Southern Nationalist Radio 034 – From Trump Betrayals To Street Clashes


Harold Crews and Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent, have a wide ranging discussion. The begin with the complete 180’s committed by Trump over the last several weeks. Trump has engaged in hard cucking over his top campaign issues of America first foreign policy, immigration, and bringing back jobs. What we have gotten instead is a near war in Syria; a potential war over North Korea; worsening relations with Russia; tax cuts for the rich; friendly relations with China; no Muslim ban; no funding for the wall; no defunding of sanctuary cities; and continuation of Obama’s Dreamers policy. Brad then goes into detail in Trump’s cucking to Jews and Israel. The second half of the episode concerns the broader implications of Anti-fa violence over the last several months and most particularly in Berkeley, Huntington Beach, Washington DC, Auburn, and the upcoming event in Pikeville.

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  1. Funny how Republicans do this every time and Pro Whites never learn. I am starting to think Pro Whites have a 7 second second memory like gold fish.

  2. Democracy is useless and obsolete. It serves no purpose for us whatsoever. Its only in place to make it look like you get a say on something. The reality is, you get no more of a say than your average citizen in a Muslim shitpit.

  3. Read London 1900: Imperial Metropolis by Robert Scheer. We just went through a Khaki Election.

  4. @James, yes it seems to serve the elites, Jews and leftards only. The majority….what we want doesn’t matter. What would we know? We’re just the lowly, long suffering taxpayers.

  5. Liberal Democracy is merely the facade behind which Plutocracy (AKA Globalists) rule. It is a reverse Oz with an image of a kind and benevolent country-the land of the free and the home of the Brave and Mayberry RFD- but behind the curtain is not a mild and meek wizard but an evil Judeo-Liberal Globalist Cabal. USA = GOG-Globalist Occupied Government.

  6. We must now work very hard not to give in to gloom and doom and despair.

    Let s have more blogs about simple positive things – weddings, births that sort of thing.

    Subscribe to local papers and give links to simple cultural things in local communities.

    The Ziomedia, Black Ruled America TV is like the Palantar (sp?) in Lord of the Rings. The TV shows terrifying bad things that are mostly true but never give the whole picture which includes positive news for us.

  7. 2016 Tump was all over for white working class first. Now it’s out of sight and out mind,back of the bus. pander to useless minorities at every level the republican party are complicit of treasonous .

  8. This country is not what it pretends to be at all. The society is a police state, U.S. has more people in prison that anybody on earth. The government is a military oligarchy, it has started four wars/occupations in the last 16 years and pretends to lecture second rate countries like North Korea about morality and democracy. The U.S. doesn’t have a two party democratic state, not in any real sense, what it has is an oligarchy with two competing factions, they argue mostly about patronage, who’s going to be in charge. Things don’t change very much iregardless of who is in charge.

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