The Alt-Right Comes To Auburn

I’ve summed my thoughts on everything that transpired in Auburn:

1.) Antifa – Heading into Auburn, I was dismissive of the threat posed by antifa. From my experience with the League of the South and Identity Dixie, I didn’t have any reason to believe there were more than a few dozen Atlanta Antifa. I doubted many of them would travel to Alabama:

I was right.

The antifa in Auburn were drastically outnumbered by the Alt-Right. They managed to attack one of our guys who arrived late while the rest of us were already either inside Foy Hall or in line behind the barricades. In a 4-on-1 fight, he managed to do this to them all by himself. The bloodied face of Seth Miles Waldon was plastered all over local, state and national media.

We’ve already doxxed two of the antifa who were arrested in Auburn. Because they were unmasked by the Auburn police, I’m told that we now have the rest of their names along with other information about them. We will be publishing that soon. It seems that many of them are isolated individuals who came to Auburn from across the region. They are not all based in Atlanta.

Antifas are a paper tiger in the South. Even in Atlanta, there aren’t more than a few dozen of them and they came to Auburn with everything they had to stop Richard Spencer. The threat posed by antifa violence in the South can be neutralized through unmasking, doxxing, networking and organizing. In particular, we ought to encourage bikers, Three Percenters and militias to come to our events.

By holding events like Auburn, one of our goals is to encourage our supporters from rural areas and small towns to come out and join us, organize and occupy public spaces and put an end to violent antifa trying to dominate our public universities. If we can do it in the Deep South and West Coast, we can do it anywhere.

2.) White Bloc – We called for a White Bloc to come to Auburn to neutralize the Black Bloc. In this respect, Auburn was also a major success. For the first time ever, we had people from every corner and faction of the movement turn out and come together to end the threat of antifa violence in a contested public space. The antifa were drastically outnumbered in Auburn which put a chill on their violence.

Moving forward, it is clear that we need to think more broadly and organize a Free Speech Bloc. When controversial speakers like Ann Coulter come to campuses like Berkeley, the Free Speech Bloc will deploy to provide security, occupy public spaces and act as a deterrent against antifa violence and intimidation. The Free Speech Bloc is only in its infancy and has massive growth potential.

Unlike the Black Bloc, the Free Speech Bloc exists only to ensure that citizens can exercise their constitutional rights in public spaces. The Black Bloc believes in violence, intimidation and destruction of property. While the Free Speech Bloc is a purely defensive measure, the occasional communist might get punched in self defense.

3.) Disruption – As I listened to the Q&A session at Auburn, I kept thinking to myself: discourse controls thought, our discourse is excluded from public spaces like Auburn University, which is why we are politically and culturally marginalized, which is why I am sitting here listening to students parrot this nonsense, and this is also why all these antifa idiots are outside desperately trying to shut us down.

In his speech, Richard Spencer said that he believes words are powerful. We’re thinking on the same wavelength. By coming to Auburn, occupying Foy Hall and giving a wildly politically incorrect speech, we disrupted a norm and destabilized the status quo. In the end, their words and threats of violence weren’t able to dissuade us from this course of action. We accomplished what we set out to do.

4.) Political Correctness – Political correctness is a set of norms that narrows the range of permissible thought and utterances. It establishes what is sacred and profane. It is a cultural disease. The cure for this disease is to repeatedly challenge and shatter its norms in public spaces. If we want to break the grip of political correctness on college campuses, we have to go there and smash its idols.

5.) Organizing – Public events like Auburn are organizing and networking opportunities for the Alt-Right. By coming off the internet and establishing real world relationships, we strengthen our network. This is one reason why antifas try so hard to disrupt our events. We had lots of people show up in Auburn to defend Richard Spencer because of the history of our previous events in the region.

6.) Media Coverage – The Alt-Right got local, state and national media coverage because of Richard Spencer’s speech in Auburn. The spectacle in Auburn trended on social media for hours and will undoubtedly draw new people in the region to our side.

7.) Legal Victory – We owe free speech lawyer Sam Dickson a debt of gratitude. By far the most important victory in Auburn was the legal victory we won in defense of our constitutional right to free speech at public universities. This is a precedent that can be applied elsewhere. See Ann Coulter at Berkeley.

8.) The Speech – The major goal in Auburn was for Richard Spencer to deliver his speech at a public university in space occupied by the Alt-Right and leave unscathed. That’s exactly what happened. We exercised our constitutional rights while our opposition attempted to menace those rights.

