Le Pen’s Campaign HQ Bombed

The Paris campaign headquarters of leading French nationalist presidential candidate Marine Le Pen was attacked with a gasoline bomb last night.

ABC News reports:

The Paris fire department says no one was injured in the incident overnight Thursday and the blaze was quickly extinguished. The device hit an insurance office on the ground floor where Le Pen’s campaign is based.

An investigation is underway. Police say vandals also scrawled graffiti targeting Le Pen’s anti-immigration National Front party.

Le Pen said on France-2 television Thursday that she suspects extreme-left activists in the incident, but said that her campaign has not been contacted by investigators.

Recently, Le Pen has been in the news for condemning Trump’s attack upon the Syrian government. She was also denounced by the Israeli government for her remarks about restoring French pride and moving away from historical guilt associated with the Holocaust.

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  1. It’s a great blessing, as it will further galvanize Frenchmen to the side of the modern Jeanne D’Arc…

  2. What a coincidence! That Israeli Secret Intelligence Service conspiracy doesn’t look so silly to me now, after Trump bombed a country that is fighting ISIS.

  3. Trump may have green lighted this.

    She raised the banner of the Christians and the CIA USAF struck it down.

    Sinister days.

  4. We, ourselves, are in a quagmire. Think long term compartmentalization. Either Trump was real and his daughter is the controlled or willing pawn, or it was a total con game all along, or something like that. The evil forces use compartmentalization and we don’t analyze things that way. Think Fabian Society – things are ushered in over time; sometimes it takes decades or centuries – think Albert Pike and his “predictions”.

    We know there was esoteric signaling on the part of Trump. We knew he was surrounded by the usual suspects. We know they distract while the real world changing events are going on in the background unnoticed. I think we need to stop using all our energy trying to dissect an animal with no known biology. Emotions are a distraction themselves.

  5. You know (((they))) are good when even our very own “maniacal kike hunter on steroids (Denise)” fell for the trap. Denise, you have a soft spot somewhere….. haha.

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