Politico: Trump Turns To CEOs

Did you hear the news?

The 2016 election wasn’t about overthrowing the failed political establishment. Instead, it was about empowering Jared Kushner and moderate New York business leaders:

“Wall Street titan Stephen Schwarzman has recently taken on a new, informal job: counselor to the president.

The CEO of Blackstone Group, who has known Trump for years, has become so close to the president that the two sometimes talk several times a week, covering everything from Chinese trade to tax policy to immigration.

White House and New York business officials say Schwarzman was critical to Trump keeping the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, also known as the Dreamers program, with Trump making the decision after a call with the hedge fund billionaire. The two also recently chatted at Mar-a-Lago about a possible reorganization of the White House, two people familiar with the meeting say, though the conversation didn’t include specific names.

Schwarzman’s growing influence in Trump’s circle is welcome news to New York business leaders and moderate Republicans, who want the president to abandon his nationalist positions and embrace a more nonideological White House amid lagging poll ratings and infighting dominating the West Wing. …”

I’m pretty sure all the populists and nationalists who supported Trump in the 2016 election didn’t imagine Stephen Schwarzman or Gary Cohn having this much influence. In fact, quite a few of those people voted for Trump in the primaries and the general election precisely because they believed he wasn’t a puppet of those people like, you know, Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton.

In hindsight, it seems Lyin’ Ted was right about Trump having New York values.

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  1. Doug Hagmann of Hagmann & Hagmann said he believes Trump IS playing 4D chess (not in those exact words). He thinks its a strategy and that Trump is fighting a system so overwhelmingly against him that various angles are being used. He got some information from his sources (Hagmann) that are in intelligence.

    The only thing that keeps me partially sitting on the fence is that his speech during the whole election cycle was congruent. His backward speech (subconscious) was consistent with everything he said forward. This is a science that the intelligence agencies are well aware of and even spent time with David John Oates in Australia 20 odd years ago. Who knows?

    On another program, the guest (Robert Morningstar) stated that both Lincoln’s assassination and the start of WWI occurred on Good Friday. He added that most people, unaware of the spiritual aspect of the world, only look at the actual date in numbers and not the significance of the day itself (eluding to esoteric meaning and the cabal’s Luciferian beliefs).

  2. My previous post should have stated Wilson signed America’s declaration of war against Germany on Good Friday, April 6, 1917.

  3. Trump obviously isn’t concerned about alienating the millions of decent White Americans who voted for him, because he’s not running for reelection. Who knows, maybe he will resign from office before his first term is up. Hopefully he will be the last President of the soon-to-be-defunct United States.

  4. I was for Cruz, but, when he went down, Trump seemed a very good alternative.

    And with appointments like Sessions and Gorsux he still is infinitely more savory than Miss Hillary.

    That said, none are substitutes for Southern Secession, but, we, lamentably, we are not there, yet…

  5. Let’s try not to be too negative. We got a decent Supreme Court Justice and Jeff Sessions is doing fantastic work.

    At least this week Trump is bombing ISIS not our kinsmen the Russians who are fighting ISIS.

    We really do live in similar to Stalinist times, only the Jews didn’t have as much cultural and political power in Stalin’s time.

  6. I thought for sure trump would hire a roofer to run the financial side of things. Instead, what he has done is like someone starting a new hospital and hiring a Sloan Kettering surgeon when we wanted a people from the local mill to straighten things up.

  7. Ted Cruz could have defeated Trump had Ted not also been a globalist hack, In 2016 in retrospect we had no real choice. I was one of the WORSE IS BETTER guys, I came on board with Trump late. Now Im thinking in some ways I was right

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