9.) Charge of the Snowflake Brigade – As we were leaving Foy Hall, the crowd of snowflakes charged us and the mob ran through us and right past us. It was like being in a Southern snowstorm. No one was harmed and within minutes the snowflake crowd had melted and dispersed. When we started recharging our phones, we saw on social media that the narrative was that “the Alt-Right had been chased off campus.” In reality, we walked from Foy Hall to College Street, took a left on East Magnolia, walked down to Donahue, took another left and got into our vehicles in the parking lot in front of the stadium. We walked across half of Auburn’s campus.

10.) White Student Union – Before we arrived in Auburn, the White Student Union was already distributing fliers and Identity Evropa posters all over campus. The two sides were engaged in a flier war. Unlike Richard Spencer, I only live an hour away in Montgomery and can easily stay in contact with our people on the ground there. This wasn’t a one off event. We’re here to stay.

11.) Target Audience – Our target audience in Auburn was never the snowflakes who attended the speech or who gathered outside of Foy Hall. They were the foil. We were targeting the people who were silent, who weren’t there and who agreed with us. This is especially true of parents and alumni who are thinking about sending their kids to Auburn, but who are unaware of how our universities are changing and becoming more like Mizzou and Berkeley. When I was at Auburn, I didn’t go to any of these events but I watched them at my apartment. I was active on social media.

12.) Helping Each Other – Thanks to your contributions, I was able to buy hotel rooms both for myself and another friend who showed up in Auburn which made us stronger on the ground. The League of the South is raising money for our friend who got arrested after getting into a fight with antifa:

Finally, Auburn is only the beginning. We’re going to see a lot more of this in the future. I can see it snowballing as more speeches on college campuses are booked, the Free Speech Bloc gathers and surrounds the speaker to neutralize antifas and organizing and networking takes place afterwards.

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  1. Richard Spencer’s entire speech he never once insulted anyone nor advocated violence. YET you would think that according to the Jewish Media, he told everyone the Holocaust was a lie. This bizarre out of whack overreaction to statements that 75 years ago would have been considered SELF EVIDENT TRUTHS is very telling.

    Hunter I want to offer a few reasons why I think ANTIFA were largely a paper tiger at Auburn. We all know there are not a great deal of homegrown Antifa in the Deep South, except maybe in some of the major cities. We all know about College Towns, aka OPEN BLUE SEWERS IN A SEA OF RED. I am thinking of one near me that’s barely a town, technically the town consists of the college and the few townies that live there year-round. There isn’t even a gas station there. Officially the population is a bit over 2000 people from Sept-May.

    I expect in New Orleans, Austin, Atlanta, Charlotte, and those places with major airports and major north-south Interstates running through them this would have been an all-out war almost as bad as Berkeley. Auburn is a bit off the beaten path to get to as is Tuscaloosa, and one thing Auburn has going for it is nearby Fort Benning (Daddy took his Basic Training there in 1965). I guarantee although they cannot reveal themselves for fear of the JAG coming after and investigating them, there were more than a handful of GI’s there looking over the situation. We have more friends than we’ll ever now.

    A basic reason as to why ANTIFA is so powerful elsewhere is usually because these areas are near enough or in major cities with airports and main transportation lines that it is relatively easy to go to. Take for instance Maryland. University of MD is right outside of DC, huge populations of Hostile Negroids from Howard University and just regular Negroes from the general area. Factor in that ANTIFA from New York/Boston/Philadelphia/Jersey can be in DC in a couple of hours, a nightmare. Towson University another big problem as you have Morgan State Negroes to deal with along with local ANTIFA and all the New York/Boston/Philadelphia/Jersey ANITFA who would descend like locusts. The University of Virginia, while a bit out of the way in Charlottesville would still be close enough for this whole situation as well.

    I will give you an example, Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio. Largest Campus in land-size in USA, second largest enrollment in USA in the 15th largest city in the USA sitting along major transportation lines with an international airport. Any rally like this there with the hordes of homosexuals Negroes and the rest in the city and on campus and what could be flown and bused in would be a nighmare to secure. The Governor would call out the National Guard and itd be over with before it started.

  2. Richard Spencer is a very good speaker. I didn’t notice any sly references to German National Socialism here and I think that’s a good thing.

  3. I liked Spencer’s speech very much. But, I loved the part when he stated “Even if whites were truly inferior in very way, I would still fight for my people, I would still say exactly every thing I just said.” and ended with “But, thank goodness that’s not true. We’re f*cking awesome!”

    That is a deeply confident man who believes in his tribe and is – and will remain – unrepentant toward its enemies. Substance, the stuff real leaders are made of, revealed itself in him. He’s getting even better with time.

  4. @Jack Ryan, I agree that it is a very good thing. It bothered me at first that Spencer doesn’t directly address the JQ and the like, but over time I’ve accepted that it’s probably for the best in pragmatic terms since it broadens his appeal, and that’s what we need as far as our public faces go.

