10 Ideas for a Free Dixie, Number 8 Will SHOCK You!

Ok, so the title is poking fun at click-bait sites. Good clean fun. But, as far as the question it raises, what can you do? Here are some ideas for a free Southern ethno-state or Free Dixie to get the conversation rolling. I have generally tried to avoid LARPing too hard here and instead focused on what could actually be done by normal people. As true Southerners let our agency shine bright!

  1. The creation of micro Dixie ethno-city-states in small towns throughout the Black Belt and other de-populated areas which have lots of real estate up for sale at low prices. A couple families or a few individuals could easily start such a project, buying a few cheap buildings in the middle of a small Southern town and then publicizing their effort to bring in other Southern Nationalists. It wouldn’t take millions to get this project off the ground. Eventually we want an Orania of our own. In fact, we want several of them, but that will take a while. With a Southern Orania you would get to live your Dixie ethno-state dreams now while building for the future and inspiring our folk.
  2. Erect small monuments to Southern Nationalist heroes like Rhett, Fitzhugh, Hampton, Miles, etc. on private property in Southern areas. If they are on private property we won’t have to battle the Left in a few years as they pressure truecons to take them down. They could become focal points for SN tourism. And they could red-pill locals with real Southern Nationalism. All it would take would be to buy a small plot of land along a road somewhere, raise a little money to build the monument and then publicize it. Specifically, I would focus on the Fire-Eaters and Redeemers to get the most red-pill bang for the buck. This will make the point tat Southern heritage and identity is about more than a 4 year war which we lost.
  3. Set up an app for cell phones which direct people to Southern Nationalist sites of interest, such as the Secession Oak or the Maxy-Rhett House. It would be nice perhaps if this worked with/like popular map apps.
  4. Create a “Confederate Street” Youtube account where you make short videos of all the Confederate or Southern themed streets across Dixie. This would only cost you a little time and gas sheckles.
  5. Start a militant SN band that incorporates native Southern music and SN politics. Our podcasts constantly need new music (look at Cybernazi) and this project could potentially start a SN music underground – which we need.
  6. Create a pro-Dixie PAC that would donate sheckles to candidates who support our heritage and identity and are good on immigeation. This would be a big project but could start very small. Fundraising is easier than ever these days. Who knows – the PAC might eventually evolve into an SN party.
  7. Start an SN podcast focused on your region, city or state. Identity Dixie is a platform for hosting such SN podcasts.
  8. Set up a Church of Dixie which would be modeled on the old Anglican church which was the established religion in each of the original Southern colonies but in none of the non-Southern colonies. This would be a huge project but could start small. There are lots of pro-Dixie Christian leaders in the South and we need a religious home now that our main denominations have cucked so hard. This would need to be a very broad church with plenty of room for both high and low church services. UPDATE: Since it was brought up in the comments I am not suggesting we form an eatablished church right now – which would be impossible.
  9. This will seem obvious but it is the most important thing you can do: start a family with a Southern woman (assuming you are a man) and have as many children as you can support and raise well. Marry young rather than wasting your 20s on foolish nonsense like I did. Give your children good Anglo-Celtic names and raise them in our tradition with pride in their identity. Ultimately, if we survive as a distinct people in our own land we win.
  10. Start a small business with a Southern theme. We need to be more economically independent anyhow and ultimately able to support large families and able to employ fellow Southerners. A couple of decades ago I saw a report which studied the number of “Dixie” as opposed to “American” business names in the South. We were killing the competition then. One thing we definitely need are places where Southerners can socially gather in friendly environments: pubs, clubs, restaraunts and the like are needed. I would love to have a Dixie Pub nearby with a Confederate flag inside, Southern-themed art on the walls and a noticable lack of vibrant music.
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  1. @Jack Ryan

    After reading your questions more closely and noting that they had nothing to do with slavery or abolition I think it would be better if I not try to answer your questions. It is not that I cannot give you answers it is due to the fact that the answers that I would give would cause more questions and turn into a religious debate — I have been involved in some religious debates that last for months with many posts going back ane forth, with no real benefit except that it helped me to articulate better my personal beliefs. So peace, I wasn’t trying to proselytize, I just have come to a solution in how to handle northern aggression on the slavery issue. We need all the allies we can get.

