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  1. We are on Daylight time, not Standard time.

    I heard the antifa fags have cancelled their terrorist demonstration in Pikeville, probably due both to a lack of support and abject cowardice. Some hired troublemakers from out of state might still get shipped in, though. Great to see various pro-White groups working together on behalf of White working families! Without those groups Whites would have no one representing them.

  2. @spahnranch1969 I read the same thing. It could be an attempt to lull our white brothers into complacency or it could be that the antifas fear the no mask law or that they couldn’t muster up enough commies to go to this event. Whatever the reason or outcome, our white brothers and sisters should maintain maximum awareness and be ready to smash the pinko communist bastards.

  3. They have tactically backed off but remain on the strategic offensive. They are working over Trump in the WH and some street demonstrations where they look like whipped idiots won’t help them and their (((Masters)))

  4. Looks like it was a pretty typical NSM event. The worthies, standing behind rows of metal fencing, and cops on overtime, screaming.

  5. South Carolina has a special election May 2nd for a US House seat. Tommy Pope and Ralph Norman are said to be in the lead, and both voted to take down the Confederate flag.

    Connelly was on the RNC payroll up until very recently, suggesting he’s establishment. And you can look at his issues page to see why else I don’t like him.

    Tom Mullikin is another who sounds much better.

    If you check out Mullikin’s page, he looks pretty good: http://www.tommullikin.com/issues/

    Sheri Few defended the Confederate flag. She sounds pretty good: https://www.sherifewforcongress.com/

    I can’t find any polls to know who has a shot at winning. I guess I like Mullikin best, but Few’s open defence of monuments helps balance her less impressive familiarity with the issues. Mulliken appears to me to know the issues best.

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