The “Mainstream” Owns Syria

The Alt-Right is pushing all of its chips onto the table. Even if it means breaking with Trump, we’re making a historic bet on Syria. Let the so-called “mainstream,” the political establishment and all the neocons and chickenhawks own this upcoming quagmire and clusterfuck in Syria:

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  1. Unfortunately, much the American publick has grown addicted to shows of muscle, without any regard to what it is for.

    It almost is surreal, as if the publick does not comprehend that the globe is a litterbox of Yankee Empire foreign debacles unfolding – Afghanistian, Iraq, Libya, the Ukraine, and now Syria?

    Maybe some Russian steel is going to be what it takes to bring home the reality of war to these crazed warmongerers that fly the degraded and debaucht ‘Ole Glory’, in their minds.

  2. The alt right is also the only group operating on the assumption this is a false flag.

    This will lead to MASSIVE growth as people look for meaning and truth after being imprisoned in the nihilism in the waning age.

  3. @Afterthought…

    We hope you are right, though, a ‘look to meaning and truth’, presupposes consciousness is pandemick.

  4. Winbornmill: I can think of a few choice times in history where it is. I believe we are there, driven by a growing awareness of the threat of human replacement (AI, robotics, trans humans). Threats trigger something deep in our brain stem – that hair on the back of your neck moment of clarity.

  5. Apart from cucks and Jews Iraq II will not play well. Breaking support and company with these lunatics is a very good move.

  6. @Afterthought…

    I hope you are right, that we are, in fact there. It came to me about 10 years ago that ‘the union’ is an utter disaster, not only because of the tyranny being constantly applied to The South, but, as well, because of the Orwellian evil that I had come to realize 300 Pennsylvania Ave was, has been, and is.

    I’m sure I would have realized it sooner, but, being a bit older than you, I came up in a time where it was damn hard to access information that, on the internet in the last decade, is now common fare.

    By the way, if you know the Honourable Mr. Richard Spencer, as you seem to, please convey to him my gratitude for his bravery and activism, which, in the end, is not only beneficial for Whites, in general, but, for The South.

    I pray he will spend as much energy developing a quality Sturmabteilung around him as he does politicking, and, as well, is careful to vary his routes and daily routine, as The Lord has given it to me to see through prayer that he is being targetted.

    There are not many real White Men left, and we just cannot afford to lose him.

    Anyway, God bless you and yours.

  7. @Mr. Cushman

    ‘If Trump had put half as much political capital into deporting Mexicans or building the wall he could have been bigly successful. ‘

    I’m sorry, Mr. Cushman – though it is not clear if he has abandoned ideas of the wall, it has become clear to me that President Trump wants more than anything to be popular, and is very impatient with anything that does not bring those results.

    There may be an upside to this, in that, 4 month or 17 months from now, after Mr. Bannon is a forgotten memory, The Kushner and Ivanka cabinet meets it’s Waterloo, and President Trump shifts yet again.

    One thing I can say – I have no problem with President Trump consulting his daughter and son-in-law, but for the fact that their politicks are very different than what he represented to us his were.

    I did not vote for a ‘centrist’ Ivanka Administration.

  8. Contemplate, just contemplate, that what Dr. Richard Sauder is saying…. is 100% true. We are dealing with the devil himself:

    “Power by any means, war at any cost, greed, lies, torture, false imprisonment, theft, murder, deceit, spying, plunder, ruthless control, human trafficking, narcotics trafficking, weapons trafficking, mayhem and chaos are the vile fruits of the Deep State. At its heart it is depraved beyond all comprehension and devoted to the darkest imaginable arts and practices. At its heart it is not human and those who give themselves over to the service of the Deep State jeopardize whatever small shreds of humanity they may still have. The Deep State is methodically taking down the whole Earth and all of humanity.

    You will not find good in the Deep State.”


  9. The March Toward Empire began in 1861, we all know this. Although between 1865 and 1898 this idea of Empire ebbed and flowed, once Teddy Roosevelt achieved dominance in 1898 the race toward World Empire was a DONE DEAL. Teddy saw himself as something of a Messiah of the new age. His father was old New York Dutch, his mother from an old Georgia family the Bulloch’s her half brother James Dunwoody Bulloch was the Confederacy’s chief foreign agent in Great Britain and had to remain there until his death, some say Bulloch was assisting Booth in the Lincoln assassination plot.