  2. @Jack Ryan…

    ‘Oh, yeah – how about the fundamentalist religious myth in Exodus where the Jewish tribal God Jehovah parts the Red Sea so that the Jews – God’s Chosen People escape the evil Egyptians, who were, like us – definitely not God’s Chosen People. Or how about the part before that which describes “Passover” where some sign was put on the Jews homes so that this same Jewish Tribal God Jehovah spares the Jewish homes from the terrible plague Jehovah is bring down on all the Egyptian people?

    How does that work for decent Southern White people in the Southern Confederacy?’

    To the ordinary Evangelical Southern mind, it works well, Jack. It shows that The Lord treasures His people, and, being that most Christians see themselves as The New Chosen People (owing to the acceptance of His Son) it means that he will rescue them, in on fashion or another.

  3. @John Bonaccorsi…

    Buford Johnson is Confederate Pete Seeger. Interesting pick, John.

    Have a good night.

  4. @Reckonings…

    No. I’m not a tarheel. I live in Franklin county, TN. The University of the South is a liberal arts college in a town called Sewanee (in many years past it was a prestigious southern institution). Now it’s fully of liberal Yankees and a lot of homosexuals. It makes me angry. They are constantly trying to tell us how to live our lives and how to run our schools. My family originally came to this area in 1817. I believe we have some distant relatives that are tarheels. Most of the pioneers of the family came from Virginia.’

    Thank you for replying, Reckonings. I have some Confederate friends in your area, and they, none, are all that high on the migrant Yankees.

    Yes, in my little historick plantation town, we have an old prestigious Baptist Liberal Arts college that, over the last 25 years has gone from being almost all white to almost all black.

    So, yes, I understand your ire. That said, there is a positive to this, this being that, in our area, our town is the last town with a downtown that has not been wreckt by Yankee Government trade policies, or should I say that it has been, although the funds that flow into the now university help to hide the fact, somewhat.

    North Carolina is a child of Virginia, and Tennessee is a child of North Carolina. I think of Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson – both of whom were born in my state, but, gained fame in ya’lls.

    Andrew Johnson’s childhood home was not far from where I was raised.

  5. ‘Tell the idiot you fought with that JEWs ran the slave trade, out of Rhode Island. Ask them why African Negroes, in African countries, have never ever ever founded an Abolition Movement. Remind any idiot you encounter that slavery is expanding and thriving with the advance of Islam, all over the world.

    Inform the clueless of any stripe that the Civil War was fought over cotton production. The Southern cotton production was cutting into the Rothschild Egyptian cotton profits. It’s the JEW, yet again.’


    If you could find 10 Southerners, who thought this was his motivation for fighting, 160+ years back, then I would be amazed. Certainly no Southerner with whom I have ever spoke’ thinks this now.

    But, yes, M’am : you are absolutely entitled to think we have not a clue who we are, what we are, and why we are, and were and are prepared to do for all that.

    In such a world, all is predetermined by Jews, and all Whites are too stupid and weak to realize it.

    In such a case – yes, it’s always the Jew – always, as no one else is conscious.

  6. @Jack Ryan…

    One more thing – Southern Evangelicals are spellbound that, after millenia of being in Diaspora, Israel has come back into being. To them, this falls in line with prophecy and heralds the fulfillment of it and the arrival of The End Days.

    That’s reason #2.

  7. Turn Hearts
    APRIL 17, 2017 AT 4:41 PM
    If the South is ever to have peace then this condemnation of slavery by the North needs to be dealt with. Here is an exchange I had last night on a forum:

    Yankee: (to another poster) One other thing.The South began a war and revolution in order to keep and expand slavery. There’s a problem that won’t go away. Me: Union, you are arguing from your populist religion — abolition. History is on the side of slavery. When great men of old stand before Christ, the fact that they owned, bought, sold, inherited slaves will not be brought up against them. Your false doctrine will be exposed and the truth that the North was the guilty one harassing the South over a historically acceptable practice. Slavery didn’t cause anything but it was the self-righteous North harassing the South with anti-slavery legislation that was the cause of sectional conflict in this context. Yankee: Well, you may have a point. The 3/5ths clause, the Missouri Compromise, the Wilmont Priviso, the gag order on Congress on discussing or debating slavery, the Fugitive Slave Acts, the Negro seaman’s act, the push for a federal slave code, and then all those speeches and declarations and articles that stated the South was leaving the Union, after a free and fair election, for fear that slavery would not be secure in the Union. After reflection, no, you don’t have a point. Me: No, I have more than just a point. I just blew your populist religion of abolition out of the water….The North was the guilty party of anti-slavery action and sectional division from the start.

