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  1. No doubt, they’ll receive covert help and instruction from Mossad and the IDF. And overt help from the Judeo-Yankee news media, in the form of non reporting and distraction

  2. LBF and MH are correct. It is past time these scum were cut down to size, the operative words being ”cut down.”

  3. In America we see black organizations promoting blacks, asians promoting asians, hispanics promoting hispanics, jews advocating for jews, etc.

    Only pro- whites have the distinction of being violently opposed by members of their own race!


  4. Just as long as the white working class kindly do all the manufacturing and repairs we won’t shoot them. Develop a political consciousness with a racial undertone and we shoot.

    Degenerate bastards.

  5. Straw Dogs…this just goes to show that Antifa are literally designed to keep down the white working class.

  6. What a great opportunity for us.

    As Sam Dickson said in Atlanta, recently, ‘they’ll keep whipping Southerners, until we become the people we are supposet to be’ …

  7. Remember, boys and girls, these anti-Whites are the ones who stalk you. They are the ones who attack you for your views. They are the ones who try to shut down your events. They are the ones who get bused in and paid to protest your events. They are the ones who write about violently attacking and even killing you and your family. They are the ones who encourage and praise other people when they violently attack innocent people. They are the ones who smash windows, burn cars, attack the police, etc.

    Any “militia” they would form at this point is essentially a provocation and direct call to violence that goes well beyond any simple protests. Pro-Whites started punching back and defending themselves, and the anti-Whites knew they couldn’t compete in a fair fight where their victim was willing to defend himself/herself.

    If they want to raise the stakes, then consider me all in.

    Note: Firearms & Self-Defense would make a nice Forum category.

  8. Antifa is already a militia…they are just arming themselves with guns more often now.

  9. But the left is supposed to be for gun control and against violence…Maybe not. The (((Bolsheviks))) had guns. Just as toleration never was about toleration but was about promoting degeneracy, maybe gun control never was about stopping violence -but about disarming law abiding whites?
    All members of the Alt-Right need to be able to defend themselves and their families -at home and in public. I put up a piece geared toward home defense with shotguns on my blog back in October 2016. If you are not up on guns, you might want to check it out. https://putnamlibertynotes.wordpress.com/2016/10/21/multipurpose-thoughts-on-the-12-gauge/

  10. James Owen
    APRIL 24, 2017 AT 8:26 PM
    No doubt, they’ll receive covert help and instruction from Mossad and the IDF. And overt help from the Judeo-Yankee news media, in the form of non reporting and distraction

    I am not sure how many Yankees are even left in any establishments anymore these days. Maybe some talking heads like Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper, but its all Jewish now and has been for some time. Jews had control of all the major newspapers in the North by the 1920’s and by the 1950’s held a good part of the Southern ones too. I know the broadcast media has been Jewish from the day David Sarnoff and NBC came on the air in 1926. Of course it is worth noting that a lot of people, especially Southrons didn’t notice this because in the 1920’s and up till the 1950’s it was highly encouraged among Jewish Intellectuals to learn what is called the Mid-Atlantic Accent which is the snooty accent that William F Buckley had as did Kate Hepburn. To all appearances and voice wise, theyd appear to be as Boston as Henry Cabot Lodge when in fact they were from a shtel outside of Minsk.

  11. I expect the Jew is here somewhere in all of this, in fact I wouldnt doubt but all of these ANTIFA idiots the more militant ones are JEWS or Mischlings

  12. The day is coming and will come when the US Army and the National Guards will be ordered to kill White Americans, and then all hell will break loose. The Southern leadership got us into this mess with their feckless behavior from the Constitutional Convention up until the 1840’s constantly frittering away all of their advantages by supporting Open Borders because more Immigrants=more Democrats and More Democrats=Slavery protection. That lie that Jefferson sold them was a horrible one.

    The Southern Political Leadership has largely been worthless really since THE NEW DEAL. All because FDR promised to leave Lynching alone, they rolled over and licked his shoes. Will the shoe licking ever cease? Wallace, Barnett, etc were special because they were the few who stood up and said ENOUGH!

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