US & EU Condemn Nationalist Uprising in Macedonia

Diversity is the primary weakness of the small southeastern European country of Macedonia, which has endured a lengthy and intense political and now-violent struggle between its shrinking ethnic Macedonian majority and growing Albanian Muslim minority.

In December’s national election the conservative-nationalist Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization – Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity (VMRO-DPMNE), supported mostly by ethnic Macedonians, won a narrow victory (but not a majority) over the Left-wing Social Democratic Union of Macedonia. George Soros, a billionaire Hungarian-American Jewish activist who funds Leftist causes throughout Europe, has pumped millions of dollars in the country in recent years to undermine Macedonia’s government. The tax payer-funder US Agency for International Development (USAID) has transferred almost $5 million to Soros’ Leftist groups in Macedonia. Tensions have escalated since December with the VMRO-DPMNE pushing for “de-Sorosization” and the Socialists pushing Albanian Muslim interests. Neither side has been able to form a majority government in the ethnically divided country.

The Leftist magazine The Atlantic reports that on Thursday the Socialists put together an alliance with Albanian groups to form a government. The deal would make Albanian an official language and give the growing minority more political power. Chaos soon followed as Macedonian nationalists viewed the deal as a threat to their national identity:

…Social Democrats (SDSM) announced that Talat Xhaferi had been elected speaker of parliament, paving the way for a coalition between his party and parties representing ethnic Albanians, who comprise between one-quarter and one-third of Macedonia’s population, to form a government. (No one knows the exact proportion because there has been no census since 2002, as the parties cannot agree to hold one.) Even though the constitution mandates that ethnic Albanian parties must be represented in every government, the conservative-nationalist Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization-Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity (VMRO-DPMNE) has tried to portray Zaev’s coalition as a vehicle for a coup and eventual takeover of Macedonia by ethnic Albanians, who have higher birth rates than ethnic Macedonians.

ABC News reports what followed:

The hostility boiled over Thursday night over disagreements about the election of a new parliament speaker, leaving more than 100 people injured, including police, protesters and lawmakers.

By Friday, the previous night’s chaotic scenes had translated into a war of words between rival politicians despite calls for calm from abroad. In the evening, about 2,000 people held a protest outside the EU mission headquarters in downtown Skopje, calling for new elections.

Order has been temporarily restored, it seems, by the police. European Union and United States leaders were quick to condemn the action by Macedonian nationalists, of course, insisting that they were anti-democratic. This implies, of course, that Macedonians should sit back and watch as Leftists conspire with Muslims to take control of their country.

The reaction from Russia was quite different though, denouncing the Soros-US-EU-Leftist-Muslim take-over of Macedonia, ABC News notes:

Russia, however, had an entirely different take on events.

“The opposition, which lost the parliamentary elections, actually tried to seize power in the country by force, having deliberately elected the chairman of the parliament with a flagrant violation of the established procedures,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

It noted the speed at which EU and U.S. representatives had recognized Xhaferi’s legitimacy as parliament speaker, and pointed out his past as a former rebel commander during a 2001 armed uprising by ethnic Albanian rebels seeking greater rights in Macedonia.

“Such a reaction, coordinated with lightning-speed, is undoubtedly evidence that the incident was planned in advance, with the tacit consent of the ‘external curators’ of the Macedonian opposition,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The ministry described Xhaferi’s election as “the unceremonious manipulation of the will of citizens with the aim of removing the legitimate government from power.”

That is where things now stand. A White Christian nation is on the brink of being subverted and destroyed. And the US and EU demand its destruction on behalf of a hostile Muslim population while Russia defends the native Macedonian people.

Macedonia was 71% Macedonian White Christian in 1961. By 2002 it was down to 64% Macedonian. During that time the Albanian Muslim population rose from 13% to 25%. It is estimated to currently be between a quarter and a third Albanian. By 2015 Macedonian births were barely a majority at 53% while Albanian births had risen to 33%. It is evident that Albanians will soon control Macedonia if present trends continue; Ethnic Macedonians will be a demographic and political minority in Macedonia, governed by a hostile Albanian Muslim majority supported by Soros and allied Leftists in the US and western Europe.

It should also be noted in the 1990s the USA led a bombing campaign and later occupation of much of the Balkans against White Christian nationalists on behalf of Albanian Muslims and an anarcho-terrorist group called the Kosovo Liberation Army. The US and EU created the Albanian puppet state of Kosovo on the ancestral home province of Serbian Christians. Except for tiny enclaves, the Serbs were then mostly liquidated from the US-backed country.

Will Macedonia be the next Kosovo?

