New Orleans Begins Removing Confederate Monuments

This is deeply disgusting on so many levels:

“On the same day that some southern states were honoring their rebel heritage, masked workers in New Orleans dismantled a monument to that past — chunk by chunk, under darkness and the protection of police snipers.

“We will no longer allow the Confederacy to literally be put on a pedestal,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D) said after a 19th-century obelisk honoring what the mayor called “white supremacists” was taken down early Monday. …

After a small group of protesters dispersed about 1:30 a.m., police officers barricaded surrounding streets, and snipers took position on a rooftop above the statue, according to the Times-Picayune. By 3 a.m., workers were drilling into the obelisk’s pale stonework.

Contractors wore face masks, helmets and what one reporter described at a news conference the next morning as “militarylike bulletproof vests.” Landrieu said the workers were disguised for their protection. …”

What lessons can we draw from this?

1.) We stayed out of these heritage fights for a reason. We wanted to illustrate that groups like the SCV are incapable of preserving our heritage with their preferred methods. I’m sorry, but all these fanciful stories about millions of “Black Confederates” are just a waste of time.

2.) The removal of the Confederate monuments in New Orleans is a direct result of multiracial democracy. This is just one of the consequences of black majority rule. The violent crime you see in New Orleans, the terrible public schools, the blight, the corruption and other indicators of civic failure are also features of black majority rule. See also Memphis and Birmingham.

3.) We’re often told that multiracial politics isn’t “a zero sum game.” Yes, it is! In a multiracial democracy, someone will always rule. Racial demographics will determine who rules.

4.) The Confederate monuments in New Orleans have been repeatedly tagged with graffiti like “Die Whites Die.” In a multiracial democracy, those sentiments will be reflected in municipal politics. That’s because there isn’t a single people, but several races with different identities.

5.) In Charlottesville, Virginia, we see a similar effort to remove the Lee and Jackson statues. The moral of the story is the same there: Southern heritage won’t survive without the Southern people. If you import aliens and transplants who don’t share your identity, they will be empowered to transform the public landscape in their own image at your expense.

6.) Conservatives are too weak to preserve our heritage. They are too beholden to business interests. In South Carolina, the Chamber of Commerce engineered the removal of the Confederate flag by using the Dylann Roof shooting as an excuse to do what they had always wanted to do.

7.) All of these Confederate monuments were erected by a strong people with a healthy and positive sense of ethnic and cultural identity. They are being torn down because our people have lost their sense of identity. We’re now just a bunch of atomized individuals. We’re nothing more than consumers with appetites. We’re taught in our public schools to have a purely negative sense of identity.

If we want to preserve our Southern heritage, we have got to start thinking about it in a different way. We need to nurture a strong sense of ethnic and cultural identity. We need to recognize that our interests are often in conflict with other groups. We need to accept that someone always rules. We need to get highly organized and more active in order to ensure that we rule in our land. More than anything else, we need to accept that Southern heritage won’t survive without the Southern people.

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  1. The hostile Transplants are worse than the non Whites. They’re intelligent, self organising, and have a sense of personal and national identity that is rooted in an historic animosity and opposition to the Southern People and Nation. They’re also natural, practiced experts at using Blacks as political weapons to beat Southern Whites into submission. But for the Union®, non of this would be happening.

  2. @Michael Cushman

    “It was too black pilling for me to write about. Utterly depressing.”

    It aggrevates me. There are large numbers of folks expressing displeasure over this on the video, and in the comments. I want to get their attention and introduce them to Southern Nationalism.They’re already 80% of the way there.

  3. Jared Taylor addressed this problem back in the February, 1992 issue of American Renaissance. Here are the concluding paragraphs:

    “Multicultural history is like affirmative action. Just as whites are to step aside to give hiring preferences to minorities, whites are to set aside their own point of view and study those of others. Non-whites, on the other hand, are free to promote their own interests and exclusionist histories.

    Like affirmative action, multicultural history is possible only because the majority has abandoned its position at the center. If whites insisted on their own history as strongly as non-whites insist on theirs, the inevitability of separate histories would have been recognized long ago. Nor will whites be willing to forego their own history for ever. They will eventually realize that only they are studying a past with no answers and no certainties. They will eventually see that there cannot be one history that satisfies all. And they will begin to wonder whether there can be one nation that satisfies all.”

