The Holocaust as a Fundamentalist Religious Myth

Arab terrorist (7 year old with a rock) attacks Israeli Jews (IDF troops in the tank)
6 Million Jews feared dead!

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Our country (USA) is being bombarded this week with Jewish Holocaust remembrance events. It’s like the Jewish Holocaust in Central and Eastern Europe is now some type of official state religion here in the USA. This is because…

It is an official, fundamentalist State religious myth in the USA, in the West

The Holocaust myth functions in the exact same way as other ethno central Jewish religious myths in the Old Testament Jewish Bible. Take the story of the Parting of the Red Sea in Exodus – and watch the Cecil B DeMille presentation of this myth:

Parting of the Red Sea – how come the Jews didn’t have any problem with mud?

I’m sure that this Old Testament Jewish/Judeo Christian myth is based on real historic events – that the Jews were once in bondage to Egypt. But, did the Jewish tribal God Jehovah really part the Red Sea so that the Jews (God’s Chosen People) escaped the Evil Egyptians (definitely not God’s Chosen People) by fleeing across the bottom of the Red Sea? Hey, it’s the Bible – Biblical truth. Anybody that questions the Parting of the Red Sea myth is a religious heretic, same as anyone who questions any small part of the official 6 Million Jewish Holocaust myth is also a religious heretic – he’s….

An unbeliever
A Holocaust denier
A religious heretic that must be driven from respectable society.

The powers that be used to burn religious heretics at the stake in the Middle Ages for arguing that the earth revolved around the sun, well – try pointing to Revisionist facts that there were no written orders to do mass homicidal gassing of Jews and the supposed gas chambers in CC in Germany were built by the American military after the war ended. Or just point to census data that shows the European Jewish population remained about the same before and after World War II so the 6 million figure is impossible. The results will be the same:


An unbeliever
A Holocaust denier
A religious heretic
(Also a hater, racist, NAZI etc).

NS Kindred’s Jost Turner expands on this idea of the Jewish Holocaust as an anti White, Anti European Jewish ethno centric religious myth. We need our own religious myths.


By Jost Turner

There is a long-standing accusation that Germans and all European people are guilty of systematically exterminated an incredible six million Jews by gassing, burning, shooting, injecting, or just plain starving them to death. It is further averred that this incredible number of dead bodies was cremated in record time, miraculously leaving very little ash as evidence! This, of course, is what is known as “The Holocaust”. When I was a child in school, in the 1950’s, The Holocaust was little known, and cared about even less. We children loved to play “army” with toy guns and military surplus clothing and equipment. We would alternate being American soldiers or German soldiers, with little preference, although no one would ever consent to be a “Jap”. The school walls were continually adorned with Swastikas, as were our notebooks and desktops, and nobody ever made any fuss about it. It is interesting to note that so soon after the war, and the Nuernberg “revelations”, no one cared about Swastikas, Nazis, or The Holocaust. In those days things were pretty much as one would expect them to be after a war: people forgetting the recent carnage, and getting on with the business of living. One would think that people would be curious as to why there is so much hysteria about The Holocaust today, so many years later. Few seem aware of how and why this escalation has occurred, but even more important, few care enough to even question it. It is the reason for this lack of concern that it is important to our people, and which we need to investigate further. There has been a great deal of unpublicized investigation into the Jewish claims of mass extermination. The Canadian trial of Ernst Zuendel has brought to light a wealth of information on the subject, as well as revealing just how spurious the extermination claims are. The Leuchter Report has pretty much discredited the possibility of homicidal gas chambers, and now David Irving, the respected and highly acclaimed World War Two historian, has stepped forward to denounce The Holocaust as a complete fraud. But for our Folk, the truth or falsehood of the Holocaust is not of great importance. Whether or not it happened, or even whether or not people believe it, is not what is most important.
What is most important is whether or not our people of the White Western people *want* to believe it!

I have discussed the facts of The Holocaust with a number of people, and the reactions I received were astounding! More often than not, rather than having my discussion greeted with thoughtful questions and reasonable interest, it was greeted with pointless hostility. The more I investigated, the more I came to realize that:

a great number of our people – *want* to believe it.

Indeed, it is clear that it is important to them that it did happen! This is the reason why it has been so easy for the Jews who dominate our media to turn this simple-minded fairy tale into a religious dogma.*Many Western European American people want to believe in The Holocaust because they want to feel guilty.* To understand this, we need only look back to the time shortly after the forced Judeo Christianization of the White Race. When the bulk of the race was safely “converted” to this alien creed, the church fathers began an educational program to sensitize (or brain wash) their converts into submission to mid- eastern style self-abasement and superstition. For a thousand years, men, women, and children of the White Race have been forced to endure this Judeo christian “guilt therapy”. This “guilt therapy” starts with the ludicrous doctrine of original sin: we are born sinners, evil, corrupt, and there is nothing that we can do about it except to bow down and beg forgiveness to a good (but persecuted and martyred) Jewish god. The flesh is evil! Hate the flesh! Hate yourself! You’re guilty, confess and be saved! In the early days of christianization the hysterical application of this guilt therapy took an awesome toll. Young girls despised their bodies, terrified that normal sex relations were evil, and would condemn them to eternal torment. Men castrated themselves to atone for their “sins”. Men and women wandered across Europe torturing themselves, beating themselves with whips, hating life, and begging for death. It was disgusting and unnatural, but it is a fact that we need to know, because it greatly affects our race today. Here we need to realize one important thing about christianity. The very word Judeo-christian says it all. The origins of christianity are, of course, Jewish. Of quite similar method, and just as Jewish, are communist brainwashing, ADL sensitivity training, and The Holocaust.

