Atlanta Forum 2017 Speeches

You wanted it and we are delivering the goods!

The latest Rebel Yell podcast contains the major presentations from the first Atlanta Forum from Musonius Rufus (host of Rebel Yell), R. G. Miller (Chairman of the Arkansas League of the South), Hunter Wallace (founder of Occidental Dissent), Michael Cushman (author of Our Southern Nation) and Sam Dickson (famed lawyer who won the court case this week which allowed Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer to speak at Auburn Universiry).

If you appreciate this service, the work of Rebel Yell or want to help the Southern Nationalist group Identity Dixie grow then please throw some shekels our way (at the link above). We are moving to a new podcast platform. And beyond that we are planning Atlanta Forum 2. That will cost quite a bit to do it right. We want to make AF2 bigger, better and more secure than AF1. We also have some major nationalist leaders we want to bring in for this event. So please donate and help us in our work to Make Dixie Great Again!

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  1. @JCAdams

    We promoted it publicly for a month or two and then spread the word privately through word of mouth. We vetted everyone who came. Antifa was trying to shut down it down. Ultimately we kept them from knowing where it was until it was over. We kept it a private event so people could attend without fear of being doxxed.

  2. @Michael – OK i thought it might be private. really enjoyed listening to the speeches tho. would attend another one if they are ever open to the public. thanks for the reply.

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