    A Schmittian addition to Taylor: Culture — and by extension the politics of a specific culture — include and exclude on the basis of compatibility. Politics forms the public mind and memory in the concrete form of our memorials to our past and our heroes. There is no way to escape from the political into the neutral. Unless a people wishes to die as a people their identity must find expression in the public memorials of their nation. Blacks and their SJW (Social Justice Wankers) are engaged in the symbolic murder of the Southern people.

  4. For some reason, there’s a Union® monument in a cemetery in Denison, Texas, to a Yankee officer who never got closer to Texas than Northeast Missouri. Every few years, somebody knocks it down, or cuts the head off.

  5. In neither of those videos is there a Southern accent—not that I heard, anyway. I don’t know whether inhabitants of New Orleans ever had a Southern accent.

  6. This is absolutely horrible. People really need to learn our History and what it is truly all about. The confederate flag does not represent hate, unfortunately a few bad apples used it for hate. Now all Southerners are looked at as bad racist people. Nothing is further from the truth, our men who fought and died for this flag have been disrespected, with the taken down of these mouments and the flag. It’s a sad down and not one to be celebrated. Shame on the people who are ignorant and don’t really know American History.

  7. Let this be a message to every Southron nationalist who still believe the Union could still be reformed for the better of the South or those who voted and supported Trump thinking the republican party can still be theirs or made theirs. What has happened is an utter nightmare and I fear it won’t stop there, the South is on a long and bitter road to being completely controlled by the foriegn transplant that should be the ones torn down themselves and thrown out of power. Its sad, but I’m sure we’ve all seen this coming it was bound to happen sooner or later….:'(

  8. Thank goodness we supported Trump and the Republicans. They’ll put a stop to this! They are secretly on the White side. 6,000,000D Chess!

  9. Love to see some old die hard Confederates who are dying of some terminal diseases and have less than a year to live walk up and blow all those slime balls away who are attacking the South and then laugh when they are lead away by the police…and say what are you going to do to us?…kill us?….hahaha…

  10. Mitch Landrieu is a scalawag. His father Moon Landrieu was mayor of New Orleans and later HUD secretary under Jimmy Carter. His sister Mary Landrieu was a Senatress for Louisiana.

    Mitch is carrying on his father’s snivel rights work. Moon promoted desegregation and the removal of the battle flag from New Orleans city council chambers. He seems to have felt it was offensive to Negroes.

    Moon saw the demographic trend in New Orleans and took advantage by pandering to the Negroes. Mitch won after Nagin because he had no strong opponent and because he carried on his father’s race treason. The Landrieus are opportunists. Maybe they really believe they are doing good by helping the Negroes. They seem to be a Cajun version of the typically naive white liberal.

    Moon also organised the building of the Superdome. I wonder if he would have liked to shelter with his pets in there after Katrina.

  11. I subscribe to the Confederate Veteran, the official publication of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. I can’t wait to see their response. Apparently the Second Reconstruction has no end point except total white extinction via assimilation and differential birth rates among whites and non-whites.

  12. Just start a guerrilla war using suicide belts in public places all over the place and totally break down all social contact and it becomes a totally segregated society so finally the Left quits playing capture the flag against the South…Israel would have wiped out the Arabs long ago if extremists had not gotten down to that level….

  13. Keep paying Cable/Satellite while AR-15s and ammo are at historic lows. Fucking morons. Go cheer for some nigger-ball. God forbid we take up arms until our daughters are openly kidnapped and raped on a social media feed then sold to the highest bidder that law enforcement “can’t find”.
    God damn. Grow a pair and arm up. It’s just about fucking time.

  14. @John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia Orleanians have different accents. North of Canal Street, the French Quarter, Faurbourgh Maringy (“down river” as we say as the Mississippi flows north through much of the city) the accents are like Brooklyn only softer and slower due to the French influence. South of Canal (Up River), the Garden District, the accents are pure Carolina. During the secession vote the people of New Orleans voted strongly for “Immediate Secessionists” candidates in the three districts compromising the French Quarter and the Treme’. The Garden District voted for “Immediate Secession” but only by a simple majority. The immigrant neighborhoods of Algiers and the Lower Garden District voted for “Co-operative Secession” candidates who were for secession by the entire South voting as a block for independence. There were no Unionists Candidates who ran as such in New Orleans.

  15. @John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia

    “In neither of those videos is there a Southern accent—not that I heard, anyway. I don’t know whether inhabitants of New Orleans ever had a Southern accent.”