    Can’t let them beat us to death with this slavery club…we can fight them back


    I would start by saying that if you roll it back to the Articles of Confederation, the fact that we were THIRTEEN SEPARATE NATIONS was where the problem began. In 1780, Quaker Pennsylvania decided that it wished to abolish slavery and then in 1781 the Quock Walker and Elizabeth Freeman cases came before the Massachusetts Supreme Court, who decided that the 1780 Massachusetts Constitution forbade slavery in the Commonwealth. The Articles Congress only had authority over United States Territory and the only Territory held by the United States Government, after the territorial disputes were finished was the NORTHWEST TERRITORY ie OH, IN IL MI WIS. Kentucky was a county of Virginia and Tennessee was a County of North Carolina and Georgia extended from the Atlantic to Natchez. When the Mississippi Territory is organized and Georgia cedes present-day Alabama and Mississippi, there is no question of slaverys legality as it was already established under Georgia Law and previously under British Law as well.

    Strangely enough it was Thomas Jefferson who decided that Negroes were somehow PERSONS and PROPERTY simultaneously when he made sure the Northwest Ordinance forbade slavery in the Northwest Territory. Madison held to this understanding as well. The previous year, 1784 Jefferson attempted to have a law passed that would have forever outlawed slavery in new US Territories.

    When the Constitutional Convention began in 1787, Free Negroes already had partial citizenship and voting rights in 10 of the 13 Colonies, only Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia wisely declared Whites-Only Citizenship. This was because of the English Understanding of Citizenship. Under the English system everyone was a subject of the Monarch who was not a slave. That meant a Negro freemen or an Indian was under English Common law IN THEORY equal to the White man, but obviously not in fact. To further muddy the waters, James Madison, like Thomas Jefferson held that Negroes were human beings, just not the equal of the White Man. In the Transatlantic Slave Clause, he writes in the word PERSONS instead of SLAVES. How Jefferson and Madison could simultaneously hold that slaves were PERSONS and SLAVES which was against the Common law is beyond me. The 3/5th Compromise also uses the term PERSONS.

    The Constitution is passed in 1787 and the new document retains much of the States Rights within the Articles of Confederation. States determine Citizenship and also control voting. The concept of a separate Federal Citizenship came into being with the Immigration Act of 1790. The problem was although in theory this law established Whites-Only Citizenship for the United States, it had no enforcement over the states, who could continue to accept anyone as citizens. By the time Ohio is admitted in 1803, it established the fact that all new states would be WHITES-ONLY CITIZENSHIP. By this time Delaware and Kentucky specify Whites-Only Citizenship, joining Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia.

    The Louisiana Purchase created a conundrum. This was the first federally held territory since the Northwest Territory and because of Jefferson establishing the precedent with the Northwest Ordinance that Slavery was a Government issue, the problems began. The admission of Louisiana wasn’t a problem as its government was already in place and slavery firmly established. The Missouri Compromise was the brainchild of Illinois Senator Jesse Thomas, a Virginian by birth and Sen Henry Clay of KY another Virginian by birth. The settlement seemed pleasing to both sides at the time, Maine gets to separate from Massachusetts and be its own state, and as it was brought into the Union as Massachusetts, it keeps Mass’s Negro citizenship laws. Missouri comes in as Whites-only slave State. By 1821,Free Negroes were still legal citizens in Tennessee, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine. It would take until 1835 for Tennessee and North Carolina to reform their state laws to specify WHITES-ONLY Citizenship and Pennsylvania would follow suit in 1838. The only new state that attempted to give Negroes citizenship was Wisconsin in 1849 and confusion over whether the law had legally passed led it to be declared invalid. This was the first time any NEW state created after the Constitution and the Immigration Act of 1790 even thought it could confer voting rights upon anyone not White.