    Teddy Roosevelt was proud of being a witness to Lincoln’s funeral march in New York City as a small boy, his father’s family supported the Union and he was equally proud of his Confederate family as well.
    John Hay, who had been Lincoln’s personal Secretary and served as Secretary of State under both McKinley and Teddy before Teddy’s second Inaguration gave him a ring with strands of Lincoln’s hair in it which Teddy wore in 1905 to the ceremony. Here’s interesting Teddy quotes

    “It has been my very great good fortune to have the right to claim my blood is half southern and half northern, and I would deny the right of any man here to feel a greater pride in the deeds of every southerner than I feel. Of all the children, the brothers and sisters of my mother who were born and brought up in that house on the hill there, my two uncles afterward entered the Confederate service and served with the Confederate Navy.

    My uncle was one of the best men I have ever known, and when I have sometimes been tempted to wonder how good people can believe of me the unjust and impossible things they do believe, I have consoled myself by thinking of Uncle Jimmy Bulloch’s perfectly sincere conviction that Gladstone was a man of quite exceptional and nameless infamy in both public and private life.”

  10. Ever ponder what really has wiped out past civilizations? Really ponder? In one of his public speeches, the late researcher, Dr. Stanley Monteith, stated that the technology that we are experiencing today existed on this planet during an earlier time (mark 1:31:41). He said we were in a spiritual war – a real war between good and evil. Go to 1:41:25 to 1:46:30 mark and he will reveal what decades of research had revealed to him….. “the forbidden secret”. Another dimension where the inhabitants want your eternal soul aka The Deep State:

    I believe him. I believe he did indeed discover the truth. He said some of them have supernatural powers (his book “Brotherhood of Darkness” states (((Edward Mandell House))) could read minds). The ride is just starting, folks.

  11. Teddy Roosevelt, seeing himself as a UNITER of Northern and Southern as the embodiment of Americana, believed strongly that the destiny of the United States was to civilize the world, as the World Policeman if you will. Teddy was internationalist with a prejudice toward the American system in other words he was in a sense America First.

    1912 saw Jewish-European Internationalism triumph over Rooseveltian Americanist-Internationalism with the ascension of Woodrow Wilson. Wilson believed that the United States must subordinate her own interests in the interests of World Peace. EVERY DEMOCRAT SINCE WILSON HAS ESPOUSED THIS. The foil to this belief set was a less internationalist viewpoint practiced by the Rockefeller Republicans where America maintained a semblance of sovereingty but was just as internationlist as the Democrats. This is the viewpoint of the Republican Party since 1933. You can either take the fast train to One World Govt-DEMS or the slow train-REPS.

    In other words we have no choice but to gain our freedom. SOMEHOW

  12. Historically revolutions do not start when all seems hopeless. It is when things seem to be getting better and hopes are at an all time high and it suddenly all changes overnight as if a rug is pulled out from under the people. Anger, not despair, drives revolutions!

  13. ‘When Donald Trump fired missiles at Syria, he became president’. Ahh you can say that again.
    Rather than leave these countries to it and come what may, he had to put his nose into it. And what do we get back in return……umm, nothing. Only the Jooo’s gain anything. American Demockery at its best.
    The Jews want to commit a Holocaust against European people – the first Holocaust ever in history. We’re missiling our way to extinction for them. Time to start joining the dots and waking up.

  14. With the return of hot summer weather I predict the coons will try to retake the spotlight by shooting some more pigs and burning down a few more Quickie Marts in the ghetto. But right now the jews don’t need Tyrone, they are too busy trying to slaughter 100s of thousands of Christians and Alawites in Syria.

  15. Watching these MSM scum sucking parasites basically piss themselves over (((Drumpf))) neocon war crimes is really pathetic. And shows we are far beyond voting our way out of this abyss. You can say today without exageration that the US is now run by satanic psycopaths without a shred of virtue or truth. At this point we need a true, America 2017 Literally Hitler to lead us out of Babylon and create some kind of decent, heartland-southern nation. Oh, and to hell with (((Drumpf))) kike-whore traitor.

  16. Donald Trump is a negotiator, thus, everything he does is aimed at producing an affeckt.

    The strike at Syria was, and is, a symbolick entrance to display his power and attempt to intimidate those such as N. Korea, for pennies on the dollar.

    As well, he is attempting to silence some of his moist ardent criticks, whilst setting up his credibility to make a sudden turn – perhaps a year in the offing –
    when he will suddenly make a peace pact/alliance with Russia.

    This is all his peculiar brand of Manhattenite smoke & mirrors theatre, and we have all been taken in.

    For those of you who are well read on New York City Jews, but, don’t actually know any, this is right out of the playbook – though it has Trump’s particular stamp.

    You heard it, first, several days ago, and, again, now.

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