Alt-South Memo: Flags, Protests, Immigration & Sanctuary Crackdown

The Alt-South Memo is a new feature brought to you by Identity Dixie and Occidental Dissent. Listen below and be sure to check out Rebel Yell podcast to hear weekly new episodes. On today’s episode we briefly discuss:

  • Pro-Confederate flag Republican loses congressional primary race in South Carolina.
  • Somali Muslims protest being deported from Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Black State lawmakers in Mississippi protest against State flag.
  • Texas cracks down on “sanctuary” cities/counties which shelter criminal aliens.
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  1. I shared your new broadcasting channel with 20 people, and I will continue, each day.

    Thank you. it’s been long needed!

  2. @Michael Cushman…

    You’re welcome!

    By the way, Sir – I just left a comment to Mr. Jenkins, on the article, entitled, ‘Media Attack Trump, Insist It Was Necessary to Kill Hundreds of Thousands of Southerners.’

    In the case that it could benefit you, or help you help other Southern Nationalists, I ask that, when time allows, you have a gander.

    The comment to which I refer is comment #57. – it presently the last on the second page.

    Thank you and good night!

  3. South Carolina is a very bizarre state. They claim to be conservative and yet they always vote for Rinos.. Nikki Haley, uber CUCK Lindsey Graham and now the pro flag guy does down to defeat? Seriously?? I see SC as a rather weak bastion of conservatism no matter how much they pretend how conservative they are..

  4. @Mike

    I often think the vim and vigor was so depleted in South Carolina by the war and afterward that it never truly recovered. Before 1860, the leadership of the Southern Rights Parties had been South Carolinians because of Nullification. President Jeff Davis found them too radical too States Rights for his own tastes so he didn’t appoint very many of them to government posts. After the war it is very clear that the spiritual leadership of the South switched to Alabama and Mississippi and since that time South Carolina has been an also-ran. Now mind you the Palmetto State gave us Ben Tillman but if you take one Bill Tillman against the countless Alabama and Mississippi legislators who fought the good fight its clear who carried the load.

    Look at what happened to South Carolina after 1954. There were few real bad Civil Rights dust-ups excluding the Orangeburg Massacre, the bulk of the fighting was in Alabama and Mississippi. Even Virginia, because of Harry Byrd showed more life, but once Byrd died, Virginia soon cucked under. Missouri cucked Kentucky cucked North Carolina cucked, Tennessee cucked, Arkansas cucked, Louisiana cucked. Georgia was a mixture as they did get Maddox. Florida was largely on the way to becoming a Jewish Colony by 1954 so it didnt much matter.

    Texas is the saddest story of them all. It wasn’t that Texas cucked, it was merely that it was so politically corrupt that LBJ sold the Texas Democrats to the Jewish multiculturalists so piecemeal they didn’t even realize they’d been sold until after the chains were put on them. The Oil Barons and Vegetable farmers were all becoming close to the Republicans by this time, so in a way, Texas is the saddest political story of them all. How Lyndon Johnson managed to dupe his entire state for so long can barely be explained today. I doubt even most Texans could explain it

  5. billyrayjenkins

    I recommend Caro (sp?) biography on Lyndon Johnson – the Path to Power.

    Caro paints LBJ in his Texas years as a back slapping, deal making lower middle class White Texan guy with little or no interest in SJW causes, racial integration or Black Civil Rights.

    It was only when LBJ was in the Washington DC, Washington Pos, New York Times Lib Left East coast that he went down this path – he was just going with the flow, trying to get the support of Liberal Leftist that dismissed him as a hick from the stix. Of Course it didn’t work.

    LBJ is the classic truckler who goes with the flow and when the flow is viciously anti White, he still goes with the flow.

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