Racial Reality on Public Transportation in Atlanta

What is it like for a White Baby Boomer who is fully indoctrinated in racial egalitarianism to take the public transportation from his nice, safe White suburb into the heart of Black areas of Atlanta, Georgia? What does he go through inwardly as he witnesses the self-segregation of passengers and the vulgar, off-putting behavior of many Black riders? The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a feature on the experience of one such White Boomer on a MARTA (which the old joke says stands for Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta) train:

I watch as the African-American passengers entering the train look for seats next to other African-Americans, and I watch white passengers seek out other white seat mates. I see the uncomfortable looks of white people who think the black kid dressed like a gang member is going to sit next them, and then the sigh of relief as he passes by.

Mostly, it is then that I notice differences between the people who joined me at my embarkation and the people who have joined in the city. It’s not uncommon for me to watch an impromptu hip hop performance as the train treks south, a performance replete with phrases about violence, sex and race.

Read the entire article. It really gets into the trouble that Boomers experience as their experiences conflict with the liberal indocrination they received through the US media, school system and probably their cucked church.

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  1. I wanted to ride the DART light rail line in Dallas, especially because it uses part of the old Texas Electric Railway Interurban right-of-way. But because of the negroes, I’ve declined. Busses and trains in big cities are full of them. A friend of mine used to call it ” the swarm.”

    Because of negroes, people have declined to do a lot of things. In some cases I know of personally, even have children, especially girls.

  2. “Inside, I want to tell them that we are all alike, that sharing constructive conversations and experiences is what builds a bridge to understanding.”

    In all probability, you’d get an ass whoopin for your insolent cracker babble. Or, if you’re lucky, ignored.

    ” The hard-core profanity, the unsavory references to females and the derogatory names for white people just force the bridge to be longer. ”

    There is no bridge. The chasm is unspannable. Furthermore, negroes wouldn’t want it spanned, even if it could be. That would take away their separateness and distinction from crackers, which they’re proud of.

  3. We should starve public transportation because Whites can’t use it. It’s discriminatory. As self driving cars become common Blacks are going to be hit hard because the first time they act as they normally do they will be banned. The self driving cars will be private not public. This will be the first BIG step towards resegregation as they will lose all mobility.

  4. All the slaves should have been removed from the South into the North and set free…the South (and so did the North) knew that both peoples could never live together peacefully…

    General W T Sherman had an estimated 25,000 blacks following his army in its march to the sea. Grant had suggested that he recruit able-bodied slaves as reinforcements but Sherman “considered this a practice that would lead to future ills, both for the army and the country.” He is quoted as saying to General Halleck, “The South deserves all she has got from her injustice to the Negro, but that is no reason why we should go to the other extreme.” He wanted to get these “useless mouths” away from his army.

    In other words, Sherman wanted the freed Negroes to be punishment for the South and not become a problem leading to future ills for the North…

  5. James Owen
    April 27, 2017 at 10:48 am

    “There is no bridge. The chasm is unspannable.”

    Exasperated Spartans would have thrown this ignorant white cuck into a chasm.

  6. @ Turn Hearts

    “In other words, Sherman wanted the freed Negroes to be punishment for the South and not become a problem leading to future ills for the North…”

    That’s not what’s being said, in that statement attributed to Sherman. It’s not in future tense; it doesn’t say the South “will deserve all it will get.” It says the South “deserves all she has got”–the damage and suffering of the war, that is.

  7. @John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia

    I disagree…I think Sherman knew exactly what was going on…and you conveniently forget about “would lead to FUTURE ills, both for the army and the country.”

    Well, let me use another quote to be more specific if you still doubt:

    “It will probably be asked, Why not retain and incorporate the blacks into the State [instead of colonizing them]? Deep rooted prejudices entertained by the whites, ten thousand recollections by the blacks of the injuries they have sustained, new provocations, the real distinctions which nature has made, and many other circumstances will divide us into parties and produce convulsions which will probably never end but in the extermination of the one or the other race.”
    –Thomas Jefferson — Notes on Virginia Q.XIV, 1782. ME 2:192

  8. @ Turn Hearts

    I didn’t conveniently forget anything, you illiterate. As you yourself quote it (and it does not appear to be a direct quote from Sherman), it says future ills “both for the army and the country,” not for the South. He’s specifically saying that what the South suffered in the war was deserved, because of slavery (“injustice to the Negro”), but he sees the danger of embracing the Negro (“going to the other extreme”), as opposed to merely having brought slavery to an end.

  9. i hate that my tax dollars support public transportation. i hate that my tax dollars disproportionately support dindu institutions. if it weren’t for having to pay the dindu tax i could’ve retired by now.

  10. “Diversity” hurt Clinton last year https://www.firstthings.com/web-exclusives/2017/04/hillary-clinton-and-rich-white-crooked-liberalism Doesn’t come right out and say it in so many words but Robbie Mook not wanting to mix a white working class appeal with the diversity appeal and Barack Obama being able to do so because he was black and could take his black voters for granted means one thing: Diversity is about hostility to white people. Mook thought Clinton had to take that side or risk their votes.

  11. @John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia

    I think we are in agreement.