  8. The 1860 Election rolls around after the experiment with Popular Sovereignty was a complete failure in Kansas, largely because the South didn’t organize hard enough behind Missouri to force the issue. Unfortunately, the South always had within its states the power and finances to collapse the government or do what needed to be done, but unfortunately getting the South to pull together as one was like herding cats. Although Dred Scott had in 1857 finally cleared up Jefferson’s original mistake in 1785 and Madison’s mistake in 1787 by finally calling Negroes PROPERTY not PERSONS unfortunately PRE 14th Amendment, the Supreme Court had no enforcement power, states could chose to comply or not to comply.

    The other problem with Dred Scott is that the Federal Government couldn’t invalidate STATE CITIZENSHIP. Thus in 1860 Negroes voted in RI, MASS, VT, NH, ME as free and equal citizens.

    The Confederate Constitution of 1861 took most of these problems and cleared them up right from the start. First the Confederacy Implored GOD, second it had ONE UNIFORM CITIZENSHIP, no state conferred citizenship upon anyone the CSA conferred citizenship and third Negroes were SLAVES in the Confederate Constitution, 100% ineligible for citizenship. The UNION soldiered on with the 1787 Constitution still in place.

    I will say that not only was the NORTH winning a tragedy, but a worse part of the tragedy was that the 1787 Constitution was left in place which carried through the original problems. Although we can discuss the ILLEGAL 13th 14th and 15th Amendments all day long the thing is this. The entire 1787 Document needed scrapped by the 1850s at least it was sorely out of date then. Unfortunately today that document albeit modified is still in place, with its Religious Freedom (WHICH JEFFERSON SAID MEANT ANY RELIGION INCLUDING ISLAM AND WITCHCRAFT) Freedom of Speech (VAGINA MONOLAGUES) and the like.

    If anyone tells me how great the Constitution is, I just look at them and shake my head

  9. @billyrayjenkins

    Thanks for your comments. Today all we hear is that slavery in the South was the cause of the WBTS…you hardly ever see anyone point out all the anti-slavery efforts put forth by the North…

  10. @Billy Ray…

    ‘If anyone tells me how great the Constitution is, I just look at them and shake my head’

    The Constitution is the ultimate document for depriving man of his ability to control his own locale.

    Criminal Usurpation sold as virtue.

  11. @Billy Ray…

    ‘If anyone tells me how great the Constitution is, I just look at them and shake my head’

    The Constitution is the ultimate document for depriving man of his ability to control his own locale.

    Criminal Usurpation sold as virtue.

  12. This thread concerning a “Free Dixie” would not be if every one who had fought for the Confederacy put forth the effort that Nathan Bedford Forrest did. He was truly a hero and a leader.

    He [Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest] remained quick, however, to discipline any officer whose example seemed likely to increase disaffection among the troops. As they were being ferried from the island to the other side of the Tennessee during the escape at Florence, all were ordered to assist on the ferries’ oars and poles. Forrest, engaged in these exertions himself, turned to a lieutenant who wasn’t and asked him why. According to an eyewitness, the “lieutenant responded that he was an officer, and did not think he was called upon to do that kind of work as long as there were private soldiers sufficient.” Whereupon Forrest slapped the young officer so hard across the face that he was sent “sprawling over the gunwale and into the river.” After he was retrieved and pulled back into the boat, Forrest told him: “Now, d__n you, get hold of the oars and go to work! If I knock you out of the boat again, I’ll let you drown.”

  13. Turn Hearts

    Thank you for your very reasonable peace overture and I accept 100%.

    It’s really best not to get in to theology arguments over religion with other decent solid White Southern Christian people or just solid European Americans.

    Through some strange twists of fate our people became overwhelmingly Christian and our holy book was/is the Jewish Bibile/Judeo Christian Bible.

    We’re pretty much stuck with it and have to make the best of things.