    He hits the major points on the present borders of the Overton window, and for now that is very useful.

  5. Ordered Liberty turned out to be the winning message after all.

    Important to leave infrastructure in the wake of each leg of the tour (white student unions) (alt right / alt south groups)

  6. Wonder whether Berkeley or Auburn will be considered the alt-right’s Selma Bridge, to be revisited every year for commemoration? Also, perhaps, multiple events should be held at the same time within driving distance of each other to force the antifa to divide and weaken their forces and not be able to form a mob.

  7. Antifa could be banned with one trick. A national Execeutive Order banning protest with masks.

  8. @billyrayjenkins

    “We all know there are not a great deal of homegrown Antifa in the Deep South”

    “A basic reason as to why ANTIFA is so powerful elsewhere is usually because these areas are near enough or in major cities with airports and main transportation lines that it is relatively easy to go to.”

    Culture is the reason why there are not many Antifa or other Leftist types in Dixie. The South doesn’t have a tradition of overt political activism. It’s not ingrained in the culture. Quakers, Puritans and large numbers of Jews didn’t settle here. Cavaliers and Barbadians tended to be conservative.

    The Anifa are more powerful elsewhere, because elsewhere is the North and it’s colonies on the Pacific Coast. They have a culture that creates, nutures, supports and approves of these people and their activities. The majority in these places give their silent consent at best, indifference at worst.

    Culture makes the politics. Not the other way round. That’s why Leftism/Yankeeism appears so flimsy and fake and needs constant reinforcement by endless sloganeering ,propaganda and laws. It’s attempting to make culture from politics. Which is bass ackwards.

  9. @Captain John Charity Spring MA

    “Antifa could be banned with one trick. A national Execeutive Order banning protest with masks.”

    They’ve already got laws on the books like that. They were originally anti-Klan and anri-Robbery ordinances. They’re still in effect.

  10. @James Owen

    That is very true, however most of these ANTIFA types are bused in from all over the place. For instance if you held a gathering like this in Maryland or even in Virginia, they could get there in a matter of hours on George Soros shuttle buses. Anything south of Virginia’s too difficult for that human waste to travel to and get home the same day. Sadly look at what happened of the University of Virginia.

    Thankfully, Auburns enough of an out of the way burg, its doubtful they could even find it on a road map and as an added plus it is near enough to Fort Benning that a little birdie told me, that some of our {Friends} came over from the nearby instillation out of uniform of course, to take a look around.

    In the North the Cities have always been looked at by those (OLD AMERICANS) as the insane asylum and the domain of the racially/ethnically undesirable. Of course as said cities are necessary for commerce no one ever really does anything about it. $$$$$$$$ is the color that matters

  11. @James Owen

    #Culture is the reason why there are not many Antifa or other Leftist types in Dixie. The South doesn’t have a tradition of overt political activism. It’s not ingrained in the culture#

    Depends on what is meant by Political Activism because there is both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE activism. There is also Religious Activism. Abolitionism was an example of religious activism that morphed into political activism.

    The Abolitionist movement grew out of the Second Great Awakening from 1790-1840. The Awakening that hit the South and the frontier Midwest almost simultaneously did two things. FIRST the largely heathen Southern backcountry became decidedly rock-hard Christian usually Baptist and it ended the Jeffersonians power forever. SECOND many of the various groups demanded the end of slavery. The same extreme Calvinism that created John Brown in Ohio (Connecticut Parents) also created John Rankin in Tennessee who left Tennessee, settled in Ohio and became such a flaming abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher in a sense said he was the man who ended slavery. A form of Pro-Southern Calvinism came later. At some point (late 1830’s-1850) religious abolitionism with the help of international finance and the Harvard humanists slowly morphed into a political movement but it had been a religious one for years, thats why the South never took it seriously until it was too late.

    The Southern Rights clubs were politically active and did seek to secure the South’s rights but of course that type of political activity which stretched from about 1830-1877 ended with the War and the Compromise of 1877. The Klan engaged in quite a bit of political activism in the South after 1945 and so did the Whites Citizens council. Also the Moral Majority and other groups largely headquartered in the South have done amazing work and I think had they not existed, we would be even further along NOW than we are.

    I would say the area that literally has NO Political Activism is Middle America. They just go along with whatever they’re told and grumble about it, but never do anything about it. There are TWO types of politeness. There is the Southern variety, which is courtly and the Middle American variety which is IF YOU CANT SAY ANYTHING NICE DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. This is precisely the reason why a George Wallace type would never arise in Ohio or Nebraska. They may think in their heads exactly what Wallace believes and the men may say to one another he’s right BUT their wives would raise holy hell with them for saying it out loud because THATS NOT POLITE. The Coloreds are God’s children too, albeit not decent but we shouldn’t talk bad about them. This is Middle America 101

  12. I put up a post on a thread that vanished.

    The gist of my comment was a question: when did this violent behavior become the norm or convention at college/20-something (or beyond) protests?

