Trump Abandons Numerous Campaign Pledges

After getting out to a promising start in which the US President Donald Trump seemed serious about fulfilling campaign pledges, every day now seems to bring another broken campaign pledge from the White House. These broken promises are not limited to just the u-turn on Syria or Trump’s refusal to label China a currency manipulator.

The Washington Post reports:

President Trump is abandoning a number of his key campaign promises on economic policy, adopting instead many of the centrist positions he railed against while campaigning as a populist.

Trump will not label China a “currency manipulator,” he told the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, despite a campaign pledge that he would apply the label on his first day in office. He also said he was open to reappointing Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet L. Yellen after saying last year that the central banker should be “ashamed” of what she was doing to the country.

And he embraced the Export-Import Bank, a government agency that he mocked last year and that has long been despised by conservatives who labeled it crony capitalism.

The article then speaks of Trump’s betrayal on Syria and his abandonment of isolationism and an America First foreign policy.

Trump has also sharpened his criticism of Russia, a major break from the praise he lavished on Russian President Vladimir Putin during the campaign.

Also on Wednesday, Trump praised the work of NATO, a pact between the United States and some of its closest allies that Trump once called “obsolete.”

“It was once obsolete; it is no longer obsolete,” he said Wednesday after meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Trump’s changes are catching lawmakers, business executives, supporters, critics and even markets off guard. The U.S. dollar slumped and Treasury bond yields fell after the Wall Street Journal quoted Trump saying the dollar was too strong.

The rapid shuffle of priorities comes as he adopts a growing number of centrist policies, many of which the Obama administration tried to advance amid heated GOP opposition for years.

CNN reports on “Trump’s stunning u-turns on NATO, China, Russia and Syria”:

It was almost as if Donald Trump’s outsider presidential campaign never happened Wednesday as he rushed to embrace establishment political and national security positions he once publicly abhorred.

Within a few hours of extraordinary political shape-shifting, Trump abandoned stances that were at the bedrock of his establishment-bashing campaign. NATO, he said, is “no longer obsolete.” And he backed down a threat to brand China a currency manipulator.

The article then discusses his reversal of position on Syria, China and Federal Reserve Chairman (((Janet Yellen))).

It was not clear whether Trump’s sudden policy flips were the product of a new outlook and worldview. But previous presidents have often remarked that the world looks a lot different from the Oval Office than from a campaign rally.

It may not be a coincidence that Trump’s adoption of conventional political positions came the day after a stunning interview with the New York Post in which he publicly criticized his political guru Stephen Bannon, his insurgent, populist political conscience.

CNN notes that Trump has not yet abandoned his campaign pledge on immigration. But one has to wonder, given the mounting heap of broken pledges, if that is next.

This administration increasingly looks like a disaster. Trump appears to be the ultimate con.

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  1. i trust Jeff Session’s judgment.

    Jeff Sessions says he admires Bannon and has received no pushback from Ivanka Trump or Jared Kushner

    Sessions was asked on the Laura Ingraham Show about reports Kushner and Ivanka Trump had more influence in the White House. Ingraham, citing reports, said Ivanka Trump and Kushner are trying to soften the President’s rhetoric on immigration, unlike Bannon and former Sessions aide Stephen Miller.
    “I’m an admirer of Steve Bannon and the Trump family and they’ve been supportive of what we’re doing. I’ve not felt any pushback against me on anything I’ve done or advocated,” Sessions said.

    Asked if anyone else shared his views on immigration in the West Wing, Session said the President did.
    “He’s still insisting we’re gonna build this wall and he’s not backing down from it. He’s supported me and the Homeland Security in stepping up our enforcement at the border 100% and we’re carrying out his agenda and I think that’s shared throughout the White House,” Sessions said. I don’t believe anybody’s going to object to that.”

  2. M Stevens appears to be expecting a bit much out of people with essentially no power. The problem with the pro-white movement is that basically all resources are controlled by the enemy, and we have no way to secure any resources. We are quite literally shut out of the system; Trump has no reason to listen to anything we say, beyond his own personal whim.

    Additionally, he says that Syria is no big deal. Apparently, continuing to invade the world and invite the world is no big deal, either. If we accept everything that Trump does, no matter how contrary to what he just said a week or month ago, how do we differ from the cuckservatives, who adopt all liberal positions, just a little slower and with a lot of complicated mumbling to justify it, rather than with screaming enthusiasm like the left.

    I’m beginning to think that the leftists have won, absolutely. The white race will go extinct and be replaced by the Third World. It’s done; finished. There will be no renewal. We lost, and soon we’ll be gone. And there’s nothing to be done about it.

  3. “M Stevens appears to be expecting a bit much out of people with essentially no power. The problem with the pro-white movement is that basically all resources are controlled by the enemy, and we have no way to secure any resources. We are quite literally shut out of the system; Trump has no reason to listen to anything we say, beyond his own personal whim. ”

    You have all the power you need to spread memes and change the national conversation. Spreading memes is what he’s talking about.

