Stan Bush: Official Music of the Alt-South

It is undeniable at this point that Florida rock star Stan Bush is the most popular musician of the Alt-South. Nearly everyone I have met in Alt-South circles is fanatical about Bush’s power anthems about struggle, glory and victory.

In his song “Unstoppable,” Bush writes of rising Southern Nationalists:

We stand together as one, united in our struggle.
Strong as our fate to rise, not fall;
As we head the battle call.
Our father’s have died for flaming sun, thunder and steel, power of will, with spirits of fire

We stand forever in this cause, never turn from trouble.
Bound to defend this land, our home.
We vow to help each other;
We are brothers, bound by blood, body and soul.
We’re taking control

Charlie Stuart of the Appalachian Thistle and Brier podcast says that “Something to Believe” speaks powerfully to his soul. He says he loves the lines “Somewhere in the dark, in a struggle to survive, we search for truth, understand the reasons why.” He likens this to his red-pilling journey on the JQ.

Will Galloway of Identity Dixie says that “Stand In the Fire” will be the theme song of Operation Enslave Vermont:

Your soul is a warrior’s heart
It’s all in the courage that sets you apart
Fury’s wared down and the spirit within
Drives you to victory again and again.

Hunter Wallace gave Stan Bush two big thumbs up and said in an interview for this article, “This is really the only music for Southerners who are ready to take back the Golden Circle!”

Musonius Rufus of the Alt-South’s number one podcast, Rebel Yell, concurred. “We all listen to and love Stan Bush. His songs inspire us to crush the urbanite!” He recommended “Dare” while Wallace thought that “The Touch” should be the theme song of the Alt-South.

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  1. Remember when Mark Walberg sang The Touch in Boogie Nights? I had no idea until now that this was a real song other than in that movie. Wow, just wow.

  2. I’m all in on White Nationalism, but I find the music mediocre, at best. Not even remotely close to Southern Rock of the Seventies, like Outlaws, Lynard Skynard, etc. Sorry.

  3. Is Bush really a Southern Nationalist? I mean, I’d never heard of him, so I watched a music video of “Unstoppable.” And what appears to be the official video (from his official YouTube channel) uses, not Southern Nationalist, but unabashedly civic nationalist imagery of a sort that might be employed by any patriotic American rock star of the left, complete with views of Mt. Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, etc. Am I missing something?

  4. @Michael Cushman

    The lyrics do seem to invoke “blood and soil,” and I should also admit I know way less about Bush than you do. But the reason for my question is apparent if you watch the video for “Unstoppable” hyperlinked here. After watching that video, isn’t it fair to ask if Bush is a committed Southern Nationalist? Indeed, why is that video replete with civic nationalist imagery, amounting to a celebration of the creedal conception of America? Clearly, for the music video, he de-emphasized the blood and soil element to play up a theme of colorblind patriotism.

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