    It was unheard of during my youth. The late 80’s through the 90’s weren’t very politically charged in terms of protests (especially the 80’s), but even when there were some, as the 90’s wore on, they weren’t violent.

    Even the 1960’s protest militancy was more passive aggressive, like kids at Columbia occupying some academic building. I think Kent State’s victims or casualties were merely being passive aggressive.

    When did this mask-wearing felony-flirting thuggery go viral?

    Auburn’s willingness to take the g*ddamned masks off these thugs was a huge step forward. Most americans do not support the violence nor the cowardice of hiding while doing it.

  13. All in all, this seems like a very positive event and a big step in the prototype for the right direction.

    Thanks to all who made it possible.

  14. The Left loves free speech. They allow BLM to say whatever they want…
    Why are these degenerates called ‘antifacsists’? What they are is anti-white.
    Say what you want, do what you want, kill who you want….unless you’re white.

  15. @billyrayjenkins

    “Depends on what is meant by Political Activism”

    Vagina hat ladies, Occupy Wall Street, Antifa, Sit Ins., lying down in roads, etc. The general circus you see in places like Berkeley.

    You’re right, they are bussed in. They have to be, because the culture doesn’t produce native, homegrown activists in any significant numbers. The Freedom® Riders and what not came from New York and other places up North. Northern Jews are active radicals. Southern Jews sell furniture and jewelry.

    Texas: Joe Daiches, Jewelry.
    Yankeedom: Abbie Hoffman, Communism

  16. @ James Owen

    The ‘german jews’ were known, particularly the upper middle/upper class ones, to detest and avoid the eastern european jews up here in the Northeast. Snooty ‘whiter’ ‘german jews’ wouldn’t, for a period, allow their yiddier cousins into their NYC and NJ temples.

    Yet, it was intrinsic to the ‘german (dutch, german, maybe some british…) jewish’ covenant to funnel tons of money they’d managed to eke out of whitey middle class directly into the yiddiest of yid temples and endless jewish organizations.

    This is a main reason we northeasterners ‘hate’ all the jews and find your insistence on separating them ignorant and obtuse.

    To be a jew is to be a citizen of the Jewish Nation. Their primary loyalty is to that nation and don’t ever forget it.

    This holds true even when they can’t stand each other.

    I, like lots of other northerners, think you’re being naive and duped. Wouldn’t we be the ones to understand the true nature of the jew?

  17. @James Owen

    You’re right, they are bussed in. They have to be, because the culture doesn’t produce native, homegrown activists in any significant numbers.

    Only two states, Maryland and Florida have enough hardcore leftists to cause trouble and the college towns scattered about. Baltimore had quite a few of the hard left in fact, this had to do with the Jewish immigration that hit it after 1840 and didnt cease until 1924.Also being close enough to Washington and New York, they have a big network. Heimbach found that out.

    Florida was a Southern state but Southerners barely settled South Florida, that part was developed by Henry Flagler and Yankee investment. A large colony grew up in Miami, heavily Jewish and it was only a matter of time until it began to subvert the entire state. Oddly enough the Cubans love em or hate em are the only reason Conservatives can still win in Florida, Jews and their Negro pets all join hands to make sure Florida is a liberal cesspit. Factor in all the immigrants West Indies, Puerto Rico and Latin America and you have a mess. When we say NORTHERN TRANSPLANT you have to define that term a bit more. There are white migrants and retirees from Michigan and then there are Kosher transplants from the bowels of Manhattan. I’ll say it again remove the Jew from Florida and it soon becomes as red as Alabama, Yankees or no Yankees

  18. @Billy Ray Jenkins…

    ‘Oddly enough the Cubans love em or hate em are the only reason Conservatives can still win in Florida.’

    No Cubans in Florida it would be President Hillary, these days…

  19. Not to take away from the event’s soaring success, but as to point #6, how many rural southerners are going to come running to Spencer’s, frankly, naive political ideology?

    Long a region steeped in rugged individual determinism and clannish family pride, how are these guys going to accept the idea that what the white race really needs are a bunch of effeminate college grads, adding to our nanny-state problem and confiscating large portions of our paychecks?

    Just because you swear at a libertarian doesn’t mean you’ve defeated libertarianism, Richard.

  20. The Cubans appear to be the one group that actually lives up to the idea of “Hispanics are natural conservatives.” Perhaps because they retained more of their European stock than did the Mexicans and Latin Americans?

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