    “Sherman was not an abolitionist before the war and, like others of his time and background, he did not believe in “Negro equality.” Before the war, Sherman at times even expressed some sympathy with the view of Southern whites that the black race was benefiting from slavery, although he opposed breaking up slave families and advocated teaching slaves to read and write.During the Civil War, Sherman declined to employ black troops in his armies.”

    However, I think Sherman was smart enough to see that freeing slaves in the South would hurt the South both during the war and in the future no matter what policy the North followed…it was like fighting a country and during the war blowing their nuclear reactors used to produce power and turning them into Chernobyl catastrophes — leaving a crippling situation that would last for 100’s of years after the war…one thing for sure…many in the North didn’t want the former slaves…(the NY Draft Riots occurred about 6 months after the EP)….

  12. If anyone is naive enough to believe that blacks and jews are going to come together with Whites to MAGA they have not been paying attention, so let me wise you up about blacks and jews joining with Whites to MAGA read my lips, there’s not a snowball in hell chance of that ever happening. It’s because of blacks and jews that we need a MAGA.

  13. I substitute teach. I am the only white guy in a room full of hispanics quite often. I never have any problems based on race. Last year in a few tough middle schools, I got razzed a few times with some kids wanting to know if I supported Trump. That’s as tough as its ever been with hispanics. I don’t worry about the knockout game. Many times hispanics are incredibly polite. I’m looking to make allies and teach them about jewish political power. I’ve been very subtle, but my confidence is growing with my speaking skills. Anti-semitism needn’t be a white only phenomenon.

  14. @Turn Hearts

    Evidently, there were abolitionists who denied that liberation of the Negroes would cause problems if they (the Negroes) were not removed from white territory; but without knowing very much about Sherman’s views, I wouldn’t be surprised if, as you say, Sherman foresaw the problems. As I have said here, at Occidental Dissent, more than once, the South’s insistence on maintaining slavery complicated the politics disastrously. If Southern leaders had agreed to abolition, on condition of Negro removal from the U.S., they might have been able to form an effective political alliance with Northerners who were opposed to both slavery and the presence of blacks among whites. That political problem is still around in the form of Southerners who expect support from Northern racists, such as me, for the symbols and memorials of the Confederacy. When I read Theodore Bilbo’s 1947 plea, to Northerners, for help in separating blacks from whites, in the South, I am entirely in sympathy with it. When, on the other hand, a Southerner such as Mr. Wallace, our host, puts that Confederate flag in my face and expects me to sympathize with him because I’m a racist, I am not in sympathy.

    If you think, by the way, that I’m misrepresenting Mr. Wallace’s thinking, or the thinking of those like him, go to https://altright.com/2017/04/27/new-orleans-begins-removing-confederate-monuments/ and see the sub-headline of his article about the removal of Confederate monuments in New Orleans. Whether or not he wrote that headline, his thinking, I’d say, is represented by it: “First they came for the Confederates.” Well, yes, those who are going after the Confederates would go after the likes of me, too, if they had the spare time, but that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to the removal of those monuments. I’m pleased by it.

  15. Years ago, my unreconstructed friends used to say that MARTA stood for, “Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta.”

  16. @John Bonaccorsi:

    I have sympathy for Confederate symbols and flags. My great-great grandfather was a Union soldier from the French Canton of Switzerland. He was nearly captured by the Confederates, but because he could not speak English, they assumed he was a Southern Creole. He was in uniform, but this was at the end of the war and I imagine that towards the end, when Southerners were pretty much depleted, a lot of them had to scavenge from Yankee dead for clothes as well as ammunition.

    In any case, he came back with a somewhat sympathetic view of the Southern cause. Had he remained in Switzerland, he would have fought with his canton if similar divisions occurred there. But it was always a source of amazement to him that the Swiss were able to remain united with three autonomous cantons of people speaking different languages, but the USA’s leaders, with no language barrier whatsoever between them, could not keep their country together without going to war.

    We should not forget that not a single state in the Union wanted a Constitution or Bill of Rights or a vastly empowered federal government. The representatives were only sent by the constituents of each of their respective states to strengthen the Articles of CONFEDERACY, not impose a federal government. So, Congress was double-crossing their constituents out of the gate.

    Even then, when they imposed a new law, they did not put in a clause making it illegal for states to secede from the Union. Maybe they thought it would keep the federal government adhere to the Constitutional protections they promised if any states that were unhappy could leave. The New England states wanted to secede (and no one invaded them) but they changed their minds.

    Do you want to know who put in a clause against secession in their documents? The Confederates!

    I don’t have to have Confederate War dead in my family tree to honor what they mean to their descendants. They did their duty by what they regarded as their cantons or their countries in the face of a Northern invasion.

    To me, the Confederate flags and the Confederate monuments should not only stay in place without harassment or vandalism not only to honor the Confederate War dead, but as symbols of a serious FAILURE in our republic. This was a failure on the part of our leadership to hold the Union together without force. It only empowered the federal government and resulted in the monster we have now. We don’t need to bury this history, we need to learn its lessons.

  17. On Rush today the automobile is an independend and freedom. well yeah if you reside in diversity liable to get mugged,rape or killed. not to long ago women and kids stroll at night even in big city. and there’s the tiker the loss of community of shared values, safe streets, attractive surroundings and mutual support.

    Get back to things as they were. political enemies are to be driven from the political arena, silenced, isolated and marginalized, socially, economically, culturally and politically.

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