with loving White men?”

    Are you really that stupid, Old Hickory? Well, yes, you are: irony is lost on you. If I call a bunch of supposedly racially-aware commenters “white-man lovers” while I’m berating them for ignoring the death of a white man, I’m probably trying to make some kind of point, right? You waste my time with your inane comments. Get your head out of your ass.

  11. There will be no infrastructure bill like you and many Americans speak of and want, Nightowl2548. For approximately the same reasons there was not a telegraph expansion bill or a blacksmith industry upgrade bill suggested around the 1920s when Henry Ford’s plants were expanding to become the industrial heart of the 20th century.

  12. Nightowl2548
    April 10, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    “Trump may have wanted to concentrate on “Making America Great Again” but the endless subversion by the establishment judges, intelligence apparatus, democrats”

    Can’t believe people are still rationalizing the con artist Trump.

    The Trump family want to Make Israel Great Again and they need the White vote to do it. They don’t care about Whites or America, except for America being a tool to make Israel greater. They are cryptos.

  13. Donald trump is out for Donald Trump. He is not a “crypto” nor out for Israel. He is for whomever he can use for his own personal gain and advancement. Jews are all over the power structure and world of money and connections. So of course he is going to play ball with them. And if they need something of him, he will deliver if at all possible. It has become increasingly clear to me that the pro-white movement does not fully understand the reasons and the full implications of why Jews get what they want and why they are prominent in any high level position.

  14. I’m not in denial. My post explained what I meant. You, like most others, just don’t get it. It is not at all surprising his kids are married to Jews. What do you expect,them to be married to, an HVAC technician? A mechanic? No, probably even you know better than that. They are going to be married to, and surrounded by, POWER and money. And Jews gravitate to those kind of stations in life like white rural folks gravitate to mushroom hunting.

    The process is reciprocal. Jews like the men the Trump women are with are not going to be married to anyone but power (and great looks), either. They are going to be married to, and do business with, people just like the Trumps.

  15. They are a globe trotting billionaire family. They have businesses all over the world. You think the only wealthy people in the world to socialize with are Jews? Plenty of wealthy Whites exist too.

  16. Do you not notice that ALL wealthy people are surrounded by Jews? Hint, it’s the same reason all white NBA players are surrounded by blacks on the basketball court.

  17. Again, all this is way over your head why powerful people rub elbows with Jews and not lawncare contractors and roofers.

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