    Trump the Boomer Cuck, desperately wants to be popular. He wants to be part of the in-crowd. Wants it so bad, he sells out to get it. That’s your leverage.

    “I’m beginning to think that the leftists have won, absolutely. The white race will go extinct and be replaced by the Third World. It’s done; finished. There will be no renewal. We lost, and soon we’ll be gone. And there’s nothing to be done about it.”

    There’s that Conservative Depression M Stevens was talking about.

  4. @Michael Cushman…

    ‘@Winbornmill, haha! It is going fine. We mostly agree. He will have my middle name of O’Neil. Narrowed down the first name to 2 or 3 possibilities.’

    And let me guess, Sir – the ongoing debate for the first name is betwixt…

    #1 Nathaniel? (on second thought, no – too Jewish, in spite of Bedford Forrest!)

    #2. Jefferson? (Jefferson O’Neil Cushman has a kind of ring, don’t you think?

    #3. Stonewall? (Stonewall O’Neil Cushman – rings even better eh?’)

    #4. Frank? (out of your early appreciation for Spanish fascists ‘Franco’)

    #5. Dabney? – (needs no explanation)

    #6. How about old discarded Anglo-Saxe names? – such as Rowan, Alric, Roderick, Aethelred, Henry

    #7. Old Biblical southern names – Hezekiah, Josiah, Zachariah, Ezekiel, Ezra, or Nathaniel?
    (Okay – we are repeating, so we stop here…

  5. @John Bonaccorsi…

    ‘I enjoyed the way you responded, systematically, to each of several persons in this thread. Best wishes to your loved ones and you in return, as we come to the heart of the Easter days.’

    Thank you so very much, John. I appreciate your appreciation of discourse and of my repartee.

    Yes, this weekend, down in The Bible-Belt Confederacy is going to be a divine Easter Hell – services all over the place, every time of day and night.

    I like what the preacher said last night : ‘if you love ‘The Lord everyday is Easter.’

    Be sure to tell your mama she has friends down in Dixie who are thinkin’ of her!; and make sure you go with her to church!

  6. @Denise:

    Cly – why on EARTH do you believe Hillary Trumenberg will do ANYTHING he’s promised to the USA, during his casino show campaign? Come on. You’re better than that.

    Kvoorhees – Kushner is POTUS. Snap out of it.

    Because Trump HAS kept his promise to confirm Gorsuch and he DID get Sessions in. And as long as Sessions can find a way to make sure that John Q Public gives TRUMP credit for everything Sessions does, Sessions will stay where he is. There is only one Reality Star at the White House. The Left who was always seeking Trump’s Achilles Heel understood this. Bannon instead of keeping a very low profile and bending over backwards to give Trump credit for everything Bannon accomplished was giving interviews, for Pete’s sake, and the Left jumped all over this calling him President Bannon.

    It’s unfortunate that Bannon also underestimated the Love Me, Love My Dog Dynamics involved with Trump, Ivanka, and Kushner. I still believe that Trump, whose oversized ego makes him incapable of just manning up and publicly acknowledging his YUUUUUGE mistake in dumping Ivana for that tramp, Marla Maples years ago. He had presidential ambitions then which could not be realized because Trump chose to chase his cock.

    Ivana Trump was an old school Eastern European woman who could have and would have looked the other way if Trump had been discreet and “grabbed the pussy” on the down low. He should have made it clear to Maples that he would never leave his family an all she would ever be is his ex-mistress if she made it public. And when she did, he should have dumped her as ruthlessly as he has many of his key supporters. But I digress.

    Whether Bannon liked it or not, he HAD to find a way to work with Kushner until he could find a way to get rid of him. If that involved turning a blind eye and biting his tongue over the inevitable Israel First and Wall Street First policies this Dual Citizen Vulture Capitalist came up with, so be it. In fact, i doing so, he would have scored GREAT Propaganda Points with Kushner being the emblem of everything wrong in this country. He had a chance to give the Usual Suspects enough rope to hang themselves and he didn’t.

    Bannon had a very narrow jurisdiction in which to work. Bannon’s public persona should have been as Trump Employee and Loyalist. Trump is a typical CEO who wants to delegate work to a peak performer and hog all credit for it. Bannon was not there to get involved in ((Foreign Policy))) and (((Banking))). From my pro-White POV, Bannon is there to implement a Domestic Policy that will keep all but the most extreme (Whites wanting control of the Banks and the Missiles) happy and to attract more “centrist” Whites (suburban Democrats who voted for Hillary).

    That means focusing on putting in Pro-White policies and slapping the TRUMP brand on it. Installing TRUMP Courts (not just the SCOTUS). Coming up with a TRUMPcare that will knock voters socks off. Finding ways to get Congress to fund shovel ready infrastructure jobs and the Great Wall of TRUMP. Pushing forth TRUMP legislation that will make Trump’s base happy. But above all finding great Pro-White policies for which TRUMP and ONLY TRUMP can hog the credit. There’s room for no other ego BUT Trump’s as Jared Kushner would eventually discover if Bannon would only get out of the way and tend to OUR business.