    One way that used to work, is to say that yes;

    “The Jews/Israelites were Gods Chosen people, the people of the Bible, holy book, everything in the Old Testament Bible Jewish holy book is true, but when the Jews reject Jesus Christ, the Son of God the true Messiah they lost their covenant with God” So now the Jews, particularly real vicious lying cultural marxist Jews, Hollywood big shot Jews, New York/Harvard Law Lying Lib Leftists Jews – these Jews are no longer God’s Chosen People nor are just Jews in Israel.

    God wants us to take care of our own people our own children – guard them from bad things like Hard Core porn, vicious hateful Holywood (Weinsten Brothers) movies like “D’Jango Unchained”.

    It’s also just common sense that we shouldn’t get manipulated into even more White vs White Christian wars of us attacking, slaughtering our kinsmen’s the Christian Serbs or the Russians who look and think nearly exactly like us.

    This sometimes works for me with Southern Christians, but often it doesn’t and people just react like angry brainwashed TV addicted morons and mostly scream that

    “You’re a Racist, you’re a heretic, your Hitler etc”.

    With these types it’s best to led God and Nature take their course. They’re minds are not open to any truths that help our side.

  14. winbornmill
    “@Jack Ryan…

    One more thing – Southern Evangelicals are spellbound that, after millenia of being in Diaspora, Israel has come back into being. To them, this falls in line with prophecy and heralds the fulfillment of it and the arrival of The End Days.

    That’s reason #2.”

    I respond:

    Yes I concede this is true. Southern Evangelical Leaders do preach that this is Biblical prophesy and somehow all God’s will. But, in my view it’s mostly all bad for us. Things like Whiter Christians being genocided in the Middle East/Holy Land, or Whites in Zimbabwe/South African being genocided that this is somehow God’s plan and we should just accept this and wait for the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.

    Than (in my opinion) these Evangelical Christian leaders add in “the Rapture” line that all the good Christians will soon get raptured out of this sinful world and only the fallen people. bad people will be “Left Behind” to face the horrors of Hell on earth. Something like a Zombie Walking Dead scenario.

    These frauds pushing “The Rapture” then just preach that nobody needs to really worry very much about BlackLiesMatter mobs rioting and looting, mass illegal immigration, sane White Christians being pushed off US Universities and College campuses or the US media pushing lies, anti White, anti Southern propaganda etc.

    You see, from my/our point of view this Judeo Christian Evangelical world view just doesn’t work for us or is hostile to us. It’s very much like the corruptions of the International and National Catholic Church which have put in anti White, Liberation Theology complete with the New Liberation Theology Catholic Pope doing photo ops to lick the boots of invading Black/Muslim migrants to Italy.

    Are we supposed to just go along with that and say:

    “Hey, it must be Gods will and a sign that we’re in the End Times”

    (and then the Doors music comes on… “This is the End, my only friend the End”

    Christians in Eastern Europe and Russia just don’t go for any of this nonsense. If Pussy Riot, Femen tries any of their nonsense in Eastern Europe or Russia like they did at the University of California at Berkeley Cossacks are called in and the degenerate Pusy Riot, Femen are pepper sprayed and whipped with Cossacks whips.

    We don’t have state authority in Berkeley CA or really in the South. We just have very on the extreme edges dissidents.

    This is depressing.

  15. @Jack Ryan

    Thank you for explaining where you are coming from.

    For years I have read the Bible and I know that God does allow for the possession of servants. That doesn’t seem very nice to this generation. We have all been brainwashed into accepting this idea that that it is a sin, not just an ordinary sin but the unpardonable sin. But that’s not the case. So when I get into arguments and someone pulls out the slave card, guess what, I can nuke ’em back with the scriptures and they can’t get around what I come back with. I have never lost an argument yet on this point. I nail them. And they are forced to come back with, “Well, I don’t care what the Bible says, I just know that slavery is evil/wrong and anyone who supports it is an evil racist Hitler who doesn’t deserve to live.”

    So peace. I just hope our nation will quit playing these PC games and quit attacking the founding stock of this nation trying to replace us.

  16. Thanks Turn Hearts.

    I admire your strength of conviction.

    I try to stick with really obvious things like:

    “Does heavenly Father and Jesus Christ the son of God want to ban us from saying “Merry Christmas” around Christmas? Do they want to promote extremely violent, anti Southern snuff film porn movies like “D’Jango Unchained” written and directed by the loathsome Quentin Tarrantino and produced by the Weinstein Brothers and have this film mass opened on Christmas Day”?