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  1. Something should be done about Soros….these repulsive Jews have their pointy beaks in everyones business… that doesn’t concern them.
    Jews collectively do lots of damage behind closed doors. Most of the time you don’t know they’re behind things. We can now expose the fleas through the power of websites like this.
    Macedonias future should be determined by Macedonians, not millionaire kikes.

  2. The 1999 war against Serbia enraged me. The only “ethnic cleansing” was of Serbs from Kosovo after NATO and the US bombed Belgrade, Kosovo and other places for 77 days. Now Macedonia.

    Do what you can, Russia! Stop these evil bastards!

  3. Since more than a 100 years “Macedonia” has been promoted as separate nation from Bulgaria, “Macedonian” nationalism was the tool to use that, now it backfires on the EU, lol!

  4. Because of the blood connection, the entire Balkan area is the traditional zone of Russian interest – NOT the Yankee Empire.

    If Czar Vlad allows another Soros-Jew England Government usurpation, it’s on him, because he is completely equippt, militarily, politically, morally, and by means of propaganda to stop it.

    Will he?

    Stay tuned.

  5. Thousands of Macedonian protesters gathered in front of the EU Office with a message to Soros bots Mogherini and Hahn to keep their fascist corrupt self outside of Macedonia’s internal affairs.

    – For nearly two monts we saw the EU Office and a foreign (US) Ambassador in Macedonia encouraging their puppets to stage a coup. For two months we peacefully protested and warned the opposition not to provoke us. They did it anyways, attempted a coup, we prevented it just like we said we would. If they want to test us again, we welcome this, try it tommorrow, we’ll be here – says the protest organizer Damovski.

  6. From what I know Macedonians, see themselves as being of Greek origin, even though the Greeks are cool toward them.

  7. From what I know, Macedonians see themselves as being of Greek origin, even though the Greeks are cool toward them.

  8. Islamic takeover of entire European continent with the help of Jew Soros. Not the first time in history Jews and Muslims have gotten cozy to work against Whites.

  9. Agitate until they feel forced to return to the arms of their brethren in Israel. Name names. Point out the revolutionary influence of these people in affairs that don’t concern them. This is what comes of allowing these people to attempt to usurp the rule of Christ the King. They actually believe, IMHO, that they have replaced Our Lord and it’s their destiny to remake the world.

  10. What the hell is going on with the leaders of the West? Have they decided to elect a NEW GOD as well as a new people?! It sure looks like it. I couldn’t wrap my brain around Dubya Bush declaring that “Islam is a religion of peace” while standing on the rubble of the bombed World Trade Center. Makes you wonder how many of the Lunatics in Charge of This Asylum are closet Muslims.

  11. “Jews collectively do lots of damage behind closed doors.” That’s right. And they ALL benefit which is why so few open their mouths. They are protected at the majority’s expense. They are under severe mind control. They are constantly being brainwashed to believe they are special and unique and the best and the brightest. What one word do they constantly use when describing another Jew? Brilliant. It’s always brilliant, often followed by a barrage of totally exaggerated qualities, often completely false even when applied to them in miniscule doses.

    God’s chosen? But if their god is a true heavenly god, what benevolent god would choose one of his creations over another? Jesus Christ wouldn’t. It’s all crap. Their G-d = Lucifer. If they worshipped the father of Jesus Christ, they would be a totally different animal, wouldn’t they? Don’t kid yourself, many of them know exactly what they worship (I’m talking aside from money and control). Whatever is at the center of Jewish mind control is now in control of all mankind. That pit of unadulterated evil has all of us in its grasp.

    I have seen a few who dare to question or condemn their path get shouted down and berated by the others. And, I mean F-E-W. They’re victims more of “their own kind” than anyone else yet have no clue.

    Christianity gets attacked. Islam gets attacked. Judaism gets worshipped.

  12. @1984

    Dissenting viewpoints?

    Don’t care all that much (on this subject I would say that as a National Socialist, technology must grow and expand without attempts to hold it back, and that AI has already demonstrated itself to be racist due to its reliance on pure logic and observations).

    But trying to stir random drama – under a username I’ve never seen before on any Alt-Right sites – like a Jewish autist, or a like a member of Femen with PMS, over something that happened years before?


    And I usually don’t even respond to random crap 99.99996% of the time, although at this point (when the Alt-Right is working together to grow and expand in a way unprecedented in this nation’s history), I’m going to react.

    Because it’s sniveling anonymous faggots like you that have largely been responsible for wrecking the Far-Right’s chances in America for generations now.

    From the little worm who shot George Lincoln Rockwell, to the retards who let his organization fall apart after his death, to the idiots who have stirred drama until now, it’s largely been internal problems that have stymied things, and who have prevented White Men from forming a cohesive group to fight the Jews.

    My advice?

    A bottle of bleach, a cup, and an open mouth ready to swallow.

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