The Evolutionary Trajectory of Western Civilization

What exactly is civilization? According to the anthropological academic definition, civilization’s genesis is characterized by that epoch which occurred about 5,000 years ago and from which history was first documented in writing – a time when economic forces compelled hunter-gatherers to adopt agriculture, and human tribes gathered in city-state communities with central planning and division of labor. From that humble beginning, what is now known as ancient Sumer sprung forth from the Fertile Crescent known as Mesopotamia, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in modern Iraq, and those ancient people formed the first system of government, laws and uniform customs which still influence us to this day.

That is the textbook definition. It describes the rise of “the state” and its role in stabilizing people into collectives. But this definition is lacking, because it does not sufficiently explain the natural evolution of humanity in its struggle to survive which compelled it to establish those laws and customs. This definition does not recognize the spiritual journey of our ancestors and the genetic legacy that made civilization possible. There is a reason for this. In the egalitarian and dying West, any people anywhere can be credited with building civilization. Never mind that no serious archaeological evidence has ever been uncovered in sub-Saharan Africa for their supposed “contributions.”

Let me offer some ideas on what civilization is from a biological and spiritual perspective. Western academic definitions of civilization are secularized, placing more emphasis on economic and political forces than real biological forces that might run counter to egalitarian narratives. Those same biological forces unveil unique human characteristics particular to “Caucasoid” people (specifically, the European sub-groups: Nordic, Alpine, Mediterranean, Atlantid, etc.). These same biological characteristics reveal themselves in the spiritual and social behaviors that ultimately form the culture and customs of a civilized tribe of people.

Academic analysis of civilization’s beginnings tends to be binary, a before and after affair with a demarcation point within that time frame of ancient Mesopotamia’s genesis. This is wrongheaded, for the innate characteristics that made civilization possible are the culmination of many thousands of years of human awareness. Mankind started itself on the course toward civilization when it first became conscious of the differences between animals and people, man studied natural phenomenon in his environment, and sought to understand what behaviors were beneficial to the tribal collective and what behaviors were potentially damaging to the fabric of said collective.

Taking another human life, for example, without certain justifications such as self defense, war, or punishment for crimes against the welfare of the tribe, has always been viewed as sinful and barbaric in Western traditions. While there have been examples of human sacrifice throughout human history, such religious practices have been limited and relatively rare in European culture. A notable tribe that deviated from that norm is the Carthaginians (technically Africans, but of Mediterranean origin). They were known for ritual sacrifice of infants and for that practice they earned the hatred of the Romans.

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Killing is a perfectly natural and even an instinctual action (san sacrificing your children). Few vertebrate species in nature are innocent. Most only do so out of competition, sometimes for access to females, and sometimes for resources or territorial reasons. But early humans collectively understood that taking a life was harmful, not beneficial, to the survival of the tribe. This is particularly true of European tribes where every hand available for gathering resources was needed.

Throughout human history, deviant sexual behaviors have also generally been frowned upon. Let’s take at face value the biological arguments that leftists make that homosexuality occurs naturally in nature. CIVILIZED people understood that such practices did not benefit the survival of the tribe, and in most cases harmed it. Therefore, the dominant theme in Western Civilization has been to punish sexual behavior which was seen as hedonistic. In these cases, social customs eventually became laws and/or religious doctrines, or even simply seen as violations or taboos which offended the morality of the collective.

Western moral values have not remained fixed historically, they have evolved with the tribes and cultures that institutionalized them. Religion is simply an expression of these collective moral codes, a formalized embodiment of the transient nature of human evolution from the primarily biological to the ethereal and intellectual. Stated another way, when humanity became civilized, it examined the individualistic survival instincts of itself, which were innate and biological, and transcended biological evolution to evolve into a collectivist, spiritual, social, and intellectual trajectory. This transition is still occurring, and though we adjust our social framework to best suit the collective, we still retain perfectly natural individualistic biological impulses that are ignored at our peril.

One of these very strong impulses is competition. Without competition, human existence becomes meaningless and nihilistic. This is reflected not only at the individual level but also the tribal level. A world without competition is a world without purpose.

Directionless masses of biological organisms satisfying their primal impulses as they march toward a slow and certain death. As the individual meanders through life toward his ultimate fate, so goes the collective if it abandons this basic biological competitive need. The White race is ahead of the curve in this regard, we have entered into a suicidal phase that can only mean self imposed genocide if not corrected.

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And perhaps this is the ultimate moral prime directive that we as a people must come to accept. The one and only universal morality is the struggle to survive. And this simply cannot be and has never been an individualistic endeavor. All species adopt collective survival strategies. No advanced species has ever survived when left totally to their own devices as individuals.

Indeed, this transition from biological evolution to the collectivist phase to hyper-individualism is wrought with danger, because it risks totally abandoning the original genetic programming that humanity was born with. But as stated earlier, competition and survival are completely biological and primal instincts. A collective that no longer guides itself with this biological compass will no longer see its own survival as an imperative. It may choose, yes CHOOSE, death instead of life. Perhaps this dead end can already be seen in certain forms of human behavior. Suicide is rampant in Western societies today, something practically unknown only centuries ago when life was much more of a struggle. Suicide defies all the programming in our animal DNA. No other creature that I know of willingly sacrifices its own life for no other purpose but to end it. If death isn’t beneficial to the survival of the species in some logical way, life on earth simply avoids it at all costs. But not humans. We are perfectly capable of taking our own life. And what reason is most often traced back as to why a person would kill themselves? A meaningless and nihilistic existence.

We must enter a new epoch in human evolution where the mind is self aware enough of its own biology to never defy our basic instincts. Not as individuals and not as collective tribes. We must reject the cancer cells that are threatening the extinction of civilization itself. This is our only pure moral imperative.

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  1. Looking at that graph….its a depressing sight. And it confirms what we’ve always known. It could be a graph for any white nation anywhere in the world. We’re the only race anywhere on the planet whose numbers are not increasing.
    And some people wonder what we’re worried about!
    Those ‘nasty, waycist whites’ will no longer be around to babysit the inferiors. What will they do? Who will they blame? Who will they sponge off?

  2. Denise-

    A little help along the way….

    First look at this:

    Then this:

    There is a bloodline link in this whole charade. Burke’s Peerage has documented all the royal families of Europe if you want to pay (L.G. Pine is long dead – I presume what you read there is accurate but much is not there so, again, connections are evasive):

    Absorb it all. Sort it out later. I have been following breadcrumbs for a decade or more. It’s a ride like no other.

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