    I don’t think so and will get in the face of any supposedly tough Southern, American Christians who refuse to oppose this filth.

    I did. I just met with the managers of local movie theaters opening this filthy, hateful anti Christian movie on Christmas day and I asked them if they would do the same to a hateful anti Jewish movie opening on a Jewish high holy day.

  17. TURN HEARTS@billyrayjenkins

    Thanks for your comments. Today all we hear is that slavery in the South was the cause of the WBTS…you hardly ever see anyone point out all the anti-slavery efforts put forth by the North…

    @Turn Hearts. The US Constitution had A LOT of flaws that through the Amendment Process could have been righted. However for some reason things were allowed to fester until they became a raving infection. The whole concept of STATE CITIZENSHIP vs FEDERAL CITIZENSHIP was one thing that needed clarified. Could states label anyone a Citizen and did the Federal Government have to accept it? Were we truly a nation for WHITES ONLY? The vast majority thought so and wanted it that way and over time the issue was corrected in most of the original 13 states plus Kentucky and Tennessee. However the New England States held onto their idea of Jus Soli Citizenship for Negroes long after every other state had scrapped it. Worth noting that only ONE of the POST 1789 states and that was Leftist Wisconsin even attempted to enfranchise Negroes in 1849 and that bill was considered invalid when it passed, it wasnt until 1865 that Wisconsin said that it had passed. Wisconsin was populated by New England radicals at that time, this was long before the Scandinavians.

    The Dred Scott Decision in 1857 came too late for it to do much good. Judge Taney was both RIGHT and WRONG. He was right that Dred Scott was not a Federal Citizen and thus had no saying in the Federal Courts. Taney was right in finding that Slaves were Slaves and not PERSONS. However Taney was wrong in this and that was EX POST FACTO law. The idea that Congress could outlaw slavery came from this concept of Jefferson and Madison put forward BEFORE the Constitution that slaves were Persons. The Northwest Ordinances of 1785-1787 forbade slavery in the Old Northwest OH IN IL MI WIS. These laws were passed before the Constitution established the US Supreme Court so legally there was no way Taney could reverse it as the Constitution strictly forbids any Ex Post Facto legislation. The states of Pennsylvania, Connecticut Massachusetts (INCLUDING MAINE), Vermont Republic and New Hampshire had all outlawed slavery before the Constitution even though only in Massachusetts and Vermont was slavery outright illegal, the rest of the states outlawed it on the phase out plan, thus as the slaves reached majority age they would be freed and the old ones died in slavery. All of this had happened BEFORE the Constitution, so the legal conundrum facing Taney was Ex Post Facto again.

    A worse problem facing Taney was that PRE 14th Amendment the States could choose to Ignore the Supreme Court, as the US Supreme Court had no military or legal power over the states.

    Judge Curtis was right in his dissent of Taney’s decision when he pointed out that originally Free Negroes had been considered under British Law Subjects and under early American law citizens in 10 of the 13 Colonies/States.

    THE SOUTH HAD NO CHOICE IN WHAT IT HAD TO DO. Legally there was nothing the Supreme Court could do to address Southern persecution, as the Supreme Court had no enforcement power, there was nothing President Buchanan could do, he had no enforcement power under the 1787 Constitution to begin arresting State legislatures in the North and forcing them to accept Dred Scott at gunpoint. In my opinion however SECESSION WAS NOT THE IDEAL SOLUTION. A military coup de etat would have been the preferrable solution, particulary after the 1860 Election BUT here was the problem. Almost all the Southern Generals LEE JACKSON etc saw themselves as defenders of (((MUH AMERICA))) and they would have sided with Lincoln and the Yankees, seeing the Coup as illegal. Secession on the other hand satisfied the issues of legality, but it was a more difficult solution. It is a paradox that the South had the power to stage a coup, but no one would dare do it.

    WINBORNMILL @Billy Ray The Constitution is the ultimate document for depriving man of his ability to control his own locale. Criminal Usurpation sold as virtue.

    Patrick Henry in retrospect, almost all of his warnings about the Constitution came true.

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