    Look Denise, I’m not thrilled with Trump over Syria myself, but this Syria Project has been in the works for a long time. This means, Hillary, Bernie, Cruz, Rubio, or Jeb! would have been fighting with Russia, too. Think “Greater Israel” and remember that virtually EVERY Republican candidate talked about how the first thing they’d do as President of the USA for Americans was to call Netanyahu and give him anything he wanted.

    Every candidate, interestingly enough, BUT Donald Trump. He has Pro White instincts, Denise, if nothing else. He was the only one who talked about what he’d do for AMERICA, not ISRAEL. No one else blinked an eye over the Promises to Israel Pantheon, except Ann Coulter. And no one would have blinked an eye if Trump had said the same thing. It was par for the course. You can’t be a politician of any standing anywhere unless you pledge to go balls to the wall against any threat to Israel. You just can’t. If you question that, look at David Duke. He’s president of Absolutely Nothing.

    The Syria Project is just part of the Greater Israel Domino that Dubya alluded to in his Axis of Evil speech. It’s been planned since the Usual Suspects were griping about Syria occupying Lebanon for over twenty-five years. Syria had even been accused of assassinating Rafic Hariri, a popular Lebanese politician, who was heading a (((Democratic))) movement called The Cedar Revolution and twenty five other Lebanese. So the Usual Suspects have been trying to get rid of Bashir Assad for years.

    The Syrian Project is going to get very, very unpopular two years from now. Bannon didn’t need to lead SHIT to the public that he was unhappy about it and advised Trump against it. Better to say that Foreign Policy was not his expertise and he was deferring to Trump’s judgment and then go back to focusing on the Domestic Stuff. It wasn’t necessary to insert himself on this. He had the Alt Right and the Alt Light to start raising hell over it. Ego will sabotage people every time. This is one time Bannon should have ignored his.

    In the meantime, assuming Bannon can hold on, Trump is going to need many popular Domestic policies in place to win a second term. By discharging as many of Trump’s promises as he can on the domestic front and making sure TRUMP gets all the credit for it, Bannon can put Trump into a position where he would have a YUUUUGE Public Mandate, hopefully to deal with Foreign and Banking. Remember that La Clinton DID win the popular vote because so many establishment people voted for her.

    This is a golden opportunity for Trump to broaden his appeal to ALL Whites (if Bannon can just pull his head out of his own ego and hang in there). The Democrat Party is in the process of purging many of the most establishment Liberal Whites from their ranks. If Bannon can hold onto the Blue Wall Democrats and do enough to keep the Evangelicals (by overturning the Johnson Amendment), the Border Hawks and Immigration Patriots, and the Blue State Working Class Democrats on board, and lure the Bernie Sanders voters over, the purged Liberal Whites are going to come on board, too.

    By then, the inevitable Guns versus Butter Argument must come into effect just as the Vista of Endless Wars for Israel rolls out in front of everyone’s eyes. Right now, Guns are winning, because the Working Class has become resigned to getting a big fat nothing but broken promises dog whistled by one administration after another. Bannon must break all speed records to give them enough to whet their appetites for MORE if he wants to break the double yoke of America’s disastrous foreign and Wall Street policies of of American necks.

    IOW, Denise, for whatever you might say about Kushner, his bright idea of bombing Syria is getting Trump YUUUUGE amounts of ego-stroking and praise from the press. Trump loves the flattery. Assuming it’s not too late, Bannon needs to make some serious moves on getting Trump lots and lots of praise for Gorsuch and start putting in more effort to popular Domestic policies that will net Trump even more accolades. So far, only Sessions seems to get that

  7. If Trump keeps it up he won’t be able to carry the South, or the old industrial/farm states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin. He may do better in New Yawk and get 49% of the Jew & Roman Catholic vote in that State.

  8. I’m saying that if we don’t start advancing a caste of “Court Whites,” we will never get any traction. Bannon did not have the temperament to be a “Court White,” which is why he is in trouble. Let’s hope Sessions gets it.

    As Court Jews from Joseph to Jared Kushner have proven, it’s not who sits on the throne that decides policy. He either takes credit for it or the blame for it.

    Great White civilizations have risen and fallen, the one nation that has outlasted them all is the Jewish Nation. The Court Jew is responsible for that. We need “Court Whites.”

  9. Always keep them wondering…..

    If he wiped out every single promise, you would no longer wonder…

    Besides, who the heck is Gorscuh, really? He’s from Boulder, CO, a lefitst’s paradise.

  10. “i trust Jeff Session’s judgment.” – I think this means that the thrust of the Kushner push on immigration will be more legal immigration.

  11. Don’t blame Bannon for not having cleverness to keep his position. We haven’t a clue what sort of provocations he’s had to deal with, and Trump could be forced to drop him no matter what Bannon said or did. The pretexts for the dropping can always be found later, or made up.

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