Latest News from Trump Dumpster Fire

Here is the latest news from an administration that has crushed our hopes and dreams over the last month and looks worse by the day.

Rod Rosenstein has been overwhelmingly approved by the Senate as Deputy Attorney General. Call me black pilled, but I have no doubt that our enemies are planning to eventually replace Jeff Sessions with Rosenstein or empower him to undermine Sessions’ agenda. Politico reports:

Rod Rosenstein was confirmed as the second-ranking official at the Justice Department on Tuesday, giving him the reins of the federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election after Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal last month.

The Senate backed the veteran federal prosecutor as the nation’s deputy attorney general with a 94-6 vote.

Chuck Schumer, who has called for Sessions to resign, loves Rosenstein. And, of course, the Forward likes him. This sure looks like ethnic politics to me.

Ivanka Trump is pushing for allowing Syrian refugees to enter the USA. I mean, after all, that has worked out so well for Europe. CNN reports:

Ivanka Trump, a top adviser to her father, President Donald Trump, went further than he has when it comes to support for allowing Syrian refugees to enter the US in the face of their country’s ongoing humanitarian crisis.

“I think there is a global humanitarian crisis that’s happening and we have to come together and we have to solve it,” she told NBC in an interview aired Wednesday morning.

…Asked whether that would include opening the borders to Syrian refugees, Ivanka Trump, who formally serves in the administration as assistant to the President, indicated openness.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is pushing for a massive corporate tax cut. Not exactly a populist proposal, to say the least. Politico reports:

The Trump administration will get both “the biggest tax cut and the largest tax reform in the history of our country,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Wednesday, hours before the White House is set to roll out an outline of its tax plan.

…Details of what Trump plans to propose — including slashing the top corporate rate from 35 percent to 15 percent and reducing and simplifying individual rates — have dribbled out over the past couple days. They largely match what he proposed during the presidential campaign, and the early reaction from political analysts and tax experts was that many congressional Republicans wouldn’t accept it.

We will watch what happens on this front but it looks like Trump’s base won’t benefit much from it. Does anyone remember when Trump promised to be the champion of the forgotten man and women from Middle America? That seems like a life time ago.

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  1. Hopefully Trump’s betrayal of White America will encourage his former supporters to start working for the overthrow of the whole rotten ZOG system.

  2. Something definitely happened around April 5th. Either he decided to rip the mask off, or someone handed him a dossier of 8″ by 10″ glossy photographs of some indiscretion so appalling — and which he had thought buried — that it led to immediate and total surrender.

  3. He must have know the Jewish deep state was going to ruthlessly go after him and undermine his transformative efforts.

    No matter what they have on him he shouldn’t have backed down. He is in his mid 70’s and a billionaire. He doesn’t need to sell out his integrity for any reason.

    He should go full out and call out those whom are blackmailing him and just let the chips fall.

  4. We are a colony of Israel. I have said many, many times that none of this will stop until white people throw their bodies on the gears and stop the machine. A white labor solidarity movement is needed like Lech Walesa’s movement. Stop buying from them, walk off the job, stop the machine. Without money there is no Jewish power.

  5. It’s difficult to believe that Trump actually conned us. He has tried to ban entry to people from problem countries and tried to get “sanctuary cities” back into line but has been stopped by the Rulers in black robes. Both political parties are against the border wall. The entire ruling class wants more and more war to please Israel. His recent appointments and the rising cadre in the WH are heavily middle-eastern. If they are threatening him or blackmailing him would it not be more honorable to resign and tell the country the reasons rather than acquiesce to their demands and merely serve out that half-wit Dubya’s third term? Is he too afraid of a govt shutdown to use this grand opportunity to get his wall? What does he tell his rally on Saturday? That corporate tax rates will drop and that they should cheer?

  6. How ironic that Ivanka will be the reason why Trump’s presidency will be recorded by future historians as the biggest failure in American history since the Carter administration, another one-term presidency.

    This is what happens when you break up your family and cause major insecurity for your children by dumping their mother for a tramp. You end up raising spoiled brats to appease in some lame attempt to make up for it. Too bad the rest of the country has to suffer.

    Trump is the prime example why Americans used to refuse to elect divorced politicians. If a man or woman can’t be true to their wedding vows and hold their family together, how the hell can we expect them to be true to their campaign promises and secure the country?