The White Race is exceptionally conditioned for Jewish control. It is this guilt-conditioning which has made it so easy to manipulate our race into allowing Jewish domination of our media, professions, government, and courts. It has made it easy for them to manipulate our race into suicidal racial integration, and allowing massive non-white immigration. It has made it easy for them to manipulate our race into accepting, without question, The Holocaust Hoax. The Holocaust is just another symptom of the deadly alien spiritual disease of our race. One does not have to be a professed christian to suffer from the disease. Those who profess secular humanism (which is really only Judeo christianity without the superstitions) are just as infected, often more so. The origins are all the same – Jewish. Here we might note that there are christians who profess a love of race, understand the Jewish problem, and deny the veracity of The Holocaust. But in giving final authority to the christian bible, a highly interpretable book of questionable (and Jewish) origin, they are courting disaster. These racially aware christians have based their philosophy of life, and their future, on a foundation of sand. History clearly shows that in the long term, christians, no matter how racially conscious, have never succeeded in keeping the influence of the Jews out of their society. We don’t need any empirical data to realize that The Holocaust scam would not have worked on Negroes, Arabs, Asians, so-called Latinos, or even the Jews themselves. Jews might be able to get people of these races to believe it, but they would never be able to get them to care – nor feel guilty about it! In fact, the reactions of people of these races would most likely be to give the Jews a real holocaust in short order! Although some of these races may be christianized, they have only been subject to it for a couple of hundred years, and they certainly didn’t get in on the real hey-day of guilt therapy.

Our Folk must understand that our race’s indulgence in selfishness and materialism stems largely from the loss of their natural, tribal values of love and idealism. It is a reaction to an alien, self-abasing philosophy of guilt and fear. While their desire for guilt and punishment is a conditioned reaction, it might also be some sort of subconscious atonement for our race’s unnatural attachment to materialism and self-indulgence. As the bulk of the White Race tail-spins into racial oblivion, it is up to us to prepare future generations of our Folk for survival, strength, and spiritual ennoblement. We must purge from ourselves all that is alien and anti-Folk. Our philosophy of life must be Folk, and we must judge the utility of everything by the answer to one question: is it good for the Folk?

Today our priority is to build a new Folk of idealisits. There is no reason to undermine our efforts in this difficult task by dealing with anything as Jewish and destructive as Judeo Christianity. Alien Judeo christianity has proven itself only too well. It is destructive to the Folk. The unbelievable success of the holocaust hoax is just a glaring symptom of this deadly spiritual disease.-


  1. RG Miller – of course Southern men like Robert E Lee and Stonewall jackson were proud, strong men of our people and they were also devout Christians.

    There is no contradiction in being strong for our kindred people and being a Christian – it worked for almost all Southerners up until ~ 1965 – it was the same with the national and local Democrat party which wasn’t a full on anti White Southern party until the Mid 1960s. But, then it changed.

    My view is different than Jost Turner’s view – though I concede he makes very good arguments against the worst corruptions of many forms of Judeo Christianity.

    My view is to live a good honorable life, stand up for the legitimate rights of our people, be firm but fair with other people including various jewish people.

    But, and this is a very LOUD BUT, leading right to a firm “NO” – if your local church, church denomination becomes corrupt, becomes viciously anti Southern anti White European – then get out. Don’t continue to pretend that the Southern Baptist top leadership of the likes of arch scalawag Russell Moore are the same are as good as the Southern Baptists from the Civil War era or just the 1950s.

    The current Catholic (In Name Only) Pope Francis is a full out traitor – he literally is licking the boots of invading Black/Muslim migrant invaders of Italy.

    How can any proud Southerner or just healthy White European oriented person not see this and not oppose this?

    Don’t be a jail house punk for Black and Muslim criminals.

    I have so many traitors in my extended family who do *#&$# like enjoy books like “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer” where all the White Confederates are Vampires that need to be exterminated and have their heads cut off.

    I physically removed this book from a relative and burned it, then asked the relative if he would show off a book that named Jews as vampires or rats that needed to be exterminated.

    We live in terrible, traitorous times and we can’t give traitors a free pass just because they hiding their treason in Christian church, or disguising the worst forms of anti White genocide, cultural marxism in things like Liberation Theology, Black Liberation Theology.

  2. Thanks Yojimbo – the link was very good.

    My advice is to try to go slow on this subject. Be aware of who you are talking to, chip away and mostly walk away.

    It’s the state religion.

    You/We don’t want to be outcasts, burnt at the stake and prevented from ever speaking out loud at the University of California at Berkeley.

    Stay strong brother.

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