    No, Mr. B, they have a Nola accent. If you want to hear a” Southern “accent, you have to go to Northern Louisiana. Terry Bradshaw, is from around Shreveport. The way he talks will give you some idea about North Louisiana.

  16. This is one instance where it does make sense to privatize. Privatize our heritage and privatize our schools. They must be our schools. If we lose the public space, public government – than we have to carve out smaller private things.

    Don’t let the school reformers, Libertarians try to change the narrative about supposedly “Saving” inner city Black children from failing public schools. They aren’t really failing from a Black empowerment perspective – they won control of the schools. They are their schools we need our schools. We need our holidays, our religious institutions etc.

    How did the Jews survive and do well all these centuries? They had their own *@#&$@

  17. I just have to look at it this way. New Orleans is an African city now. You wouldn’t expect statues of famous Frenchmen to stand in Port-au-Prince, so we really shouldn’t expect statues and monuments to Confederate heroes to last forever in New Orleans. A lost cause. Memphis, too. Sad, yes, but…
    It’s just a reminder of something else that we’ve lost.

  18. Landrieu et al should have seen the handwriting on the wall years earlier. Whatever anyone wants to say about Jeb Bush, the smartest thing he did when he was governor of Florida was to construct a museum to preserve Florida’s Confederate artifacts from this type of vandalism and destruction.

    Bush is from a Yankee family. I cannot believe that a Southerner like Landrieu would allow Confederate monuments to be vandalized to the point where the only answer is to destroy them.

    I don’t want to rub salt in any wounds, but it seems to me that the difference between the Bush and Landrieu approaches is that, because he came from the Yankee antislavery side, Bush understood how these monuments would “trigger” this type of immaturity from groups once they were empowered by the government as they were on steroids with Obama.

    Landrieu, even though he wasn’t a fanatical Southerner, was still too acculturated to the Glorious Lost Cause to see that the Confederate monuments were symbols of slavery and White Supremacy to a growing Non-White demographic.

    Anyway, I am as unhappy as anyone on this board about this development. Those monuments were beautiful and I wish the people who vandalized them could have appreciated them for their historical value. So sorry.

  19. @asa
    @James Owen

    My thanks to both of you for the information about New Orleans. Already I’ve gone to YouTube, James, to hear the voice of Terry Bradshaw; and at Google Maps, asa, I’ve taken a few minutes to view the geography of which you’ve given me a sense.

  20. James Owen
    APRIL 24, 2017 AT 8:38 PM
    The hostile Transplants are worse than the non Whites


    What is the common denominator here? Notice almost all of these heritage attacks are happening in cities with gigantic colleges. New Orleans of course has Tulane. The vast majority of (((hostile))) outsiders can always be found where there are colleges, they seldom go out and among the people. The South is now getting the full brunt of it, the colleges in the Midwest got theirs a few generations back. Allow me to explain. New York Jews always want their children schooled among the Goyim so that they can learn how to work with them. Typically New York Jews who sent their kids out of state alot of times they went to school in California or a Big 10 School, namely Ohio State and Michigan. I am not sure at which time they began fanning into the Southern schools in large numbers. Certain states such as Alabama and Mississippi, where their state colleges are in smaller cities, are going to have less of them than say Texas, Florida or elsewhere where major schools are located in or near major cities.

    The key issue in New Orleans is two things. ONE these cities were for the most part demographic lost to Whites by 1960, TWO the average Joe doesn’t care. Do you honestly think if every true White Southern person rose up and said hell no they arent taking it down that it would ever come down? Of course it would never come down if they did that but the normies never will stand up like that UNTIL they come for their homes. When the Birmingham Riots happened in 1963 in Alabama, Birmingham was just then teetering toward a plurality of Negroes to Whites. That was the real story at the time that everyone missed. I don’t think even with hard Jim Crow you can hold onto what you have if your numbers shrink to such an extent. Even in the Mississippi Delta of the 1940s Senator Theodore Bilbo wrote in his book TAKE YOUR PICK SEPARATION OR MONGRELIZATION that parts of the Delta were being abandoned by Whites because there were too many Negroes. Now think about it. In 1947 when this book was written, you had Jim Crow, a white man could carry a gun almost anywhere, etc. Yet they were fleeing for their lives.

    Numbers Numbers Numbers

  21. The goal now is to see these monuments lovingly reassembled elsewhere. Not the same, still disgusting but they must be saved

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