    Yes, this what we, Southerners in our millions, heard from our brethren Trump supporters, as we, when the primary process came to our states, planned to vote for Senator Cruz.

    Trump was NOT in the hands of the Neo-Cons, but Cruz was, so it was said.

    And so, today, as President Trump can’t find it in him to fight for less than the 1% of this years congressional budget – the price it would take to fund his much vaunted Wall – Senator Ted Cruz authored a bill that would redirect the ill-gotten gains of recently snatched drug-lord, El Pancho, to pay for much of it.

    How ’bout that Cruz?

  8. Trump showed that a nationalist can win. Next time, we need a real nationalist with an organized nationalist movement around him. We need to have people ready to be moved into the cabinet so we don’t have to bring in non-nationalists like Tillerson or Kelly.

  9. There won’t be a ‘next time.’

    The future of western civilization will be decided before then and right now its prospects look grim.

    Now is when, folks.

  10. Long time Northern reader. Have not commented in awhile because various prior commenting systems required creating an account which I find annoying.

    For the record I am from Wisconsin, and I worked hard to deliver Wisconsin for Trump. I was very proud of what we accomplished here in the Badger State. Last Republican victory was in 1984. In the last three weeks of the campaign Trump signs began appearing everywhere, especially in the northern part of the state which is poorer.

    I want to address the issue of corporate tax cuts. No, this is of course not a populist issue, but it’s an important issue. The USA now has a higher corporate tax rate than nearly all other advanced economies. Bizarrely, the tax rate is lower on earnings exceeding $10m (35%) than those under (39%).

    The high corporate tax rate makes it harder for smaller corporations to grow as we retain limited earnings for reinvestment. It’s also an industrial policy issue as multinationals consider tax implications when basing facilities.

    Uniquely, the USA also taxes foreign earnings (Uncle Sam does this to US citizens working abroad as well). Aside from taxing foreign earnings being outrageous to begin with, there is an appalling unfairness in how this is administered. If no single shareholder owns more than 5% of the company’s stock and the earnings are left overseas, then the foreign earnings are not taxed unless they are repatriated to the USA.

    But if one shareholder does own more than 5%, too bad. You have to pay taxes on those profits you made in another country and paid taxes to that country’s government for. It doesn’t even matter if you left the money in that country.

    Lowering the statutory corporate tax rate could actually be done in such a manner as to increase corporate tax collections as well, as many of the very largest corporations currently pay very low effective tax rates. Apple for instance pays an effective tax rate of 4%, whereas small and medium sized corporations often have effective corporate tax rates over 30%.

  11. Nobody really knew what the bastard was going to be like, he had no political record, unlike somebody like Jeb Bush or Kasick. I think a lot of us read into it what we wanted to see, he did run as a populist. And Hillary Rodman was no alternative under whatever circumstances.

    I’ve been saying as far back as when Sam Francis was still alive that the white working classes need their own political party, we get sucked into voting for the damn Republicans, and all they can ever think about is starting wars for the lower classes to fight in, and cutting taxes the parasite investor elite.

  12. Hello Copperhead–please don’t forget that some of us in the “parasite investor elite” agree with you on the National Question. Some of us aren’t even parasites!

    My view is that politics should be about class, foreign policy, taxes, social policy, etc.

    The National Question, the family, and other such bedrock matters of the social order should be such bedrock matters that they’re not even questioned.

    Unfortunately they are, so I end up generally rooting for the white working class despite employing the white working class (and yes I pay good wages etc. and don’t hire foreign scabs).

  13. The problem with the corporate tax cuT isn’t the tax cut itself but the fact that, according to Stuart Varney of FBN, Trump has cucked on the border adjustment tax. Which I guess means we’re NOT going to get the remittance tax either.

  14. Ronnie, it is unlikely Trump is being blackmailed over his own conduct. More likely his family has been threatened. Remember the two Secret Service agents who took selfies with his sleeping grandchildren? He has put his family at risk and it appears that is a weak spot on which pressure can be applied. Our enemies would think nothing of using such a weakness.

    More likely explanation of his abandonment of his promises and embrace of the Jewish agenda (to which he always had an affinity) is his incapacity. He has remarked on the size of the government and of the job, that he didn’t expect it to be so big. He is in over his head and must rely on advisers. Unfortunately there are very few good advisers. He is being played, misled and possibly threatened when he objects.

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